Interesting Things You Want To Know Before Buying A Belgian Malinois Dog

You’ve seen this amazing breed before and may not have even known it. These dogs are known as guard dogs and make great police and military dogs. With their keen sense of smell and strong work drive, these dogs make great protectors, which is why you may be wondering if they are right for your family. The truth is the answer is both yes and no.

How could it be both You might ask. It’s true, Belgian Malinois are breeds that require more energy to keep them entertained than other breeds of dogs. In the article, you’ll discover that there are many reasons why this breed is an excellent pet for families however, it could also be the reason they are difficult pets. 

Can a Belgian Malinois Be a Family Dog?

The breed of dog is a dedicated and hardworking breed. They are awed by being active and working using their brains. When they first appeared it was herding dog and this is present in them today.

One of the main character traits that this breed is renowned for is their ability to a watchdog. Military and police personnel employ their Belgian Malinois to not only protect themselves but also to ensure the safety of others around them.

Like other breeds of dogs as well, like all dogs, the Belgian Malinois must be introduced to a variety of people early on in their lives. As just a puppy, it’s crucial to expose them to diverse sounds, people, and even sights in order to aid in their development into an empathetic dogs. If you don’t do this then you could end up with a shy or even aggressive Belgian Malinois. Both of these are common to any dog, but in this breed, it is possible to be a cause for destructive behavior.

To ensure that their socialization skills are up to speed attending puppy kindergarten or classes is an excellent method to get them socialized. Another option is to go to places that accept dogs to have visitors and go out with your dog to see new people and take in the sights.

You’ll need to look out for that herding urge but. They tend to try to control animals and children by cutting their ankles. Through training, however, this behavior can be remediated and prevented.

Are Belgian Malinois Good Family Dogs?

The gorgeous dogs are smart as well as sensitive and alert. Being a breed extremely trained, they are a joy to be around when working. And, not only that, they also protect their home and family members to the point that they are fantastic guard dogs.

But, as with any dog, it is essential to train for this breed of dog. Belgian Malinois. Untrained Malinois can cause trouble in the vicinity. Because they are so smart they will walk over a person who isn’t willing to accept the challenge of a dog with such power.

This is the reason they aren’t great first-time dog breeds. They’re a lot of work and need a person who is equally strong-willed and will give them all the physical and mental stimulation they require.

In spite of all that, even so, the Belgian Malinois is an excellent pet. They are loyal to their owners and will give them all they own. They make wonderful pets for families who can manage an active and high-maintenance dog. 

Belgian Malinois Health Problems

Like all breeds There are recognized health issues that dogs can be afflicted with. While not all dogs will suffer from these illnesses however, they are essential to know about. One thing you should always keep an eye on is the supervision of your dog’s toys. While it’s not a health problem the dog may consume food from a toy or even anything else in the home. Be careful and keep an eye on your dog’s health for potential choking hazards or anything they might take in that could be harmful to them.

Hip Dysplasia

Because it is the case that Belgian Malinois is more pronounced the hip dysplasia condition is a frequent problem. It’s when the thigh bone does not completely fit into the joint of your hip. Injury is a frequent cause of this condition, which makes things like jumping or falling significant factors in the reason that dogs get this issue.

Sensitivity to Anesthesia

Because of the breed’s fat-to-muscle ratio, it has an increased risk of death when anesthesia is administered. This is a problem that is most well known for it being present in the Belgian Malinois and something that your veterinarian should be aware of. It is not the case for every dog to be affected by this problem however it could be one.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is a condition in which the photoreceptors at the rear of the eye become deficient. This causes blindness. While it is a problem that causes a dog to be blind but many dogs lead content lives because they have learned to adjust to their blindness.

Is the Belgian Malinois Right for Your Family?

It’s dependent on the level of activity in your family and the time you will get the Belgian Malinois. If your family goes for hikes or likes to play outdoors, then this dog is the right one for you. Contrary to many breeds that are bred for outdoor play, the Belgian Malinois needs in exercise and plays three or four times per day. They’re very active and your entire family members must keep up.

If you take your puppy they will be able to understand children. They are also able to understand older Malinois do not always seem to be excited to be around children and might appear timid or aggressive towards children. It’s all in how well a dog is socialized and if it was socialized with children.

If your entire family members are absent for the majority of the day and are not home all day, then the Malinois might not be the right fit for you. They are susceptible to anxiety about separation or boredom. A dog that is not happy is a dog who will be destructive to your home, regardless of what. If you truly want a Malinois you should think about options such as doggy daycare, which can keep them busy and engaged.

Remember that these dogs require an owner who will be steadfast in their training. They are intelligent and can be excellent pets with the right family. Keep in mind that stimulation is the key for this breed.

Conclusion: Are Malinois Good Pets

Perhaps, this has answered the question of whether the Belgian Malinois is a great pet for a family. They could be a fantastic pet for a family who is always on the move. Like any breed, there are unique issues. The stunning and intelligent dogs are great companions in the long term and are worthy of an ideal home.