Beagle – Rabbit Hunting Dog With A Super-hearing Nose

The Beagle is known as the most skilled greyhound in the world. Although not too tall, Beagle puppies always prove themselves to be excellent hunters with super-hearing noses that can sniff out prey from extremely long distances. In the past, people kept beagles for the main purpose of hunting. But today, Beagle is gradually becoming a favorite pet dog in many countries around the world.

The Beagle is not as popular as other ornamental dog breeds, though. But Beagle puppies are becoming more and more popular. Hopefully, the following information that the Dog and Cat Blog introduces can help you better understand this lovely Beagle breed.

The History of the Beagle

The Beagle is likely a descendant of the ancient hound breed in Greece more than 2,000 years ago
The Beagle is likely a descendant of the ancient hound breed in Greece more than 2,000 years ago

The Beagle is a hunting dog that doesn’t really stand out in the historical spells. At present, it is not known exactly where and when the Beagle first appeared. Some traces in Greece show that Beagle was present about 2,400 years ago. Specifically, the process from export to becoming a popular scene like today of Beagle will be temporarily divided into stages as follows.

Early period

More than 2,000 years ago in Greece, an ancient dog breed appeared similar in appearance to today’s Beagle. This ancient breed often accompanies people in the Mediterranean country on hunting trips. However, at that time, this breed did not have a specific name.

Currently, most zoologists agree that the ancient breed of hunting dog from Greece more than 2000 years ago is the ancestor of the present-day Beagle. Thus, it can be seen that the Beagle is one of the hunting dogs with the longest history of development that man has ever known.

The development period of the Beagle from the 8th to the 11th century 

The 8th to 11th centuries are considered to be the golden age of large hunting dogs. Extinct hound breeds such as the Talbot Hound or the Hubert Hound were very popular at that time. This is also the stepping stone for Beagle to have the development it is today. Because since then, people have begun to pay more attention to the classification of dog breeds according to their own external characteristics and abilities.

It was also during this period that the name “Beagle” would refer to small dogs with a height of 20 to 23 cm. It is known that Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VII took the name Pocket Beagles to refer to dogs that can fit in a hunter’s small pocket. Beagle dogs at that time were often carried by hunters on their shoulders and roamed the forests. And the Beagle will only have to go on its own when its owner has to overcome precarious terrain.

Beagle period lost to other breeds

Around the end of the 18th century, people in Europe loved to hunt foxes instead of rabbits. Small breeds like the Beagle at this stage are not as popular as before. The hunters realized that up until now, they had only brought along Beagle puppies that could only sit on their shoulders and not be of much help to them. Therefore, they proceeded to cross-breed greyhounds with taller hounds such as the Southern Hound or the Stag Hound. As a result today, we have the FoxHound breed.

There are many theories that the Beagle dog has become extinct since then. However, many other opinions disagreed and said that in many parts of Europe, people still have the need to hunt rabbits. Therefore, the Beagle breed cannot be completely extinct.

Formation period of the modern Beagle breed

Some historical records say that in Great Britain in 1830, a scientist named Reverend Phillip Honeywood created a new breed of Beagle. Since then, the modern Beagle breed was born.

The period when the Beagle was officially recognized in the United States

In the 1870s, there was a general named Richard Rowett who was very fond of animals. He noticed the Beagle breed and decided to import a large number of Beagle dogs from the foggy country to America. He then proceeded to breed the Beagle on a large scale. Since then, the Beagle has gradually become one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

And in 1884, the American Kennel Club AKC officially recognized the Beagle as a separate breed. Thus, the Beagle was officially present on the map of recognized dog breeds in the world.

Today, the Beagle has become one of the most popular dog breeds in many countries around the world. Statistics in recent years also show that Beagle is always in the top 10 most raised pet dog breeds.

Features of the appearance of the Beagle dog

Beagle dog has a rather small body size
Beagle dog has a rather small body size

Beagle dogs, although belonging to the line of hunting dogs, appearance is relatively small, not tall and tall of other hunting dogs. But in return, the Beagles are very agile and especially have a very good nose.

Beagle Dog Body Size 

Currently, according to the evaluation standards of the major dog breed associations in the world, the standard size of the Beagle is slightly different. As follows:

  • Beagle body size according to the standards of the American Kennel Club: the average length of each Beagle is from 33 to 38cm.
  • Beagle body size according to Canadian Kennel Association standards: the average length of each Beagle is 33cm.
  • The body size of the Beagle is according to the standards of the British Kennel Club: the average length of each Beagle is from 33 to 41cm.

Beagle dog weight 

The Beagle dog is quite petite. In which, the male Beagle will be slightly better than the female Beagle. Male Beagle individuals usually weigh from 10 to 11 kg. As for the female Beagle, the weight will be from 9 to 10 kg.

Beagle’s coat 

The coat of the Beagle greyhound is short, close to the skin, but very soft. Normally, the Beagle’s coat color must have a combination of 2 or more colors. In which, the most popular must mention the Beagle with the tricolor coat of black, white and brown. Or you can also see Beagle with red, lemon yellow and bluish color, ..

