74-Year Old Man Jumps Into The Water to Save His Dog From Jaws of Alligator

To save his dog from an alligator’s jaws, a 74-year-old man jumps into the water.




In an attempt to escape an alligator’s jaws, the man dives to save his beloved puppy. (Video)


Cameras that were set up in the vicinity to record wildlife managed to get video of the rescue. According to Meredith Budd, regional policy director for the Florida Wildlife Federation, employees found the attack when they looked at the camera’s memory card. Gunner, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was crying while its owner, 74-year-old Richard Wilbanks, was just taking Gunner for a stroll. The dog was seized and dragged into the water by an alligator in the backyard pond of his Lee County residence.




In the village of Estero in southwest Florida, he was strolling along the side of a pond when a gator jumped from the water and snatched the dog. When Wilbanks dove into the water, the gator’s jaws were forced open, releasing the terrified puppy. Richard claimed that the alligator’s powerful jaws were what compelled him to frantically dive into a pond and save his beloved puppy. Wilbanks described it to the press as “like a missile.” “Despite being barely a few feet away, it attacked us with a snake-like motion. I ran in as it had Gunner firmly in its clutches.



A gator and Wilbanks are seen grappling in the video near the lake.


As Richard fights to free the dog’s jaws from the alligator in the footage, Gunner can be heard yelping and barking. The Wilbanks, who is holding a cigar in his mouth, engages the alligator in a vicious struggle before rescuing the dog. Gunner exits the yard after he has safely escaped danger. Continued water-contact between Wilbanks and the alligator. A puncture wound was discovered by veterinarians after Wilbanks and his wife brought Gunner to the facility. The puppy was admitted to the hospital for a few days to recover, according to him, and X-rays revealed only a small amount of water in the lungs. check out the video Richard Wilbanks, who leapt out of his patio chair to assist in the rescue, said, “Instinct just took over and adrenaline kicked in.”


Richard had to get medical attention and tetanus shots since the alligator’s mouth had hurt his hands. Now his injuries are healed.