Poodle Puppies Care – What You Need to Know

The Poodle is a very intelligent and loyal dog breed, especially extremely friendly with children; Therefore, there are many people who like to choose these dogs as pets. With proper care, purebred Poodles can grow up to be very healthy and live up to 15 years. So, proper care and attention can have a huge impact on a Poodle’s health from infancy through adulthood! In the article below, Petty will reveal what you need to know to take care of a Poodle puppy.

Let the Poodle puppy have time to acclimate!

Poodle puppies tend to be scared and anxious when they go to a new home, so give them time to adjust to this new environment. One way to make a Poodle feel more secure is to place a cardboard box covered with a blanket that smells like the mother dog. So, every time your puppy gets nervous and starts whining, put him in the crib and talk softly to him. Creating such a warm environment will give him a lot of peace of mind!

Vaccinations for Poodle puppies

See your veterinarian when you first bring home a Poodle, as there are a number of shots that must be given to the puppy to keep it from getting diseases like worms and other diseases. Along with that, puppies can feel stressed, so you can consult your veterinarian to relieve this condition in puppies.

Eating habits of Poodle puppies

For a few days after you bring your puppy home, continue to feed him the same food he’s used to eating before. Babies will not be able to adapt to new foods right away, so slowly change their eating habits so that your baby can get used to it gradually. Feed the puppy three times a day. Experiment to see if the puppy seems eager to finish the food, or if the dog leaves some food behind. In case the puppy likes new foods, then add more food, and in the other case, reduce the amount of new food a bit. You can also consult your veterinarian to determine what kind of food to give your puppy.

Especially for 2-3-month-old puppies who can’t eat solids yet, then you can refer to some of the following Poodle puppy foods:

  • Thin porridge (can stew bones to get water to cook porridge).

  • Dry food for Poodles should be soaked before eating.

  • Warm milk can be added between meals to provide calcium for the dog. Although warm milk is quite good, you should not give them too much, a day 200-300ml is enough.

With puppies from 3-6 months old, puppies can eat rice paste instead of porridge as before. Also, if you give your puppy dry food, soak it in water to soften it; Although at this stage, puppies can start eating solid foods, but you should still let the puppy get used to it before switching to solid foods.

Poodle puppy eating kibbles from a bowl in white background

Train your puppy to go to the toilet in the right place

Decide on a place where you allow the puppy to be let loose. Then start a routine, like taking your puppy to that spot after every meal, or after you get home from work – in short, every time you think it’s time for the puppy to vent. . You should also be prepared that the puppy will sometimes defecate and urinate in the house. This is because puppies have weak bladders.

Never scold or hit a puppy! This will form a psychological fear in the dog whenever it is reminded of the puppy’s toilet habits. Every time your baby goes to the toilet in the right place, praise her with loving words so she can read your tone of voice and understand that she has satisfied you in this regard.

How to brush a Poodle puppy?

With the thick coat of a Poodle, you should learn carefully how to properly care for that soft, curly coat. Because if you do not take care of that fur, his fur may be tangled and not “glossy” very well. Make sure you brush your puppy every day. Also, make sure the puppy doesn’t have an ear infection by inserting a damp cotton pad inside the puppy’s ear and cleaning it. Any swelling or redness on your pet’s ears or body should be contacted by a veterinarian immediately!

Let’s create a good development environment for Poodle puppies!

The Poodle is an intelligent dog and it would be a waste if he didn’t reach his full potential. Creating a growing environment for puppies is not too difficult or too big, you can buy them interactive toys, or encourage your child to play with Poodle puppies is also a way. Great for helping them get smarter!

Hopefully, through the above article, you have had some knowledge and experience to take care of Poodle puppies. Stay tuned for the next blog posts to learn more about the pet world.