Workers Find Abandoned Golden Retriever As She Gives Birth To A Litter Of ‘Cow Babies’

The video below speaks about Rosie, a Golden Retriever Mix, who seriously needed an immediate help when she was surrendered to a shelter.

Rosie was pregnant, and thankfully she was taken to a foster home by one kind family. John and Katie Black have fostered many pooches since 2009, and now they took Rosie, who was in advanced stage of pregnancy, to give her the care she needs.

Rosie then gave birth to 4 cow pups! They look nothing like her mama! The cute babies got named, Moo, Calarbelle, Betsy, and daisy, they’ll stay in the foster home with her mama also as long as it needs.

Thankfully, Rosie and her babies finally found a forever home, where they live a great life. Watch the video below.

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