Instructions on how to help a dog give birth to help the puppy’s mother “go through labor” easily

Learn about the signs, how to safely deliver your dog at home, and how to best care for your pet after birth.

Instructions on How to Help a Dog
Pembroke Welsh Corgi newborn litter of puppies nursing.

How to deliver a dog in a safe and proper way is always a big question for the Sens. This article of we will help you guide you on how to give birth to dogs what to prepare and best to care for them, follow today’s article!

Signs that a dog is about to give birth

After mating on average, dogs will give birth after 2 months of pregnancy, the most obvious symptom when they are about to give birth is occasional vomiting, loss of appetite or decreased appetite. Their breathing rate through their mouths is much and erratic, observing will see their faces lethargic with tears flowing out, and measuring their body temperature will see below 37 degrees Celsius.


Milk from the udder of the dog will appear 3-4 days before the due date. They will shiver easily in the cold season or get wet from the rain. They move, and stand still. The most obvious sign is scratching to find a nest, or hiding in a dark, quiet place. At this time, you should prepare a place to lay open, warm and full of light for them, avoiding contact with people and other animals.

Steps to prepare to deliver a dog

Prepare 24 hours before giving birth 

Dogs eat less, refuse to eat, and have a full stomach, they often have a reflex to urinate many times (diarrhea, urge to urinate), so you should limit feeding them too much because they may vomit food due to the pressure of the stomach. baby and stomach.

Preparing before giving birth From 12-2 hours

You should check the dog’s body temperature, the lower temperature ranges from 36.7 to 37.5°C. If the weather is cold or rainy, the dogs may shiver. The vulva is swollen and there is a clear liquid coming out. Their eyes will be wide open to look at the owner begging, not wanting to leave the owner, so try to stay by your pet’s side at this time to take care and watch over them.

Instructions on how to help give birth to dogs

Step 1: Stroking the dog’s belly when the dog starts to give birth

When starting to give birth, the dog’s private area will protrude an amniotic membrane, you use one hand to gently support, the other hand to stroke the dog’s belly in the top-down direction. In case if the puppy pushes too hard, you can gently pull the amniotic sac with your hand until the puppy is removed and quickly wipe the face with a cotton towel so that the dog does not suffocate.

Step 2: Use a small pump to suck amniotic fluid and cut the dog’s umbilical cord

Use a small pump to suck out the amniotic fluid from the dog’s mouth, or hold the puppy in your hand and turn its head and gently shake it to let the amniotic fluid come out until the dog can breathe on its own. Next, you start to cut the umbilical cord for the dog, pay attention not to cut too close (1 cm from the belly skin) and do not forget to disinfect with alcohol 70 degrees or 5% alcohol iodine.

Step 3: Clean and dry clean after the dog is finished

Use your hand to gently massage the mother’s belly to continue to give birth to the next puppies, after giving birth, clean and dry the dog and the mother’s back. Give the mother dog water to drink diluted salt water or milk and put them in an airy, quiet, clean place with little traffic to rest.

Instructions on how to help give birth to dogs easily
Instructions on how to help give birth to dogs easily

How to take care of the dog’s mother after a successful “birth”

After giving birth, the mother dog will become extremely weak, and tired and often lose strength. That is why, the mother dog as well as the whole puppy need to be paid attention to the best care, please take care of your puppies as follows:

  • Should choose foods with high protein and calcium content such as vegetables, pureed pork, and eggs, Give the mother dog warm water and warm milk to keep her body warm.

  • Create a private space for the whole pack so that they can rest quietly when they are born even though they are not as alert as cats. 

  • The mother dog needs to be guaranteed a nutritious diet until the puppy is 4 weeks old.


This article is information to help you know how to deliver the baby as well as how to care for the dog after giving birth at home. Hope this article will answer your questions about how to help your dog give birth. Let’s look forward to the necessary and interesting knowledge in next articles!