How Long Is Golden Pregnant To Give Birth

At 6 months of age, Golden Retrievers might start to enter heat. After that, they go into heat about every six months. Only a Golden Retriever who is in heat can become pregnant. If a Golden Retriever mates with a male Golden retriever, there is a possibility she will become pregnant. What is the average length of pregnancy for Golden Retrievers after she has conceived? This question is explored here.

Timeline of How Long Are Golden Retrievers Pregnant

A Golden Retriever can usually remain pregnant for up to 63 days after she has conceived. It can be difficult to know how long your dog will stay pregnant if you don’t know when she was born. Dog pregnancy can last a few more days than the standard 63 days.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy in Golden Retrievers

If your Golden Retriever is exposed to an unneutered male during her heat cycle, it’s possible she could become pregnant. It is unlikely that mating during heat will lead to pregnancy, but there are still good chances. If your male dog’s female companion is in the heat cycle, it is worth asking your vet to check for pregnancy.

These are other signs you need to look for in order to identify pregnancy.

  • Clear and thin vaginal discharge: Pregnant Golden Retrievers often experience a clear and thin vaginal discharge. This happens about one month after conception. It can last up to three weeks. Some pet owners may need to provide doggy diapers for their golden retrievers while they are pregnant.
  • Urination is more frequent: Your Golden Retriever needs to urinate more often as she becomes more pregnant. It will surprise you to learn that your Golden Retriever has to use the bathroom twice as often.
  • Clingy Behaviors: Pregnant can be very attached to their owners. It is possible that your dog may be more inclined to snuggle up with you or rub against you.

Golden retriever pregnancy signs should be detected early to ensure that your dog receives the proper veterinarian care in order to have healthy puppies.

Caring for a Pregnant Golden Retriever


Extra attention will be required for your Golden Retriever when she is carrying her babies. You should increase her daily food intake in order to ensure her health and that she is able to provide enough nutrition for her children. Your dog should not be allowed to walk for long distances. This could affect the safety and growth of the babies she is carrying.

A slow 20-minute walk is sufficient for your dog’s growth and care. Avoid situations that can cause your dogs to jump, run and become rowdy. Pregnant Golden Retrievers need to have unlimited indoor and outdoor access to clean water.

Your veterinarian should be consulted if you have any concerns or questions. Rely on the advice of family and friends. Your veterinarian can provide personalized guidance and advice based on your dog’s health and any special needs.

The First Month

  • Putting weight on –We don’t have the scale to accurately measure her weight gain.
  • More pee-pee! – There has not been an increase in pee-pee breaks.
  • The Belly starts to pounce. Yes! This is the most likely sign that I have confirmed our dog’s gender.
  • She has a reduced appetite – She’s a Golden…she’s always hungry!

It is why I am repeating it below. As we are currently on our third dog, one of the signs that ours is pregnant was her fur flaring at her abdomen. Different dogs will have different characteristics. This is evident in our pregnant dog.

Quick Tip As her health improves, we gradually feed her golden more regular food. We feed her Wellness Core Grain Free Dog Food.

Last Few Weeks Before Giving Birth

These bullet points were all noted in the week prior to birth.

  • Puppy movement in the abdomen I noticed all the puppies moving around in my stomach a few days back.
  • She’s not so hungry. Umm…she’s always hungry
  • Her body temperature drops 24 hrs before labor We start checking her temperature one week before her due date. This will give us an indication of when she will begin labor.
  • Antsy, restless, pacing, panting, digging, nesting… – Yes, yes! There are many nights of restlessness before the puppies arrive.

Visit the AKC Website for more information about Golden Retriever pregnancy.

How Often Can Golden Retrievers Get Pregnant?

A heat cycle is a process that female Golden Retrievers experience approximately once every six months. They are kept in the heat for 3-4 weeks. The 9-day period of fertility is considered to be nine days. A female should have no more than 4-6 liters.

How many puppies does a pregnant dog need?

A Golden Retriever female can have up 12 puppies at once, with an average number of 8. There are good chances that her second or first litter will be smaller than the previous ones. The average age at which a mother weans her puppies is between 3-4 weeks. At 8-12 weeks old, they are ready to move into a new home.

No matter how cute your Golden Retriever puppies are, you must ensure that they have the financial resources to care for them properly. Our dogs deserve the best.

In conclusion

Golden Retrievers are great pets and a joy to have around. When a dog becomes pregnant, things can become a bit stressful. Your veterinarian will help ensure that your dog is healthy, happy, and safe during pregnancy. Your veterinarian will ensure your puppies arrive healthy.