Are Golden Retrievers Lazy? it’s a bad dog, right?

While Golden Retrievers can be active and energetic, they are also very mellow and submissive when compared to other breeds. Goldens are less hyper as puppies than other breeds.

This is only one of their characteristics. They are the most mature of all the dogs and make great family dogs. Laziness can also indicate something worth your attention.

What does this all mean? Is it possible for Golden Retrievers to be lazy? Although Golden Retrievers don’t seem lazy, they can be quieter and more respectful than other dogs. Your golden retriever might be lazy if they don’t get enough food or they are too hungry, sick or bored.

Goldens are not lazy as a breed, but it could mean that your dog may be very lazy. Continue reading to learn more about why your dog is becoming a couch potato, and what you can do to re-energize him.

Are Golden Retrievers Lazy?

Golden retrievers, as a breed, are not lazy dogs. Some people may think they’re lazy because they’re more gentle and mellow in their movements. But this doesn’t mean that they’re lazy. It just makes them friendlier dogs.

The calmness of goldens is also a benefit over other breeds. While they can still be hyper and have inexhaustible energy that allows them to run all over the globe, these moments are rare for Goldens.

Are my golden retrievers lazy?

First, ask yourself if your golden retriever is lazy. Is your golden retriever lazy or has it always been this way? Is this a new trait? Are they lazy because of a change in their diet? Is it possible to link their laziness with something else?

Dog owners who pay enough attention to their dogs can answer the question of whether their golden retriever is lazy or new.

There are many possible reasons your Golden Retriever is lazy

Let’s take a look at possible causes your golden retriever is lazy to help answer that question.

They are bored

Daily exercise is essential for Golden Retrievers. They need a lot of it to keep their bodies and minds healthy. Dogs that are not exercised and stimulated enough will become bored and lose interest in other activities.

The amount of exercise that your dog requires will vary based on factors such as age, nutrition, and activity level.

One dog I knew in particular needed more exercise than the daily recommended amount to keep them happy. They would be very upset if they didn’t get it for a few days.


Adult dogs (18 months or older) should aim to get at least 1 hour of exercise each day. You can take your dog for a walk or run if they seem lazy. You might also suggest that they do some more intense exercise, such as running or swimming.

You can give your dog more exercise time if you are unable to do so.

Too much or too little food

Dogs who eat too much food will have less energy and feel tired all the time. You could also blame the food quality, which may not be high enough to provide the nutrition your dog needs.

You could also be feeding them too much. They will feel the same after Thanksgiving, bloated from too much food. They will feel less active and gain weight.


It is important to balance high-quality foods with enough energy and nutrients.

It is possible to have to try different things. It may be necessary to experiment with different foods until you find the right one. You might also have to adjust portions and meal times.

These are some tips I found useful:

  • No large meals
  • Give them 5- to 6-small meals per day
  • You can divide the meals so there is 2-3 hours between each meal
  • You can give them fewer treats or you can find smaller treats.

You can always consult your vet if you are unable to figure it out.

You should ensure that they are not exposed to any harmful ingredients if you prepare the food yourself. Learn more about 18 harmful human foods that you should not give to your .

They are injured

You might not have noticed that your dog was injured. It doesn’t necessarily have to be serious. Your dog could sustain a minor injury that affects their ability to move and remain active.

Their paws may have been burned from walking on hot surfaces. They will not be able to walk on them until the blisters heal.

They could also have twisted something or something smaller like that.

Dogs that are injured will be unable to continue their daily activities and will avoid any physical contact with humans. They won’t want to be touched by anyone.


You should check if your dog is licking any particular body part. This is an indication that the injury may be. You can check if your dog is moving properly or seems wary of you.

If they allow you to, inspect every part of their bodies for any injuries. You should inspect their legs, stomach, and paws. If you discover an injury, examine it and apply ice to it. Your vet will be able to give advice if the situation is serious.

You should be aware that they might become aggressive if you touch their injury and cause them further pain. If this happens, take your pet to the vet.

