There are 12 possible combinations of Japanese chins that you may find fascinating

The Japanese Chin may be traced back for a very long time in Asia. The popularity of these cute canines has steadily increased over the last century. To create even prettier and better-behaved dogs, they are now often employed in designer dog breed mixtures.

It is well knowledge that the Japanese Chin is a lapdog. They barely weigh 4-12 pounds and are very neat and tidy. Despite their goofy appearance—big eyes, fluffy ears—they are royal favorites and act accordingly.

In case you’re looking for a cute canine with all these qualities and more, these 12 Japanese Chin mixes are perfect for you.

The 12 Japanese Chin Mixes Are

Jatzu (Japanese Chin + Shih Tzu)

The Shih Tzu and the Japanese Chin are both little dog breeds that are very popular in the United States, therefore when these two breeds were crossed, the resulting dog was named the Jatzu. The diminutive size of this dog is a genetic trait passed down from its tiny parents. They won’t be any heavier than 20 pounds, and most of the time they’re closer to 10. They have thick, fluffy hair and are 11 inches in height, making them a joy to touch.

These canines are outgoing and full of energy. They are susceptible to little dog syndrome and may benefit from training to improve their behavior in public. They have an undying devotion to their human families and make excellent pets.

Doxie-Chin (Japanese Chin + Dachshund)

As a cute offspring of the Japanese Chin, the Doxie-Chin is a welcome addition to the canine family. They make a little Chin by crossing with a Dachshund. They have the height and build of a Dachshund but the face of a Japanese Chin.

While these dogs are generally pleasant to be around, they may be difficult to teach due to their obstinate nature. Due to their modest size, they are often silent and very inactive. This kind of dog is ideal for a young kid.

Japug (Japanese Chin + Pug)

Some find the Japug’s combination of the Japanese Chin and Pug endearing, while others find it strange. Depending on the size of their parents, these pups may weigh anywhere from seven to twenty pounds. The coat is frequently similar to that of the Pug, although the black and white coloring of the Japanese Chin might be inherited.

This designer canine breed has an intense devotion to its human family. Their quiet demeanor, placid nature, and little stature make them ideal for city dwellers. Puppies of this breed are often low-stress and laid-back.

Jarkie (Japanese Chin + Yorkshire Terrier)

The Jarkie is an adorable hybrid that was developed by the Japanese Chin. Because of the breed’s petite size, Yorkshire Terriers can seem positively toy-sized. They average from 4 and 9 pounds in weight. Despite their little stature, Jarkies are known for having powerful, stable voices.

The smallest of the dog breeds, these pups are all about the family. They are also safe for persons who are sensitive to other materials because of their hypoallergenic nature. They are beautiful dogs that will watch over your family to the end and have a heart of steel that will never let you down.

Chineranian (Japanese Chin + Pomeranian)

The Chineranian is an extraordinarily fluffy dog because it blends the Pomeranian, one of the little dogs traditionally associated with riches and success, with the Japanese Chin. Its fur accounts for a surprisingly large portion of its weight range of 7-10 pounds.

Because they are so attached to their families, these pups can’t stand being apart from them for lengthy periods of time. They may be little, but they pack a powerful punch, and their destructive moods are a direct result of their separation anxiety. They will tell you exactly how they feel about you if they are upset. The majority of the time, though, they shine as charming small dog that is both sociable and alert.

Poochin (Japanese Chin + Poodle)

The Poochin is a hybrid dog that combines the Japanese Chin with the ever-growing population of Doodles. Typically, a Miniature or Toy Poodle is used as a breeding partner for these canines. The Poodle may range in size from little to medium, although most fall within the 3-13 pound range.

Take caution when adopting one of these little dogs if you suffer from allergies. They have a possible lifespan of 13 years. The Poochin is devoted to its family and responds well to training as a result. They are a wonderful pet since they are clever and joyful.

Beagle Chin (Japanese Chin + Beagle)

Inbreeding between the Beagle and the Japanese Chin produces the Beagle Chin. Since Beagles may seem quite different from one another, the Beagle Chin can take on a broad range of looks. Sometimes they even get the double coat and square features of the Japanese Chin.

Tiny pooches have a reputation for being quiet and obedient. Easy to teach, yet with a powerful pair of lungs thanks to their Beagle ancestor’s disposition, these dogs are a perfect mix of the two breeds.

Chin-Wa (Japanese Chin + Chihuahua)

When talking about hybrids based on the Japanese Chin, the Chin-Wa is a frequent choice. They’ve become more commonplace during the last decade and can be found in many American households. They are a strange hybrid of the Chihuahua and the Chin, and they seldom weigh more than 10 pounds.

These little canines pack a big punch in terms of character. They’re playful, but also very kind and devoted. They are the epitome of a lapdog, content to be on your lap and never be apart from you. Because of their little size, they are also highly active, enjoying games of tag and other such activities. Larger-than-life characters might be entertaining, but they can be more challenging to teach because of their eccentricities.

Chin-Ocker (Japanese Chin + Cocker Spaniel)

The Chin-Ocker is a rare offspring of two different Japanese Chin breeds. They take after their Cocker Spaniel father in having a kind disposition. In addition to being sociable and loving, these canines tend to be very well-behaved and simple to teach.

Because the parents of a Chin-Ocker are so varied in appearance, the resulting hybrid might have its own unique appearance. They are very affectionate and will wait patiently for you to arrive and spend the day cuddling and kissing them. They can easily adjust to new environments.

Ja-Chon (Japanese Chin + Bichon Frise)

The Ja-Chon originates from a hybrid of two very popular breeds of dogs. The fluffy coat and often white coloring of the Bichon Frise contribute to the dog’s attractiveness. They may take after either parent in terms of coat length and curliness.

Calm and affectionate best describe a Ja-Chon. While they may prove difficult to teach, they are generally rather receptive. They are tiny enough that they can easily adapt to life in an apartment and don’t require a lot of room to exercise.

Cava-Chin (Japanese Chin + Cavalier King Charles)

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a canine breed that has long had royal patronage. That’s why it’s not surprising that these pets are often used as status symbols. This cross usually weighs in at roughly 14–18 pounds and reaches a height of 8–12 inches, making it somewhat higher than a standard Japanese Chin.

In general, these toy dogs have pleasant dispositions and are active and obedient pets. Their eagerness to serve you will make training much simpler. They’re comfortable with the spotlight but also willing to get along with others. When with their own, they are happy and loving.

Boston Chin (Japanese Chin + Boston Terrier)

These little Chin mixes are the cutest designer canines you’ll ever see. They often take on the elegant look of the Boston Terrier, complete with the classic black and white suit. Their triangular ears are set on a short snout, and their heads are square.

The Boston Chin is a vivacious little ball of good vibes. Their squashed faces prevent them from engaging in strenuous pursuits. On spite of this, they will gladly accompany you everywhere you go and are always up for an adventure or a nice snooze in your lap.