10 Calm Dog Breeds are Happy to Take a Relaxing Nap with You

Some puppies are energetic and make great companions for active parents. There are many great canines that you could choose from if you’re looking for a calmer breed of dog who will be happy to lay down and take a nap with you.

Leslie Sinn, DVM DACVB, CPDT KA is a veterinary behaviorist at Behavioral Solutions. She is also a member the Daily Paws Advisory Board. When you think about calm dog breeds, remember that dogs are more likely to be calm when faced with change and uncertainty.

Sinn states that quieter breeds have more individual variation. “People shouldn’t assume that because a dog is calm, it means that the individual is calm.

Sinn believes that a dedicated pet parent can reinforce calm and quiet behavior. This is true regardless of breed. Our sensitive furry friends are able to pick up on our moods and act accordingly. They love to go with us everywhere! You’ll find plenty of teaching opportunities with positive reinforcement.

Although every dog is different, there are certain breeds that are calmer than others and are just as irresistible.

French Bulldog: Calm and cuddly dog breed

Labrador retrievers are hot on their heels (also on this calm dogs’ list! The adorable and cuddly French bulldogs are American Kennel Club’s (AKC), the second most popular breed in America. They are considered to be the perfect companion for seniors, children, and apartment dwellers. They have the most amazing ears!

Popular Calm Hypoallergenic Standard Poodles

There would be many more ‘poodle’ crossbreeds without the adorable characteristics of the standard pooch. Intelligent, affectionate, playful, and hypoallergenic (as any dog can be). The poodle is a great learner and will do anything for you. To live a happy life, he might need to get a bit more exercise than other calm dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Calm Small Dog Breed

You will instantly notice the gentle, small and sweet dog in her eyes. A Cavalier King Charles spaniel loves to cuddle and has a friendly disposition. She loves daily walks and fetch, but she was raised to be a lap dog and to spend as much time with you as possible.

Basset Hound Calm, Medium-Sized Dog

The basset dog is a medium-sized dog that has long, floppy ears and a bright personality. She is one of the calmest dogs you will ever meet. Although she may look a little shaky, she will be happy to see you and learn scent work. Then, take a nap after each workout for a relaxing pup-cozy nap.

Large, calm Irish Wolfhound Breed

While you don’t necessarily need a country home, your family should have some secure outdoor space for the Irish Wolfhound. Because he is a loving, loyal and unflappable companion, and is great with children, he ranks high on chill dog breed lists. He’s usually 2 feet tall, and over 100 pounds. Therefore, training and early socialization help him to be his best self.

Saint Bernard: Gentle Giant Dog Breed

The steadfast Saint Bernard is a great choice if you have lots of space and children who are desperate for a dog. This calm, sweet, gentle dog is a great companion for your children. Seniors who take long, leisurely walks in the woods might find her an excellent companion.

Big Calm Dog Breed for Your Family: Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a great large, gentle dog. The Newfs are large and shaggy, often weighing in excess of 200 pounds and standing up to 3 feet tall. These dedicated, but laid-back dogs love the outdoors and are far from lazy. The Newfs are gentle and calm, and they can handle the chaos of family life.

Bulldog: Calm, quiet dog breed that doesn’t bark much

Bully dog ​​classification
Bully dog ​​classification

The English bulldog makes a wonderful pet. He’s not only a loving, roly-poly dog but he doesn’t bark unless absolutely needed. Apartment residents looking for a playful, but calm dog breed that will enjoy the couch with them are in luck. Uber is kid-friendly. Get your dog to do his best with early Training. And make sure you wash his face.

Golden Retriever is an easy-going dog breed that’s easy to love

Golden retrievers have sunny personalities that match their beautiful coats. Is it possible to think of a dog who would love to sing along with the wind chimes . This smart, sweet-natured golden loves to be part of your family and enjoys being around other dogs, bunnies and the Amazon delivery person.

Most Popular Calm Dog: Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is the AKC’s most loved dog breed for 30 consecutive years. It’s no wonder. Labradors are loyal and affectionate, great friends for all ages, and have a balance of active curiosity with “curl up by fire” togetherness. A Lab’s calm disposition, which is one of her many appealing traits, makes her easy to train and eager for people to love.