Beagle dog’s head 

Beagle dogs have rather large and thick ears. The ears always hang their tails and can hide the cheeks. When viewed from the front, you can see that the muzzle of this breed is very square. The meat on both sides of the belly often hangs down to look like a crying body.

Beagle’s eyes are quite a characteristic brown. Looking into the eyes of this greyhound, you will see something sad. But those eyes still exude intelligence and agility that is true to the quality of a hunting dog.

Why should you adopt a Beagle dog?

Beagle dog is very mischievous
Beagle dog is very mischievous

In addition to their small and cute appearance, Beagle puppies also have many lovely personalities. Although small and pretty, Beagle is very active and full of energy. Beagle dogs are always friendly and easy to get along with people in the owner’s family.

In particular, dogs love to play with children. Although not like the 4-legged Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever nannies, Beagle will be a close friend with the young. With a small appearance, Beagle is almost no longer a danger to babies.

In addition to their friendly nature, Beagle puppies are also very assertive in all actions. This breed is very barking, sometimes they even howl repeatedly to get attention. This can sometimes cause trouble for you if you keep Beagle in apartments. Therefore, you need to teach your dog not to bark indiscriminately from a young age.

With a hunting instinct, the Beagle will not like to be locked in one place. If you regularly lock your dog in a cage without allowing it to run around freely, it is easy for the dog to gradually become taciturn. Even the dog is stubborn and stubborn to resist your captivity. But just let it out and the dog is no different from a child.

Beagle is very fond of sniffing, and exploring everything around. So if you take your dog for a walk, you need to keep an eye on the dog. Just a little carelessness and the dog can get lost. Because the curiosity of Beagle puppies can make the dog easily attracted to new things and forget about having to be with the owner all the time.

Although sometimes a bit stubborn, Beagle puppies are still very affectionate. Dogs are extremely sensitive to changes in their owners’ moods. When you are sad, the dog always acts cute to make you laugh. And when raising Beagle, you should not leave the dog alone for too long. Because the Beagle is a dog that is afraid of being alone. If you keep your dog in the house for too long, the dog may find every opportunity to escape to find noisy places. So, if possible, raise a pair of beagles at the same time so that the dog has a companion.

Experience in caring for and raising Beagle dogs

Beagle is a pretty easy dog ​​breed
Beagle is a pretty easy dog ​​breed

Beagle is a fairly easy dog ​​breed. You do not have to spend too much time taking care of the fur or thinking about how to make your dog eat well. Because Beagle inherently eats not as fussy as some other pet dog breeds.

What’s so special about the Beagle dog’s diet? 

Beagle dogs can easily drink anything you give them. The diet of the Beagle’s cock is similar to that of other dog breeds. In order for the dog to develop well, you should supplement with all groups of substances such as protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, starch, etc. Every day, give your dog 3 to 4 meals. And if you do not want to be disturbed by the loud barking of the dog, you should not let the dog go hungry. Because a Beagle’s belly is already boiling, the dog will find ways for you to meet their needs.

Besides feeding the Beagle at the right time, you need to pay attention to the storage of dog food. Especially with scented foods because the Beagle has a very sharp nose. Beagle is also nicknamed “the clumsy god” with the ability to snoop on food. Therefore, you must store food carefully. At the same time, there must be deterrent measures when the dog clumsily eats too many times.

A small tip for beagles not to smell the food is to prepare a bottle of shrimp paste. Then put this bottle of shrimp paste in the place to hide the food. Beagles have very good noses, but they hate odors. So when they smell the shrimp paste, the Beagle puppies will run away immediately.

Daily exercise mode for Beagle 

Beagle dogs love to exercise, dogs will not like being chained for too long. Therefore, it is best to let your dog exercise more often. Take your dog for a walk every day for about half an hour, and let the dog play sports to make the dog’s body stronger, and limit the risk of obesity.

At a certain age, Beagle dogs will become lazy. They just like to stay in one place and don’t like to exercise as much as before. At this stage, Beagle is very prone to obesity. Therefore, you need to let your dog exercise more often.

How to train a Beagle 

Beagle is very friendly, likes to be close to its owner. But sometimes they are very stubborn, hard to tell. Therefore, when training Beagle dogs you have to be really patient. Dog training must be done from a young age. Because the bigger the dog, the more difficult it is to tell.

You should start teaching the dog the most basic lessons such as eating and sleeping in the right place, not barking, etc. In each lesson, you should repeat it many times. To encourage morale, you can use treats or toys to lure your dog. In particular, Beagle dogs love to gnaw on objects, dogs can play for hours with toys such as rubber balls, fake chicken thighs, .. In general, toys that dogs can grind their teeth.

When the dog is difficult to say, you have to be very resolute in correcting the dog’s behavior. When your dog disobeys you, punish him by stopping him from eating his favorite food. Or collect all the toys, let the dog play alone, pretend not to care about the dog anymore. The Beagle breed is very afraid of being alone, so when you perform such punishments, the dog will be afraid and will not dare to repeat the crime again.

