To Save Her 10-Year-Old Owner, A Brave Yorkie Pup Repels An Oncoming Coyote.

Yorkie puppy Macy has won accolades for her gallant defense of her 10-year-old owner from a coyote.
A video of the event shows Lily Kwan, 10, and Macy, 10, walking about their Toronto neighborhood when a coyote begins to chase them.

Lily starts to cry for aid and then lets go of Macy’s leash in an attempt to summon a neighbor for assistance.
Macy started fighting the coyote to preserve her tiny human. Lily was reported by News 6 as stating, “I went to the pavement and started shouting for help.” Nobody appeared to be paying attention to me. When I observed a coyote trying to attack my dog recently, I began ringing doorbells and knocking on homes. However, just one of my neighbors really allowed me in.

According to the owner, “I really thought this little dog could protect this enormous person being, trying to fend off this enormous coyote.” I admire her since she is such a courageous dog.
Despite the cost, Macy was able to rescue Lily from the coyote. She was injured and required surgery on her body and leg.

Dorothy Kwan, Lily’s mother, began a GoFundMe effort to raise the $10,000 required for the treatment. They soon surpassed this, and they are now $2000 shy of the new target of $38,500.
“My dog will do anything for our family,” Dorothy says, “so I’m honestly not surprised she did that.” She is our young heroine.

“Especially with someone yelling and shouting,” she says, “I never would have guessed a coyote would come out during the day.”Despite her screams, it continued coming at her and our dog; it was rather vicious.”
Although canine devotion has long been recognized, this is a great reminder to never take them for granted. Congratulations, Macy!