What dog is best to live in an apartment with children?

Children are often asked by their parents to get a pet dog. Dogs are wonderful companions and can teach responsibility, love, and friendship.

Parents often ask children to get a dog. Dogs are wonderful companions and can teach responsibility, friendship, and care. But, a child should not forget that dogs can be walked and taken care of by a child as soon as seven years old. Children will want to play outside with their dogs until this age.

You will need to be careful about training a dominant, large dog like a Rottweiler. If a dog that is an adult of a fighting breed does not learn how to handle children properly, it may view them as rivals. A puppy that grows with the child is the best choice. A dog of any breed provided it is healthy mentally and properly educated, will be able to take care of the child.

High-quality training is required to walk a dog whose weight is significantly higher than that of a child. Children should not be trusted to walk dogs that can run, jump, fight with other animals, chase cars or motorcycles and jerk the leash.

It is not a good idea to expect that a small child can take over the responsibility of a hunting dog or sled dog. This dog will need to be walked, have an intellectual load, and communicate with its adult owner. Only then can it play with your baby.

Miniature breeds are not recommended as they can cause injury, crush, or fall on children. Children as young as three years old are not able to manage fragile dogs such as the Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua. It is best to get these dogs started when the child understands the difference between a dog and a toy. You will need to take care of both dogs during playtime.

A puppy who is one month old will need the same attention as a child that is three months old. So make sure you are looking at all options. A senior dog is not the best choice for a young child. He will most likely need to be able to move around and is not able to do so.

It’s different if your dog is already a fighting or hunting dog. If you want, any breed of dog can learn to communicate with children. You should seek the help of a cynologist if you are unable to handle this task.

What dog is best to live in an apartment with your child?


In most Hollywood movies about the friendship between a child and a dog, you will see him. Labradors are calm around children’s pranks and will not snap back if pulled by their ears or tail.

Golden Retriever

Although they are hunting dogs, these dogs get along well and become close to their family members.

St. Bernard

A large dog that was bred for the purpose of saving people. These dogs are good at looking after children, and can even protect them.


Husky dogs are very loyal and intelligent
Husky dogs are very loyal and intelligent

These large sled dogs can be seen as part of a family and are used to living together. Many videos of malamutes and huskies singing to their baby when he starts screaming are available online. It is important to remember that these dogs are active and require long walks. They also feel more at home in a country home with lots of land than in an apartment.

Border Collies

Border collies are shepherd dogs who love children and are not prone to aggression or dominance.

The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is an ideal dog for active older children who love to run, skate, ride, bike, and ski.


Beagle dog has a rather small body size
Beagle dog has a rather small body size

The Beagle, a small, quiet dog that can be kept in an apartment, is ideal. These dogs are temperamentally similar to the clockwork Jack Russell, but not always.


A poodle is easy to train, and the child can teach him basic tricks. Children who are curious and playful will get along well with cheerful, playful dogs.

Bichon Frize

The Bichon Frize, a small curly breed that is great as a companion dog, is the Bichon Frize. Because of its calm temperament and size, the Bichon Frize can be taken on all sorts of trips and trips.


Corgi is very smart, but sometimes dogs become stubborn and difficult to say
Corgi is very smart, but sometimes dogs become stubborn and difficult to say

Corgi is a happy, obedient, herding dog who can be trained to obey commands and does well in small apartments.

There is no one right answer to the question, “What breed of dog should I choose for my child?” A pug is a good choice for an older child. A jack Russell is for someone who is calm and introverted, while a pug will suit someone who is more outgoing. The border collie is great for tricks. Some children dream of getting a stray dog.

Children under the age of 3 years should not be left alone with fighting breeds or miniature dogs, as well as their puppies.

Children should also be taught that dogs shouldn’t be beaten or teased. A dog can be trusted to get along with children if it is well-trained and has a good owner.