The Reason Your Dog Barks at Nothing

Why Does My Dog Bark at Nothing?

Dog owners from all over the world are used to hearing barks that come from their dogs. While sitting on your sofa at night, you could be able to hear your dog suddenly launching into a roaring (or howling) out of nowhere. It’s a little disconcerting especially if you count on your dog’s ability to alert you to any danger.

Although the barking of your dog may appear, however, there’s usually an explanation. Barking is a method of communicating. The intensity and volume of his barks can signal that something is wrong. If you pay attention to his barking, you could be able to discern the message your dog might be trying to convey by the various barking sounds that he makes.

What do they want to say?

Dogs bark for various reasons and certain breeds are bred for barking. Your dog may be seeking your attention, bored, anxious, frustrated, greeting you, raising an alarm, or establishing/defending territory. What does your dog is trying to convey to you? Here’s a brief guide to help be able to understand the barking your dog is causing.


Your dog would like to be noticed and might bark in the hope to be rewarded with more. Perhaps he is asking you to take care of him. In general, he will stare you in the face and bark. To stop this from happening keep your dog from looking at you or reacting.

Also, don’t ask him in a quiet manner or shout at him to be quiet. He’s more likely to interpret this acknowledgment as an affirmation or encouragement.


The majority of dog owners are aware of this bark. Does your dog bark as if it’s a pleasure to hear the sound of his voice? It’s usually a sign of a dog who is bored and trying to shed extra energy. A dog that is exhausted tends to become a peaceful dog. Therefore, your dog would likely benefit from a relaxing stroll.


The noise is loud, and directly in your face. It certainly declares, “I am FRUSTRATED! I’m not just bored anymore. I’m now angry and I need to hear my voice!” This is a ideal time to get your dog leashed your pet and go outside to spend some time with one another whenever you can to let out the anger.

If you allow your dog to bark to make demands on you can only lead to more barking behavior. It’s more difficult, but much better to educate to train them. Make an authoritative “Quiet” command and reward him when he stops barking. Our expert ULPS training team can help.


Certain dogs bark to calm themselves. Your dog may bark a very high-pitched sound, which is often followed by whining. If your dog is struggling with separation anxiety or other fears or anxieties that is the sound you’ll probably hear. This could be followed by walking around in circles or running. In this situation, it’s fine to soothe the person.

I’ve heard or smelt something. I DON’T…

When our dogs seek to ensure our safety This is the bark that warns us. It is also the bark that is most likely to make us confused and lead us to believe our dogs aren’t barking in the wrong place. Dogs’ hearing is four times that of ours and can detect as much as 100,000 times more precisely than we do. Your dog could be sensed or smells something that’s wandering around…but keep an eye on them in the event that it happens. The dog’s keen senses may warn you of an intruder or warning you that something is not right.

This territory is mine

Dogs can be territorial. You might hear them barking at someone who comes through the door, as he warns that they should stay away. He may also bark at an animal that attempts to enter the backyard. The barks are strong and imposing. We can train the dog to keep at peace when guests arrive or at a minimum, not get too excited.


It’s the bark that the majority of pet owners do not mind as much. It’s the bark that tells you “I’m extremely happy to be back home” or “I’m eager to go for a play!”. It’s common to hear this happy, upbeat bark when you’re getting ready to walk or playing outside.

The barks of dogs must communicate their needs and how they’re thinking. It’s crucial to be able to hear the words they’re using. As your dog’s protector be aware that your dog’s barking over what appears to be nothing can be reason to be concerned.