Cockapoo Dog Review – Interesting Things You Might Not Know

Cockapoos are a crossbreed between cocker spaniels as well as poodles and are among the very first designer dogs. Their charming nature, coupled with their positive, happy dispositions made these crossbreeds increase in popularity. In addition, their gentle temperaments and their inherent ability to learn to make them excellent therapy dogs, and their anti-allergenic coats are the perfect choices for those who want an allergy-free home.

History of the Cockapoo Dog Breed

Cockapoo puppies were created in the 1960s after a breeder accidentally mixed the genetics that came from cocker spaniels with Poodle. The result was a cute puppy with the intelligence of its poodle mother as well as the sociability that a cocker spaniel mother. Due to these qualities, the breed didn’t need much time before the breed of cockapoo became an instant hit.

The majority of cockapoos are made from the American cocker spaniel which has a smaller muzzle and longer ears than an English cocker spaniel. If you mix an English cocker spaniel crosses with a poodle and the result is usually known as “spoodle. “spoodle” instead of the term “cockapoo.

Because they have hypoallergenic fur coats that are not shed The majority of cockapoos shed less too. But, cockapoos do vary in terms of size as well as fur type and color.

What Type of Weather Do Cockapoos Prefer?

Cockapoos are awed by all kinds of weather conditions. They’re at ease taking an excursion on the beach or to play playing in the snow. But, it’s crucial not to let them out during prolonged periods of temperatures that are too hot or in cold. Extremely hot weather can cause damage to the paws, and result in dehydration. On the other hand, too cold temperatures can result in hypothermia.

Appearance: Physical Characteristics of Cockapoos

If you’ve ever looked at images of cockapoos, the first thing you’ll likely observe is that they differ in their appearance. No matter if a cockapoo sports distinctive spotted patterns or an elegant golden coat that reminds you of an oversized teddy bear are guaranteed one thing: It’s adorable. As a mixed-breed dog that has a poodle mother Cockapoos are also known to have coats with low shed. When we are at Pride & Prejudoodles, we test the coats of our dogs to determine if they’re suitable for people with allergies.

How Much Do Cockapoos Weigh?

According to the size of their cockapoos, they can weigh as little as 6-pounds (common for toy breeds) up to sixty weight (common with the maxi breeds). The majority of cockapoos weigh between 12 to 25 pounds.

How Tall Are Cockapoos?

The height of cockapoos is determined by their parents. A standard or maxi can be described as a medium-sized dog that is over 16 inches high. A miniature cockapoo that is breed using the miniature poodle is a little smaller, with an average height between 11 and 15 inches.

Even smaller cockapoos may be bred by using toy Poodles. A toy cockapoo can’t be larger than 10 inches tall and a teacup-sized toy is smaller.

What Colors Do Cockapoos Come In?

If you imagine the classic cockapoo puppy you may think of a golden or yellow dog. But, hybrid breeds can be found in a range of colors for dog hair that include:

  • Cream/white
  • Apricot
  • Red
  • Chocolate
  • Black

Cockapoos are also multicolored and come with a patterned coat.

Cockapoo Temperament

The cockapoo could never gain popularity without its adorable personality. This poodle and cocker spaniel mix gets all the benefits of two from its breeders. It’s not only affectionate and sweet, but it’s also extremely smart, which makes it simple to train.

Are Cockapoos Good With Kids and Other Pets?

They are known for their friendliness they are able to get along with almost everyone, from children and strangers to pets and dogs. Dog owners will soon realize that cockapoos are devoted to pleasing and are happy to cuddle up on the couch or take walks with you, which is why they are great pets.

Although they’re very generally friendly (thanks to their breed of cocker spaniels) It’s still an excellent idea to promote socialization as early as possible. Being exposed to various sounds, sights, and smells, in the beginning, will help ensure that your cockapoo develops into a caring and kind adult.

We are Pride & Prejudoodles, we provide dogs with a full training program that is ready to join their new home. Alongside socialization and training, we also teach our dogs the basics of obedience, including housebreaking, and behavior modification.

How Much Space Do Cockapoos Require?

Cockapoos are usually on the smaller side in comparison to dogs and therefore don’t need a lot of space. They need enough space to roam around and have an outdoor area to exercise. People living in small spaces may prefer toys rather than one that is a maxi.

Do Cockapoos Like to Play?