They are sick

Golden Anh has a yellow or yellow coat that turns a little cream
Golden Anh has a yellow or yellow coat that turns a little cream

Low energy levels can indicate a serious health problem. This could be a simple infection or something more serious like hypoglycemia.

Other conditions that can cause your dog to be lazy, lethargic or low in energy include diabetes, metabolic disease, kennel cough, and parvovirus.


You should take your dog to the vet immediately if they seem tired or have other symptoms. To diagnose your dog, the vet will perform a physical exam and run some tests.

If your dog has a medical condition, their energy level should return to normal after they are treated or healed.

They are depressed

Depression in dogs is just as serious as it is in humans and should be treated accordingly. Are you leaving your dog at home all day while you work? Are you working more hours or taking on extra shifts recently?

Golden Retrievers don’t like being left alone. They are social animals, so leaving them alone will make them unhappy.

Dogs can become depressed if a family member is away for too long, or if a loved one dies or becomes really sick.

The Golden Retrievers are also very attached to their families, which makes them more vulnerable to depression. Normally, depression symptoms begin to show improvement within weeks. However, some dogs don’t recover from the loss of a loved pet and remain affected for many years.


You can help your dog if they are depressed. To help your dog fight boredom and depression, I have tips for you to follow.

It’s Too Hot

Golden dog's coat is very long and soft
Golden dog’s coat is very long and soft

The cool weather is what goldens prefer. This could happen if it’s been a particularly hot summer in your city/country.

It could also be due to the quality of the air. Are they too dry? It can cause serious health problems for your dog, which will first show up on their skin and hair condition. If the weather is too hot or too dry recently, your dog will shed more.


You can bring your golden retriever inside if it is too hot. You can read the guide to how to help your golden retriever in hot weather here.

Want a quick solution? You can bring them inside and give them fresh water. Then add ice to their water. Finally, get this amazing cooling mat from Amazon.

This humidifier can be purchased from Amazon if the problem is dry air. Then, let your dog use the humidifier in the same place you have it.

They are too old or too young

It is very important to consider the age of your dog. Adult dogs are more active than their younger counterparts. As they grow, puppies will spend most of their day sleeping. Senior dogs will have lower energy levels, and their bodies won’t be able to keep up with them as much.

If you’re interested in learning when golden retrievers become active and when they calm down, you can find the whole story here.


To determine if your dog’s activity level is normal for their age, you need to compare it with other goldens.

It is also important to find out if they are active during other hours of the day, even if you aren’t looking. If they are left to run around in the yard and backyard all day, it could mean that they have exhausted themselves and are tired by the time you return home.

Side effects of medication

Side effects of some medications can make your dog lazy. This could be why your dog is acting slower than usual after taking medication.


Talk to your vet by calling the number. Most likely, this is a temporary issue and not something to worry about. If this happens less often, your vet might recommend replacing the medication that is causing the problem with a different one that does not have the same side effect on your dog.

Similar Questions

Golden is a very intelligent dog breed
Golden is a very intelligent dog breed

Is the energy level of Golden Retrievers high?

Golden Retrievers require a lot of exercises because they are energetic dogs. An adult golden retriever needs to be active for at least 30 minutes each day.

The health and nutrition of your golden retriever will have an impact on how energetic they are. If they are trained early, golden retrievers can run for hours and be great companions for athletes.

The energy level of golden retrievers will begin to decline around the age of 10 years. However, there are many golden retrievers who remain physically active and healthy until they reach 14 years.

Good nutrition and consistent exercise can make your golden retriever live longer and be happier.

Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

The Golden Retriever is a smart dog. They are the fourth-smartest dog breed, after border collies, poodles, and german shepherds.

Goldens are easy to train. They are also very emotionally intelligent and can understand human body language and tone of voice. They can learn 165 words and are as intelligent as a human baby of 2.5 years old.

Golden retrievers are able to learn over 50 commands fairly quickly. It takes an average of 3 repetitions for a golden retriever in order to learn a new command.