Pom Dogs – Common Diseases And How To Avoid

Pom dogs – Common diseases in Pomeranian dogs, causes and ways to prevent diseases to ensure your pet’s health and comprehensive development.

Pom dog (English name is Pomeranian, called Pom for short) is a small dog with a super lovely and cute appearance. This makes this breed of dog very popular and well-kept. However, not everyone knows about the pathologies of this breed. Let’s learn with us about common diseases in Pom so that you can take better care of your dear friend!

Common diseases in Pom dogs


The cause of this disease may be because the Pom dog eats too much fat but is sedentary, and unable to release excess energy, causing fat accumulation. This is a very common disease in small dogs such as Sausage, and Corgi, and pom are less common, however, you should also know how to avoid it.

Prevention: it’s better not to feed them too much fat. The amount of fat should be just enough, usually already available in meats. You do not need to provide anything more. In addition, they should also be exercised regularly, avoiding just lying in one place. Obesity is not too dangerous, but it is also not good for the health of the Phoc squirrel.


This disease is very common in Poms. It can be caused by a birth defect or a severe calcium deficiency that causes bones to not grow as they should. In addition, Pom squirrel has a small body, so it is easy to get bone-related injuries when playing.

Prevention: To prevent diseases related to bones and joints, you need to provide enough calcium for Phoc Soc dogs through daily meals. Especially when they enter the strongest stage of development around the age of 6 months. At the same time, do not feed the Pomeranian dog food that contains too many fatty acids. Because this substance is the main cause of osteoporosis and degeneration in Pom dogs.

Cardiovascular disease

The Phoc squirrel has a fast and pounding cardiovascular system. When they exercise too much, the heart will work harder. Over time, it will lead to cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, and poor blood circulation.

If there are signs of hyperactivity, they should be restrained, and avoid running and jumping too hard if you don’t want your dog to have cardiovascular disease.

How to prevent it: You should monitor the Pomeranian every time you let them out. If there are signs of hyperactivity, they should be restrained, avoiding too strenuous running and jumping. This breed should only be given light exercises to exercise such as walking, and catching a ball. In addition, the daily diet should also limit fat to reduce blood cholesterol, helping to protect a healthy cardiovascular system.

Above are some common diseases in Pom dogs that we has collected, in addition to experience and ways to prevent Pom dogs. Hopefully, these useful shares can help you gain more experience if you are planning or owning a lovely Pom Squirrel dog.