Top 5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe When the Weather Gets Nippy

It’s easy to overlook that despite their fur coats cats and dogs are susceptible to cold temperatures as do humans. Every cat and dog is a unique animal with a different ability to withstand cold temperatures which are influenced by breed age, health and. Simple precautions can avoid injury or death to your pet.

Keep these tips in mind whenever winter arrives:

  • Please keep your pet inside, or limit their outdoor time during the time when it gets cold. One rule of thumb is If it’s too cold for humans the temperature is too cold for your pet.
  • If your dog is short in fur, it may require an appropriate coat for keeping them warm. Find one that is suitable and washable.
  • Be sure to clean your pet’s feet as soon as they enter the house to clean them of salt antifreeze, de-icers, and other hazardous chemicals before they inhale these chemicals.
  • As if keeping your pet inside the car during summer may cause hyperthermia, the same can be applicable to a car that is cold. Cars quickly lose heat during the winter months and can turn extremely cold to pets very quickly.
  • You should think about dog booties for when they are outside in the cold winter, but ensure that they are properly fitted!

But most importantly, take advantage of the extra cuddles you can get with a blanket once everyone is safe and sound!