How to pluck the ear hair and clean the ears for dogs every day

Plucking and ear cleaning for dogs is one of the most important steps. Dogs are animals with developed hearing organs, so you need to take care of their ears very carefully. A healthy ear can greatly help them in their daily activities.

Dog ear cleaning is no longer a new issue, but how to properly and properly clean it, not everyone can do it. Especially when it comes to plucking the dog’s ears on the inside and cleaning in the most sensitive and difficult places.

However, many dogs do not like to let others touch their ears. Make this job more difficult. So, before you pluck your dog’s ears and clean your dog’s ears, you must learn how to get your dog used to it. Also, make them interesting. Follow the article below to get the best cleaning method.

What to do to clean the dog’s ears?

The ears of dogs are said to be healthy when they are clean, have no strange odors, are free from stains, and are pink in color. There are dog breeds that need to regularly remove ear hair such as Shih Tzu, Poodle, Cocker… If you don’t pluck the dog’s ears, it is very difficult to clean. Therefore, for the above dog breeds, before cleaning the ears, it is necessary to pluck the ear hair clean. Including the outer and inner sides of the ear.

Currently, ear infections are one of the most common diseases that damage the ears of dogs. Therefore, it is important to regularly check and clean your dog’s ears. It is best to do it every day to avoid problems with infections, ear infections, ear rot. You can easily observe unusual signs related to your dog’s ears such as:

  • Dog takes a bath and it still stinks, although you have bathed the dog very thoroughly and cleanly. However, the odor can be caused by a problem with the dog’s ears.
  • The dog’s ears are dirty, even looking like there is dirt inside, making the dog feel uncomfortable.
  • Your dog often shakes his head unnaturally. Use your nails to scratch your ears and cause skin scratches and bleeding.

The above signs indicate that the dog’s ears are very dirty or sick. Need to clean immediately, to avoid the situation becoming more serious, it will be difficult to fix. It can even cause deafness in dogs. It’s best to clean the dog’s ears weekly to keep their ears clean. And also help you see how your dog when healthy will be happy and active.

How to pluck dog ears

Cleaning dog ears can be done at home. However, if your dog is not used to this, ask for help from someone else. Keep your dog still and calm as you pluck the dog’s ears and clean faster. Combine with dog ear cleaning products for cleaner, more fragrant dog ears.

Some dogs have a lot of hair inside their ears, which creates conditions for dirt, plaque and accumulation of earwax. You can consult a veterinarian to find out the best treatment for your dog. Plucking dog ears requires skill and ingenuity.

Otherwise, this can irritate them, sometimes scratching the skin of their ears. Therefore, it is best to buy dog ​​ear hair removal powder to support.

When conducting dog ear hair removal and cleaning for them, it should be done gently. Feed them the food they like such as nutritional gel, hot dog, reward cake… Meanwhile, massage the outside. Then slowly into the ear. Repeat until your dog really enjoys doing it. Once they accept all of your actions, continue using with the cloth and cotton ball. Just keep doing it over and over.

Dogs with floppy ears need to be cleaned more often than dogs with upright ears. For dogs with a lot of hair inside the ears, cleaning should be more thorough. Get rid of the growing hairs in the ears. This ear hair after plucking will quickly grow back. So check your dog’s ears more often.

Use an ear cleaner for dogs

Once the dog’s ears are clean, start cleaning the ears. Be sure to wash your hands before and after cleaning the ears and only after your dog is ready:

  • Spray a small amount of ear-cleaning solution into the ear canal. Need to give medicine skillfully, do not let the spray nozzle into the ear canal to avoid counterproductively. When you have put the medicine in the ear. Proceed to massage all over the ear to create a comfortable feeling all over the ear area. Mentally prepare your dog before starting to apply key cleaning solutions.
  • Insert a cotton pad and start cleaning. Get rid of the “junk” in the dog’s ears. You can use a cotton swab to clean the crack at the bottom of the ear. But do not insert a cotton swab into the ear canal.

Use vinegar to clean

Mix warm water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Don’t give too much. Using only a few spoons for each ear of the dog is enough. Make sure the temperature is right to prevent them from getting too scared. Dip the sponge into the above solution. Then squeeze out excess water. Make sure the bubbles are moist and not dripping water.

Because water will be able to get into the dog’s ears during the cleaning process. Gently wipe your dog’s ears. You have to clean the plaque and dirt that you can see. For small dogs, using cotton balls is best. Pay attention when cleaning to be very careful. Do not put too deep, affecting hearing. As long as you handle it carefully, don’t use too much force

Use water to clean the ears of dogs

Wrap the gauze loosely around your index finger. This will be safer and gentler than cotton swabs. Use clean gauze to soak up the solution to clean the dog’s ears. Different dog breeds will have different ear structures, so cleaning methods are also different. Note that you must not soak the gauze, if you accidentally absorb too much solution, you can get more dry gauze. This ear cleaner is not harmful or allergic to your dog.

Your dog will not be able to have his ears cleaned if you do not know the cleaning process. The easiest way is to learn from someone who has experience in this area. They will guide and help you, so the receipt of new information is guaranteed to be accurate.

Let the dog shake his head to clear his ears

After cleaning the dog’s ears, you will see your dog shake his head many times. This is the act of shaking their ears. The dirt left inside will follow and shoot out. Therefore, the last step you need to check at again.

Confirm whether the dog’s ears are really clean or not. If your dog’s ears are still dirty after shaking their ears, or there are dirty debris on the outside of the ears, wipe them with cotton wool. Pay attention to dry the dog’s ears, do not let the ears get wet, leading to ear infections.

How to pluck and clean ears for Poodle dogs

  1. First, turn your dog’s ears up, so that the ear is on its side so that it can be easily observed with the eyes. If your dog is not cooperative, have him stand on a slightly higher chair or table. The dog that will be afraid of heights will be forced to cooperate with you more.
  2. After washing your hands, sprinkle the dog ear wax powder on a small tissue. Use a cotton swab to dip a little bit of flour. Pay attention to apply the powder evenly to the dog’s ears, do not leave lumps in one area.
  3. Rub the powder evenly on the skin inside the ear. Then use your hands to massage a little bit as possible. Care must be taken not to go too deep into the ear, to avoid hurting the dog. If you put the powder too deep in the ear, then it is very difficult to clean, it will cause a blockage in their ears that is difficult to remove.
  4. You can use your hands to pluck the dog’s ear hair on the outside. This operation can be done very quickly and conveniently. Go a little deeper, use tweezers to pluck the dog’s ear hair. The tip of the tweezers can be wrapped with a thin layer of cotton to avoid hurting the dog. The procedure of ear hair removal should choose a place with a lot of light to do. When plucking, you can talk or stroke them.
  5. After plucking the dog’s ears, use a cotton swab to clean the ears and treat the powder in the ears. This movement should be gentle, each corner of the ear must be cleaned. After completing this step, the ears will be very clean.
  6. After cleaning one ear, there is no need to immediately apply ear cleaner, because the dog’s ear must be ventilated. After you’re done with both ears, you’ll be fine with just one drop
  7. Gently massage, making the ear more smooth and shiny.

Hopefully, after reading this article you can pluck the dog’s ears and clean them yourself. In the process of cleaning the ears, if you find that the ears are pus, watery, have a bad smell… immediately take your dog to the veterinarian. To protect your dog’s health, it’s best to check and clean your dog’s ears at least once a week.