These are the best dog breeds to have in Florida’s weather

Most dog lovers have a preference for breeds, but here in Florida — there are several points to consider.

One of the major factors when thinking about getting a new furry friend — is the Sunshine State’s abundance of heat and humidity.

NBC6 has compiled a list of breeds that actually thrive in hot weather.


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A Chihuahua may be one of the best dogs to have as a Floridian. This breed reportedly originates from the scorching deserts of Mexico.

With a history like that, Chihuahuas are known to be an adaptable dog breed that thrives in warm climates.

The Chihuahua’s small size and thin coat make it a great companion for trip to a sunny Florida beach.

Afghan Hound

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For those who prefer larger dogs, the Afghan Hound is a good option for the Sunshine State.

Their homeland is Afghanistan, which is know for its hot weather in the days and cold weather at night, so they can adapt to the extremes fairly well.

According to Gulf Coast K9 Training, this breed is known to be completely comfortable with the heat — especially with their single coat of long hair that helps protect them from the sun.

Australian Cattle Dog

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Australian cattle dogs not only do well in the hot sun — they’ll work too.

According to the Spruce Pets, these medium-sized dogs have a short double coat to keep them cool during long days of herding livestock — while providing insulation and protection when temperatures cool down later at night.

No matter the weather, they’re known to be a ball of energy.

Italian Greyhound

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If you don’t plan on taking frequent trips to cold climates with your pup — the Italian Greyhound is a nice companion for Floridians.

With a thin, short coat that can’t protect against snow, it’s best to keep this breed down south — as they thrive in sunny climates.

The slender Italian Greyhound tends to carry low body fat and often requires a sweater when temperatures drop.

Chinese Crested

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Chinese Crested dogs, which are believed to originate in Asia, are virtually hairless.

They often have super short fur or basically none at all, allowing them to stay cool almost all the time.

But, according to Gulf Coast K9 Training, this breed can also get sunburns — so carry sunblock for beach or dog park trips.