Cockapoos are moderately energetic They’re very active, however, they also like to relax in indoors. They’re great for families who like physical exercise but have commitments to time that make it difficult for them to be outdoors all the time. Ideally, your dog must get at least 15 minutes of physical activity per day. This can be accomplished with a stroll along the street, a short run or a game of ball in the yard.

Can Cockapoos Be Left Alone?

If a pet is trained, you can let the dog at home for long periods of time without having to worry about the property being damaged. Furthermore, the older a cockapoo grows older, the better its ability to hold its bladder. However, they should never be left unattended for longer than 8 hours at a time. Being left in a secluded area for too long could create anxiety or cause dogs to behave in a bad way.

Training: Teaching a Cockapoo

Cockapoos are intelligent dogs who love to please their owners. This results in a dog that is always eager to learn and is ready to impress you with new tricks.

Are Cockapoos Intelligent?

Poodles are famous for their natural curiosity and intelligent personalities and this is a trait that the cockapoo has acquired. As with all breeds of dogs, it is the responsibility of the dog’s pet’s owner to instruct their dog on commands, tricks, or whatever else they wish their pet to learn. But, cockapoos can be sensitive, and it’s essential to be kind to them. They are tolerant of positive reinforcement and are often rewarded by offering sweets.

Are Cockapoos Obedient?

Many cockapoo owners are of one mind that their canines are quite friendly and obedient. Their ability to adjust to different environments and their eagerness to master new skills make them excellent therapy dogs for seniors as well as people who have disabilities. Naturally, it’s the responsibility of the dog’s owner to provide an environment that is nurturing and encourages dogs to obey.

Do Cockapoos Enjoy Mental Stimulation?

Cockapoos do not just have to be physically active — they also require exercise for their minds too. If they’re bored the cockapoos might resort to chewing their own paws or biting various objects to keep themselves amused. Keep cockapoos entertained with play toys that chew, engaging toys, or Scavenger hunts.

Cockapoo Health

It’s easy to conclude that everyone desires a healthy dog. Here at Pride & Prejudoodles, we check our dogs for over 160 canine ailments and treat them for parasites and make sure that they’re current with vaccinations. To ensure your pet’s life span you must be aware of the health issues that can be found in Cockapoos and know how to spot these.

How Long Do Cockapoos Live?

Based on the American Cockapoo Club, most breeds of cockapoos can live for a period of between 14 and 18 years. But, some cockapoos last for 12 years, whereas others live longer than 20 years.


Although some cockapoo pups might adopt the traits of their cocker spaniel mother, However, the majority of them tend to keep the hypoallergenic coats of the poodle breed. This is not only beneficial to people suffering from allergies but it’s also beneficial to homeowners who don’t want to wash the fur of their dog. We test coats to confirm that the genes that cause shedding aren’t passed along.


Food is the key to a happy life and cockapoos make no exception to this. In the course of training at Pride and Prejudoodles, we offer each pup premium dog food. If you are planning to change your pet’s diet, it is best to gradually introduce different food in order to not upset the stomach of your dog.

If you feed your pet cockapoo ensure that you provide the dog with a diet that is suitable for its size and age. In the case the example, as your puppy grows older it may be necessary to change to a lower-fat diet. You should adhere to a two-a-day meal schedule, and be alert for reactions that are allergic.

Common Cockapoo Health Issues

If you own either a cockapoo puppy or adult pet, it’s essential to watch out for any health issues. Cockapoos are more susceptible to a variety of problems that plague cocker spaniels and poodles for example:

  • Otitis otolaryngologica
  • Eye defects (glaucoma, cataracts)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation

If you observe any unusual behavior change in the dog, or any of the symptoms you suspect (such as vomiting, lethargy or limping) You should make an appointment with your vet immediately.


As a dog’s owner, it is your duty to groom your dog. It’s not just about grooming to improve the appearance of your dog, but it’s also crucial for the health of your dog. The removal of dead fur can help clear your dog’s skin, opening its pores, and decreasing the chance of irritation to the skin.

Because cockapoo fur is known to have the habit of mating, it is recommended that you clean it frequently (ideally at least once a week). It is also recommended to trim the coat every 3 to 4 months and bathe it at least once a month. Be careful not to give your pet too many baths because this could dry out the skin.

