Palliative dog rescue hosts sixth annual “Running of the Chihuahuas”

Pet parents flocked to the rural part of west-end Kingston Sunday for the sixth annual “Running of the Chihuahuas”.

After a two year hiatus, due to the pandemic, the pint-sized pups once again were the stars of the show.

The sixth annual event pit chihuahuas against each other in a series of races to crown a king or queen.

There was also a separate division for “Chihuahua wannabes”, which is reserved for other breeds under 10 pounds.

“Yeah, finally got the lift off the restrictions, and we thank to god for that. So now, here we are having fun again,” said Bill McCormick, who helps run the dog rescue Sheba’s Haven.

Sheba’s Haven is a a palliative dog rescue that takes in older dogs, typically with serious ailments, and allow them to live out their later years, months or weeks freely and happily.

“I’m giving them a life. They can do what they want. that’s another problem, because I let them do what they want so there is sometimes hectic times,” said Catherine Pokrywa, who founded the dog rescue.

Since starting in 2001, Pokrywa says they’ve fostered over 100 dogs.

The organization is an official charity and does not receive any government funding, which means they rely entirely on the generosity of the community.

This event is one of Sheba’s Haven’s biggest.

“Oh, I love it. I like meeting the people that support us and the other volunteers. I was going around thanking them and thanking anybody that’s here, because they’re all helping my cause,” added McCormick.

As for the big winner, Hank the Chihuahua cleaned up in the round of champions to take home the trophy as well as some goodies.

Those in attendance enjoyed food, refreshments and a whole lot of laughter.

It was a dog day afternoon full of fun, fur and funds raised for a great cause.