Top 10 beautiful, easy-to-care dog breeds popular

Currently, pet dogs are very popular in the world. If you also intend to adopt but are still confused about which type to choose, please refer to 10 beautiful, easy-to-care and popular dog breeds that we show you.

If in the past, dogs were mainly raised to keep the house, now, life has developed much more and dogs are also considered a friend, and family members.

Therefore, instead of choosing aggressive dog breeds, most people will look to buy purebred and rather benign dog breeds. Understanding this, we will introduce to you 10 beautiful, easy-to-care and popular dog breeds in the world right here in the article below.

1 – Chihuahua Dog

Chihuahuas dog
Chihuahua Dog

The Chihuahua is originally from Mexico but is known to everyone thanks to China. They have a small body, about 16-20cm tall, weighing about 1.5-3kg with a small head, erect ears, big round eyes, and a variety of coat colors. Chihuahuas are quite intelligent, quick, love to be pampered, and very loyal to their owners.

2 – Pekingese and Pekingese are Japanese hybrids

Pekingese and Pekingese are Japanese hybrids
Pekingese and Pekingese are Japanese hybrids

Both of these dog breeds originated in China and the most striking difference is their coat. Pekingese, the coat is usually only one color, the nose is upturned, the middle part of the nose and forehead is broken, the muzzle is short, weighs about 3-5kg, and is about 14-26cm tall

Pekingese mixed with Japanese, the coat will often be mixed with 2 colors
Pekingese mixed with Japanese, the coat will often be mixed with 2 colors

As for the Pekingese mixed with Japan, the coat will usually be mixed with 2 colors, the nose is not upturned, the broken part between the nose and the forehead is not clear like the Pekingese dog, the muzzle is long, weighs about 3-7kg and is about 15-20cm tall.

Note: The Japanese Pekingese is a cross between a purebred Pekingese and a purebred Japanese dog.

3 – Dachshund (sausage/sausage dog)

The dachshund dog originated from Germany, possessing a very unique sausage/sausage-like appearance. They usually weigh about 7-15kg, are about 20-27cm tall, have short legs, long drooping ears, and have smooth yellow/sepia/black fur. This type of dog is very approachable, friendly, and loyal to the owner.

4 – Poodles

Poodle dogs appeared in Western Europe about 400 years ago, divided into 3 types: Super small breed, small breed, and large breed. In our country, micro and small varieties are the most popular. With these two varieties, the average height will fluctuate up to nearly 25-40cm, weighing about 2-9kg.

Poodles are often impressed by their curly coat of all colors (black/white/grey/yellow/brown/coffee,…) with drooping ears, rather round heads, extremely friendly, and lovely. loved by many women.

5 – Pug

pug dog

Pug dogs are said to have appeared in the Han Dynasty (China) around 200 BC. They are about 30-35cm tall, weigh less than 10kg, and have an impressive short coat of many colors (black/light brown/dark yellow,…). In addition, their heads and eyes are quite large, especially their facial skin sags into wrinkles, like to be petted and funny

6 – Alaskan dog

Alaskan dog
Alaskan dog

As the name suggests, the Alaskan Malamute is a sled dog from Alaska in the United States. They are usually about 55 – 70cm tall, weigh about 35 – 50kg, have a rather large body, almond-like eyes, and have a variety of coat colors (gray-white/black white/brown white, ..). Alaska is very active, friendly, and quite gentle.

7 – Husky dog

Husky dog
Husky dog

The husky dog is a species that originated in Northeastern Siberia (Russia) about 3000 years ago and was taught to help people move and transport goods. They are usually about 50-60cm tall, weigh about 16-27kg, have almond-like eyes, are slightly slanted, and come in a variety of colors (brown/blue/amber/green,…).

Husky’s coat is both long and thick and has equally diverse colors such as black and white/sepia/white/gray white,… They have a slightly wolf-like beauty but are extremely friendly, active, and neutral. be with the owner.

8 – Samoyed Dog

Samoyed Dog
Samoyed Dog

A Samoyed dog is a hunting dog from Siberia (Russia) with a beauty like “snow white” because of its long, smooth, white coat. They are usually about 45-60cm tall, weighing about 16-30kg , have triangular ears with a slightly obtuse top, always raised, tail curled at the back, and have almond-shaped eyes, very cute, approachable, and intelligent.

9 – Pomeranian (Squirrel Dog)

Pomeranian dog
Pomeranian dog

The Pomeranian dog is a species originating in Europe with a small appearance, and big round eyes that look extremely cute. They are usually under 15-30cm tall, weigh about 1-3kg, have round cheeks, small snout, and have long fur of different colors (white/yellow/cream/brown,…). Pho squirrel is easy to teach but also quite mischievous and intelligent.

10 – Shiba Inu dog

The Shiba is a famous dog breed from Japan with a smiling, funny, and very friendly face. They are usually about 33-43cm tall, weigh about 8-10kg with two characteristic coats (outer straight and hard, inside soft and thick), tail quite long, ruffled. The most popular are golden Shiba and many other colors like black/brown/grey,…

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have known 10 beautiful and easy-to-care dog breeds that are popular in the world. With prices ranging from low to high, you can choose a dog that is suitable for your economic conditions and preferences.