The dog stayed by the bed of the owner of the cancer patient for 9 years, both died 90 minutes apart

Recently, a young man living in the US shared a story between his father and his pet dog on his personal Facebook page, taking away many tears from netizens.

His father is Daniel Hove, a veteran who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. During his battle with a serious illness, the family’s loyal dog Gunner has always been by his side. , giving the owner a great source of spiritual encouragement.

When Mr. Daniel had to stay in the hospital for treatment, Gunner also refused to leave his owner. It followed him to the ward, hanging around the foot of the bed, waiting for its owner to heal. The family was worried that the dog would catch a cold if he slept on the hospital floor, so the family specially prepared a small bed for him, located right next to Mr. Daniel’s bed.

Gunner is always by his side and never leaves a step with Daniel (Photo: Sohu)

The time they spent together was long enough for Gunner to feel what his master was going through.

Each infusion of chemotherapy is a time that causes Daniel’s body to suffer, the discomfort from within makes his temper irritable.

At such times, Gunner dog suddenly becomes depressed, when the owner is not happy, his mood is not good. To the Gunner, the owner is everything, the one who governs its mood.

The dog has a serious illness and is determined not to be half a step away from the owner

Just like that, they have been together for 9 years, a meaningful and warm journey. However, Daniel’s condition inevitably worsened, Gunner also aged over time, and his physical health condition also weakened.

When the family took Gunner to the hospital for a check-up, it was discovered that the dog had a foot disease that would probably make him paralyzed, and unable to walk as usual. If that happens, the dog will have to endure painful torture both physically and mentally.

Not long after that, the hospital bed became an inescapable position for the dog, he could only lie on the bed and could not run around the owner like before.

Gunner’s disease became incurable, the doctor helplessly informed the family that its time was running out, hoping that the family would accompany it for the rest of the time.

Sick or not, the dog Gunner doesn’t want to take his eyes off his owner

Finally, the worst has come, Gunner left Daniel forever during lunch break when his breath stopped. Fortunately, its passing did not contain pain, Gunner stopped his life very peacefully and gently.

It is not known whether by chance or there is a chain of fate that tied them both, but only an hour and a half after the death of the pet dog, the owner also passed away due to illness. 

Although the ending Mr. Daniel and the dog Gunner went through many difficulties, at least they can still be friends when they go to heaven, the departure of both is no longer a fear of loneliness.

The Hove family can’t help but grieve the loss of two members at the same time, but they also feel lucky because at the end of life, the dog Gunner can still accompany the owner he loves.

The loyal, timeless friendship of the owner and his dog has moved many people.

Dogs are always the closest and most loyal animals to humans, they are ready to be with their owners throughout their lives. People can consider their dogs as soulmates, but with them, the owner will be a great lifeline. If they are not abandoned, they will definitely never betray and leave their owners.