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Causes Of Bad Breath In Dogs

Bad breath in dogs is very common and dog owners are just getting used to it. The term "dog breath" ...
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When Do Puppies Lose Their Milk Teeth?

As early as two weeks of age, puppies will start receiving their baby teeth, and by the time they are ...
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Can Dogs Eat Pears? It That Provide Them So Many Health Benefits?

Pears, a wonderfully sweet and juicy fruit, are also high in beneficial antioxidants and minerals. You may have wondered, "Can ...
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Putting The Question To Rest: Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms? For How Long Is Enough

Mushrooms are finding their way into more meals in recent years, but can your dog enjoy a bite on mushrooms ...
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How Often Should You Bathe Your Golden Retriever Puppy?

Dog owners often ask how often they should bathe their pets. Do you bathe your dog every week? Every other week? How often ...
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Vomiting Dogs: Causes and Remedies

No matter how small or serious the reason, vomiting in dogs is not normal. Distinguish between vomiting and burping to ...
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