The Truth About Black Golden Retriever: Facts, Origin & History

Many believe that golden Retrievers are only available in one color, which is why they are called. Golden Retrievers can be completely black, which adds to their fluffy, long coats and attracts many dog owners. This breed has a beautiful, lush, ebony-colored fur that shines. These dogs are fascinating and beautiful and have a lot to offer in terms of temperament and appearance. The Black Golden Retriever is intelligent, playful, and loyal. Their appearance is striking but so is their history.

The Earliest Records of Black Golden Retrievers in History

The Black Golden Retriever is a cross between the United Kingdom, England, and Scotland. The Black Golden Retriever does not belong to an AKC-registered purebred. It most likely has a mix of another breed, the flat-coated retriever and Labrador.

A Scottish man crossed a black-coated retriever with a Tweed water spaniel in 1868. This produced three puppies who were the basis for his continued breeding. In his breeding efforts to create his desired breed, he used the sandy-colored Bloodhound as well as a flat-coated black retriever. He was able to retrieve waterfowl from the ground during hunting trips and was a loyal, energetic dog.

The Black Golden Retriever is a recessive breed of the Flat-Coated Black Retriever. It is possible that a breeder may have added a new breed to the mix, but not reported it to the breeding authorities. It is possible that the dog’s black hair could have come from one generation of their ancestry or it could be a combination of several generations.

How Black Golden Retrievers Have Gained Popularity

Black Golden Retrievers were first popularized in 1922 when black was considered a rare and desirable color for Golden Retrievers. Dog owners all over the world loved their athletic build and affectionate temperament. This dog is a result of a genetic mutation. There was initially a lot of confusion about how this unique-looking Golden Retriever was created. Although the Black Golden Retriever is the same temperament as the original Golden Retriever, its coat is rarer and more sought-after.

This color mutation has been a hot topic for a long time. High-quality lineages have been created from it to produce a black shiny coat. It can be either short or long, straight or wavy.

Formal Recognition of Black Golden Retrievers

The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that the Black Golden Retriever does not represent the official breed or color of the Golden Retriever. According to the AKC, the standard coat for Golden Retrievers is a rich, lustrous, golden coat in a variety of shades. They do not allow very light or dark coats. This information can be used to conclude that the Black Golden Retriever has a genetic mutation of the purebred Golden Retriever.

If their bloodline is closely related to this breed, however, the Black Golden Retriever can be a member of many Golden Retriever clubs.

Top 5 Unique Facts About Black Golden Retrievers

Genetic Mutation

The Black Golden Retriever isn’t a breed. However, it can be considered a genetic mutation that has a history of Golden Retrievers in their blood. This is due to the fact that the Black Golden Retriever has a black coat because of the mix of Golden Retriever and other breeds.

Brains and Strength

Golden retrievers are beloved for their beautiful appearance, loyal and energetic temperament. The Black Golden Retriever’s black coat is a result of a genetic mutation. This breed has the same temperament. These dogs are intelligent, easy to train, and incredibly strong and agile.


Rare can be the Black Golden Retriever. It is rare to find a specimen that has a black coloration but still displays the Golden Retriever’s typical appearance.

Flat-coated Golden Retriever or Golden Retriever

It is not clear whether the black coloration comes from the Golden Retriever or the flat-coated Golden Retriever. These are two distinct breeds with slightly different appearances. A Golden Retriever can have black coats due to a genetic mutation. However, it is possible to mix the two breeds.

Not AKC-registered

Black Golden Retrievers cannot be registered as a breed because they don’t meet the AKC breed standards.

Is a Black Golden Retriever a good pet?

This dog is great for both children and adults. They are loyal and family-oriented, making them excellent guard dogs. Black Golden Retrievers are loved by their owners as loving, affectionate dogs who will protect their family but also love to be petted and cuddled.

If you live an active lifestyle, Black Golden Retrievers make a great dog choice. You can take them along on walks, runs, or hikes with you. They are energetic and full of energy. This rare coat coloration reflects the loving qualities of the Golden Retriever.

Black Golden Retrievers can live more than a decade and are therefore a commitment that will last a lifetime. It is important to plan ahead and be ready to care for your Black Golden Retriever for many years.


Although the Black Golden Retriever’s history is complex and their ancestry is unclear, they are worthy dog with a rich personalities and luxurious coat. The Black Golden Retriever is a family-oriented and easy-to-train dog. It will also be an excellent companion dog for many years.

We hope you found this article helpful in learning more about the Black Golden Retriever’s backstory.