What is a Poodle, how many types are there? How to take care Poodle dogs

The Poodle has a lovely ruffled coat and a rather human-friendly personality. Possessing soft, fluffy, and luxurious fur. That is the reason why the petite Poodle is increasingly popular and popular all over the world.


This article will help you evaluate exactly where the Poodle comes from? What is the personality of the Poodle? How much does a Poodle dog cost, how to raise and how to clean a Poodle?

What is a Poodle? Where is the origin?

What breed of dog is the Poodle? The Poodle is also known as a duck-hunting dog. The Poodle is also known as a duck-hunting dog. Many docs show that this breed has ancestors of Hungarian Water, French Water Dog, and Barbet.

400 years ago, the first Poodles appeared in Western Europe. However, whether they come from Germany, France or Denmark is still controversial.

The only thing can be affirmed that the French are the people who have the merit of training, purebred Poodle dogs become more intelligent.

Therefore, the name Poodle dog comes from the word Pudel, in French, it means wading dog. Whenever Poodles swim, their dense coat helps keep their bodies from sinking underwater.

How many types of Poodles are there [5 types]

Poodles are loved worldwide with 5 main types. Mini Poodle, Toy Poodle, Teacup Poodle, Tiny Poodle, and Standard Poodle. They are widely bred and come in many different varieties. 

We will go to each type of Poodle that helps you clearly understand the kind of it.

Toy Poodle – Most Popular


An adult Poodle has a body size of 30 – 40 cm and a weight of 4 – 6 kg. Toy Poodle is compact and cute so that’s why it’s the most popular Poodle breed today.

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodles have a soft coats and chubby bodies. Their body weight is up to 40kg. The height of an adult dog can be up to 50cm. Therefore, they are considered one of the largest Poodle breeds today.

This breed rarely appears in the world, but some professional breeders still train small Standard Poodles to participate in dog show competitions.

Teacup Poodle

The Teacup Poodle has much smaller than Standard Poodle. When they are babies, they are about the size of a cup of tea. By the time dogs mature, their body size is only about 15 cm, and weighs 2kg.

Due to the small body characteristics, the breed has a short life span of 2 to 3 years. Their resistance is also very weak and often suffer from many infectious diseases when raised.

Miniature Poodle

The Miniature Poodle is also a large breed of Poodle but smaller than the Standard Poodle. The body size of an adult dog is most commonly found in the range 25 – 35 cm. But there are also cases where the pet’s body size grows to 40 cm/

The bodyweight of Miniature Poodles usually ranges from 9 – 10kg

Tiny Poodle

The tiny Poodle is a hybrid dog. The pet’s body size on only sightly larger than the Teacup Poodle breed.

When it reaches adulthood, the body size ranges from 20 – 35 cm. The weight of the pet reaches about 2 – 3.5kg. They look very cute because of their small, petty body.

Appearance characteristics of Poodle dogs

Although there are many different types of Poodles, they generally share the following physical characteristics.

  • Poodle dog fur: twisted and dense helps them keep their body warm very well. The pet coat color is quite diverse such as black, light yellow, chocolate, sepia, gray, etc. Dog hair grows without limit, so you need to trim it regularly
  • Poodle dog size: average ranges from 20 – 50 cm
  • Poodle dog weight: When grown up, it can reach from 2 – 40kg depending on the type
  • Poodle’s tail: always upright
  • Dog ears are long and located very close to the head
  • Four legs in balance with the body should have a harmonious proportion. The soles of the dog’s paws are oval and always slightly curved.
  • The dog’s butt is small, round, toned, and not saggy like other breeds. Pet’s thighs are stocky but have a lithe gait. They look so cute when they dance.

What is the Poodle dog’s personality?

The Poodle is one of the most loyal and intelligent dogs. For that reason, the French once professionally trained Poodle dogs to serve at circuses.

A special feature is that Poodle dogs are very irritable and like to bark loudly. Once being teased too much by strangers, they will become aggressive and ready to attack to opponent. But if loved and taught, pets will become friendly and gentle.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that over-indulging Poodles will make them naught. Therefore, when they make a mistake, you should strictly punish the pet to get it in order.

Poodle is a dog that loves to exercise, run and jump, so every day you should take them for a walk and let them communicate with other dogs. In particular, you can train Poodle dogs through 10 basic exercises at home to make them more obedient.

Moreover, taking care of nutrition and hygiene, and bathing is also very important.

How to take care of nutrition for your Poodle dogs

Poodle puppy eating kibbles from a bowl in white background

Poodles have a rather weak intestinal system, so they are often picky eaters, and owners need to pay attention to their diet according to age as follows:

  • Poodle from 1 – 2 months old: only eat pureed porridge or soft soaked dry food, 4 – 5 small meals a day with warm milk and breast mild
  • Poodles from 4 – 6 months old: switch to soft and easily digestible foods such as chicken, beef, pork porridge
  • Poodle after 6 months old: just eat 2-3 meals a day and increase the portion of each meal, providing more foods rich in protein, calcium, starch and fiber. To have a beautiful, shiny coat, each week should feed the Poodle about 2-4 duck eggs. 

In addition, you need to note more things such as: always having clean water ready for the dog (change 3 times a day) and not drinking a lot of milk. do not eat food that is too dry and hard or bone.


Poodles are very easy to raise and it’s one of the cutest dogs that you should have in your home. Thanks for your reading!