A Loyal Pup’s Daily Pilgrimage to his Late Owner’s Grave

In the United States, there lived a loyal canine who wore his heartbreak visibly after the passing of his owner. He would often vanish from home, and the reason behind his mysterious absences remained a mystery until one fateful day. The story unfolds with the discovery of an abandoned newborn puppy, whom the person took in and named Zozo. Oztuk, the owner, showered Zozo with profound love, and in return, the dog reciprocated this affection wholeheartedly.

When Oztuk passed away on February 10, 2014, Zozo was plunged into profound sorrow as he grieved for his dearly departed owner.

Zozo’s family had noticed his habit of frequently running away from home and returning later, but they were unaware of his destination. During one visit to his father’s resting place, Ismail Oztuk’s son, Zafer Ozturk, stumbled upon something atop the grave. It turned out to be Zozo, who deeply missed his previous owner. The family eventually learned that Zozo had been running away from home every day to visit the grave.

Though Zozo cannot speak, he continues to express his affection for his departed owner through his actions.