Pocket 5 Easiest Poodle Care Tips

In the past, Poodles were also known as “wading dogs”, they helped their owners catch prey that fell into the water. Today, the Poodle is considered a domestic pet dog and is very pampered by the Sens. In the article below, we will tell you how to take care of this adorable Poodle!

Poodle dogs and tips for raising

Proper care for a Poodle will require you to pay attention to many issues, including:

  • Prepare in advance all the necessary supplies when welcoming a new puppy home such as bowls, cages, grooming tools, food, treats…
  • Keep a stock of food that the previous owner of the Poodle feeds so that they do not stop eating because of the sudden change. Changing to a new food can upset your dog’s stomach and upset digestion.

5 tips for raising Poodles in the easiest way

Scheduled feeding

Feed the Poodle liberally until 3 months of age, and then feed the pup 3 meals a day plus healthy snacks. Choose your Poodle’s food carefully; Cheaper foods with fillers won’t provide the nutrition needed to support rapid growth during the puppy stage. You will find that if you save snacks as a reward for training, or train your dog, the process will go much smoother!

Be patient with dogs

When starting to train at home, keep in mind that your level of patience with the training process will bring success. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 months for a Poodle to get used to these new commands.

Maintain a habit of exercise

Make exercise a daily activity, once your Poodle has had all of his puppy vaccinations. Remember that too much exercise should not be given to the puppy as it can interfere with growth during growth; However, 20 to 30 minutes a day of walking is the perfect level of exercise for your pup.

Walking allows the puppy to release pent-up energy; Moreover, this also helps Poodle expand their view of the world. Poodles are generally very active dogs. In addition to walking every day, this breed loves to run, jump and show off its agility. Playing catch, throwing discs or training your Poodle to jump over obstacles will keep them healthy, both physically and mentally.

Pay attention to hair care for Poodle

Start a routine of grooming and care when raising a Poodle. Although many puppies will not want to be brushed or cleaned, performing these tasks on a regular basis will help the puppy get used to being cared for. Dental hygiene during the puppy stage is essential because oral hygiene will affect the Poodle’s immature adult teeth later on.

Always have fun with the dog

Limit stress, and focus on fun. One of the most important elements of Poodle care is providing a loving, safe environment. Puppies are often sensitive to their owner’s moods and the atmosphere of the house. Puppies can easily become stressed out in noisy, chaotic homes.

When raising a Poodle, you should arrange a dedicated area for the dog to rest if the Poodle feels overwhelmed during the day. Normally, when the puppy is home alone, you should lock the door in the house, but when you are at home, then leave the doors in the place wide open to allow your Poodle to run around freely. Talk to your Poodle in a pleasant voice and remember that it’s much better to always reward your dog for his good behavior than to “tightly” scold him for his bad behavior.