3 Signs Help Sen Recognize Dogs About to Give Birth

Signs that a dog is about to give birth can be seen with the naked eye. Guide Sen how to recognize the dog about to give birth fastest.

What is the Standard Menu for Pregnant Dogs?
What is the Standard Menu for Pregnant Dogs?

When will the mother dog go into labor? The signs of the dog about to give birth always make the Sen anxious and worried. The following article by we will help you know the signs of a dog about to give birth to best equip and care for them, watch now to have more experience in taking care of a puppy that is about to give birth!

Signs that the dog is about to give birth – The roaming phase

At this stage you can identify by their behavior, usually appearing 48 hours before laying, in addition, they often stop eating during this period. Don’t worry too much, this is a very normal expression in the roaming phase, 1-to 2 days before birth the dog will eat very little or nothing.

In appearance, the mother dog’s udder will be swollen, the nipples are swollen and milky white. The color of the milk will usually turn yellow, which means that the puppies in the womb are growing healthy.

At this time, the dog’s body temperature will drop from 38-39oC to 36.7-37.6oC. If your dog has these signs, congratulations, you will soon receive lovely and cute puppies.

Signs of mother dog labor pain

This stage is probably the period we will survive for our dog the most because the dog will be in pain and whine the most. The dog will begin labor by changing the size of the cervix, the dog will have learning breaths, pounding heart and gasps. This sign will appear about 6-12 hours before the puppies are born, so pay attention to these signs of dogs!

Newspapers! The dog’s mother is in pain!

At this point, you will see the amniotic sac sticking out of the vulva. The mother dog begins to push continuously, the vulva becomes large and tight. At that point you will see the amniotic sac round like a water balloon and the puppy will begin to appear, burst, and the vulva to bulge and stretch. Each puppy is born about 10-30 minutes apart after strong contractions of the mother dog, in some cases, the mother dog is born 4 hours apart to maintain strength for the next birth.

Next, the mother dog will tear each amniotic sac, chew the umbilical cord and cover each of her pups.

How to take care of a newborn puppy?

After giving birth, the mother dog’s nutritional needs will increase, which is understandable because the mother dog must produce milk for her cubs. You not only double the portion size but also double the nutrients such as: calcium, protein, fat, starch, fiber, calcium, water.

Absolutely do not give the mother dog fresh milk, condensed milk, powdered milk, baby milk, or pregnant women outside because these products contain lactose, which can cause diarrhea or contain high amounts of sugar, which can cause obesity and gastrointestinal disorders. you.

This article is information to help you know the 3 stages for impending birth. Hope this article will be a useful source of information in taking care of your pet.