Police shooting of family dog in Lorain, Ohio, has residents crying foul

Numerous residents have posted on social media and the streets to protest against the killing of a dog owned by a family in Lorain by an officer of the police.

Tammie as well as Mellenie Kerns revealed to reporters of News Channel 5 Cleveland the channel that is an Beacon Journal partner, that their four Labrador retrievers walked out of the front of their home on Oberlin Avenue as the mother and daughter attempted to go out for an outing just after 1.30 p.m. the day before. While they were trying to take their dogs to their home, they reported that an officer stopped them.

Melanie Kerns stated that they’d had a three-year-old yellow lab dog, Dixie ran through the streets after the police officer stepped out of the cruiser according to the information provided by News Channel 5. According to her, one gunshot struck Dixie on the back of her lower leg The officer fired another two shots that killed the dog.

According to an announcement in the media issued from the Lorain Police Department, the incident is currently being investigated in officers from the Department’s Office of Professional Standards, and also by outside experts.

“We know the public wants to know more about what happened,” said Capt. Michael Failing, acting chief of police in a press release issued on Wednesday. “We will provide that information as soon as we know more. At this time, the department must reserve comment until such time that the current investigation is completed.”

Lorain police could not be reached this afternoon for updates.

Meanwhile, there is an online petition demanding the removal of the officer who shot the dog. As of Friday afternoon, more than 15,000 have signed.

Also on Friday morning, residents staged a rally at the Lorain Municipal Court.