Life Stages of Cockapoos

As humans do, cockapoos experience different phases of life as they grow older. It is normal for them to go through certain changes when they go from a young puppy to an older dog. The stages that are affected include:

  • Puppyhood
  • Adolescence
  • Adulthood
  • Seniority

Like other dogs, cockapoos start in the puppy stage. At this stage, their brains are at the most vulnerable to learning that’s why it’s crucial to start training and socialization as soon as you can. Here at Pride & Prejudoodles, we start our puppy training at the time they’re able, helping to develop into well-adjusted adults.

When cockapoo puppies reach sexual maturation (typically between 6 to 18 months old) they begin the stage of adolescence. This stage of life can be recognized through behavioral changes. Females might be more active and males could show aggression. However, early and thorough training can reduce the behavior. Dogs can also experience discomfort during growth spurts.

Between 12 months to 3 years, adolescents begin the process of entering adulthood. They become adults when they attain their desired size and weight. At this point they may exhibit some of their most extravagant behaviors are tempered down -You may notice that your dog’s behavior is calmer and more relaxed.

The last stage of life is that of seniority, which can be attained between 6 to 10 years old. With aging dogs, they might experience issues like fatigue, confusion, and health issues. Senior dogs may also require to alter their diets to meet changing nutritional requirements as well as weaker teeth. At this point, it’s crucial to observe your dog and bring it to the vet when you observe any signs of alarm.

Their tiny sizes and low energetic levels make them the perfect dog for an apartment owner with a single pet to a large family of little kids. When it comes to activities the cockapoo puppy is extremely multi-faceted. They enjoy sitting on couches for hours and are also ready for a game of playing fetch or taking a stroll across the street. The best part is that they’re very easy to train and are devoted to the attention of their owners.

Find out more about the breed of cockapoo and the reason it’s the perfect pet to add to your home.

What Is a Cockapoo?

In the 60s, a poodle, as well as a cocker spaniel cross, was crossed accidentally. It resulted in the cocker spaniel, an intelligent and affectionate companion dog that had the ability to adjust to different situations. Breeders were awed by the friendly personality and ease of maintenance of these dogs and therefore they wanted to develop more.

The cockapoo is considered to be one of the most popular breeds of designer dog that exist which is a testimony to its fame. Because they’re hybrid breeds, they are available in a broad selection of kinds of fur, from curly and beige coats to straight brown fur. They also vary in terms of size. While the majority of dogs are smaller than average certain breeds are miniature and others are bigger. The cockapoos that are miniature are usually smaller than 15 inches in size they weigh anywhere between 13 and 19 pounds while the maxi cockapoos measure more than 16 inches long and weigh between 20 to 65 pounds. Certain breeders also offer teacup cockapoos which generally weigh less than six pounds and less than 10 inches. The majority of these dogs are miniature poodles, and also American or English cocker spaniels. However, the exact dimensions and color is contingent on the genetics that the parent.

They are hypoallergenic, very low-shedding and virtually indistinguishable from their coats and are desirable traits for many future pet owners. But what distinguishes these dogs is their likable personality.

Cockapoo and Personality

They have the wisdom and the obedience of poodles along with the loving and sweet disposition that cocker spaniels possess. They are joyful and friendly dog that is adept to training. They are very responsive positively to reinforcement, and they are content to be a pleasure to.

Because of their vivacious nature, cockapoos can get well with all kinds of people, making them ideal family pets. However, due to their ability to easily get overly excited, it is recommended to keep cockapoos under control around children. Regarding energy levels they tend to be moderately active. They’re perfectly content to cuddle with those they love on couches or cuddled into their beds, but they do require daily exercise. This can be accomplished by a stroll through the neighborhood or time at the back. Other things that cockapoos love to do include:

  • Scavenger HuntsCockapoos can be extremely intelligent, and enjoy games that make use of their brains. Pet owners should consider to hide toys or treats in the home or in the yard to see if they can find.
  • Games of fetch Fetch is a fantastic method for cockapoos to engage in physical activity. It is also mentally stimulating since it allows the dog to concentrate on an object.
  • Puppy playdatesCockapoos are very social and love to interact with other canines. They’re always happy to have a “puppy date” with other dogs in nearby.
  • short runs when an animal feels extremely energetic, it might be bored by a walk. Running is a fantastic method to release this accumulated energy.

If a cockapoo is unfortunate enough to wander off leash during a walk then there’s no reason to be concerned. Most coyotes are bonded to their owners and remain with them and return when they are called. They also have lower predator drives. This lowers the possibility of chasing small animals or squirrels. But, to get the most effective outcomes, the training should begin from a young age.