Proper hygiene for Beagle dogs

Beagle is always full of energy, dogs love to run and play anytime, anywhere. You just need to let the dog go to the garden to play for a while and when it comes back, the dog is already covered in mud. But don’t worry too much about this because the Beagle’s coat is very short, so cleaning is not too difficult.

If you want your dog’s coat to always be clean and fragrant, you need to bathe it regularly. But that doesn’t mean you have to shower every day. You only need to bathe Beagle puppies about 2 to 3 times a week. During the season, you only need to shower once a week. After bathing, you must dry the dog’s coat.

Beagle’s toenails are very long, so you need to trim your dog’s nails 1 to 2 times a month. Beagle also needs to clean his teeth at least 3 times a week to remove harmful bacteria. If your dog is lazy to brush his teeth, choose to buy toothpaste that has an attractive taste like beef. When dogs smell these odors, they will be more interested in brushing their teeth.

In addition, you must regularly check the ears of Beagle puppies for dirt or foreign objects in the ears. Because the ears of this greyhound are relatively large and always droop. Therefore, if you do not pay attention, dirt and bacteria can hide in the ear causing many dangerous diseases.

What diseases are common in Beagle dogs?

The average lifespan of a Beagle dog is usually 12 to 15 years
The average lifespan of a Beagle dog is usually 12 to 15 years

It is known that the average lifespan of each Beagle dog is usually 12 to 15 years. But with weather conditions like in Vietnam, it is quite rare for a Beagle to live up to 15 years. For healthy Beagle puppies, you pay special attention to the prevention of diseases for dogs.


This is a genetic disease that can be encountered in the Beagle. The common signs in this disease will be that the dog becomes destructive, difficult to speak, opens his mouth or opens, etc. Even the dog will have a seizure when the condition worsens. Timely detection of whether your Beagle has epilepsy or not is very important.

Although the possibility of a complete cure is relatively low, timely detection of the disease will limit the danger to the owner and those around him.

Malnutrition rickets 

The cause of malnourished rickets in Beagle dogs is due to the lack of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus in the food. The imbalance between calcium and phosphorus is also the cause of rickets in dogs. In addition, intestinal diseases can be one of the factors that lead to Beagle puppies not absorbing nutrients well.

Rickets in Beagle or other breeds usually progresses in 3 stages as follows:

  • Stage 1: The dog has anorexia, the digestive system is slightly disturbed, the dog often does not like to lie in one place. The dog’s joints begin to show signs of pain.
  • Stage 2: The dog often leaves food unfinished, licks dirty, and changes teeth less often than before. Some dogs may even have brief seizures.
  • Stage 3: The dog’s skeleton begins to deform, the joints gradually swell. Meanwhile, the shin bones are gradually bent, the spine is crooked, etc. That leads to many other dangerous diseases.

To prevent malnutrition rickets in Beagle dogs, you need to pay attention to the dog’s nutrition. In particular, you need to balance the amount of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D. Besides every day, you should let your dog dry in the sun in the early morning. This is the best way to strengthen the dog’s skeleton thanks to the amount of vitamin D from the sun.

Chinese Beagle Syndrome

Chinese Beagle syndrome causes Beagle puppies to have a larger than normal head, which is out of proportion to the body. Dog’s eyes begin to slant, dogs are more susceptible to heart-related diseases.


Glaucoma in Beagle dogs causes the dog’s eyesight to gradually decline. Dogs have more difficulty walking because they can no longer see the road clearly, when the condition worsens, the dog can become completely blind.

Dislocation of the patella

The Beagle dog breed loves to run, jump and explore anytime, anywhere. Playfulness easily causes dogs to have accidents that affect joints. In particular, beagles in general is very easy to dislocate the kneecap when working too hard.

Notes when raising Beagle dogs

Beagle dogs are very active, curious, and love to explore
Beagle dogs are very active, curious, and love to explore

Raising a Beagle is not difficult, but you need to understand the personality of each dog. From there, make timely adjustments.

Do not share Beagle dog with other small pets 

The Beagle is a professional greyhound, so the dog’s hunting instinct still exists in people. With small pets like hamsters, cats or rabbits, Beagle can sometimes attack these animals in the same way they hunt.

So it’s best not to share a Beagle with other small pets. If you still want to keep them, you have to introduce them from a young age. But in general, to be on the safe side, you shouldn’t let Beagles play with smaller animals.

Always have a secure leash when walking Beagle

Despite their relatively small appearance, Beagle puppies are very active, curious, and love to explore. Just detecting something strange, the dog will find a way to track it down. At such times, if you do not have a strong leash, you will easily lose your dog.

There have been many cases where the owner lost his dog when the dog was so busy chasing some small prey that he forgot the way back. So, when walking your dog, never forget to prepare a sturdy leash.

Don’t tease too much 

The normal Beagle uncles are very friendly, attached to their owners. However, if teased too much, the dog will show a quick temper when protesting with repeated barks. Especially when being disturbed while eating, the Beagle dog hates people to disturb them while the dog is eating.

Beagle should not be left alone for too long

Beagle hates being alone for long periods of time. Therefore, when raising a Beagle, you must spend time with your dog every day. When locked up or left alone for too long, dogs can gradually become autistic, taciturn, and unapproachable.