[Chihuahua] These Are the 4 most dangerous diseases for the elderly cardiovascular disease is the number one enemy

The average lifespan of dogs has increased a lot with the development of medical technology. Older dogs are more likely to develop diseases. If the dolls in your family are getting older, it is important to pay more attention to slowing down the aging process. Dogs’ elderly health issues can be prevented and managed by the pet owner.

Dog’s age and pet owners need to be able to see the vet when the dog is sick. But, it’s also important to keep the dog healthy. It is important to conduct regular physical examinations of the dog, even if he is not yet sick, to ensure that he has a long and happy life.

4 Major Health Problems Common to Older Chihuahua Dolls:

Periodontal diseases – Dental problems

It is difficult to brush a Chihuahua doll because most toothbrushes made for dogs are too large for the doll. Tartar can easily build up on the Chihuahua’s teeth if it is not cleaned frequently. It may eventually lead to periodontal disease, which causes red, swollen and painful gums. In severe cases, bacteria can spread throughout the body and affect various organs, such as the heart.

Prevention Brushing your teeth should be a habit from a young age. You can also use gauze to wrap your toothbrush around the index or middle fingers. Then, apply special toothpaste to the Chihwa’s mouth.

Bone and joint problems – osteoarthritis, disc herniation, spinal deformity

The muscles and ligaments of aging cause them to weaken and the cartilage between their joints slowly wears away. It is important to not place too much strain on the joints of your Chihuahua doll’s muscles. The appearance of an old Chihuahua doll might not be very fat. Therefore, you need to pay attention to its body fat. It is very difficult to help your dog with joint pain if you wait.

Prevention Pay attention to your Chiba doll’s health. Get more exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Don’t just feed it because it is cute.

Others are cute and petite and will feed them free of charge, which can lead to obesity.

Heart problems – Hypertrophy and chronic heart failure

Chihuahuas dog

As we age, our heart function will decline. The elasticity of blood vessels will decrease, the heart valve may deform, and other functional obstacles will develop. Muscle decline is another consequence of aging. Many organs, including your heart, require certain muscles in order to function properly. For blood to flow throughout the body, strong muscles are essential. Statistics show that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for old Chiba dolls. Many dogs also suffer from this disease.

Prevention Make sure you get your dog to exercise every day of the week to maintain their muscle health. Even if your Chihuahua has reached adulthood, it is important to continue walking. However, distances and times can be adjusted.

Hormonal issues – hypothyroidism, diabetes

Hypothyroidism is the most common condition in Chiba dolls. Hypothyroidism is a decrease in thyroid hormone secretion, which plays an important role for the metabolism of body functions. This can lead to several symptoms such as skin elasticity loss and weakening of the heart function. These are signs of an abnormal thyroid in an old dog.

Prevention Although these potential diseases may not seem obvious, as a responsible pet owner you need to pay close attention to your Chihuahua’s health while it is young. Regularly check your dog’s body to make sure that any abnormalities are addressed. Get medical attention as soon possible.