Dog Intelligence: All You Need To Know

All my dogs are loved by me, but only one is truly, REALLY intelligent.

When I say “smart”, I mean that she understands my words. Lilly, a seven-year-old poodle is the most trainable of all my dogs.

You wouldn’t have expected me to say that. Smart dogs are the easiest to train, don’t you think?


It is their desire to impress their humans that make a dog train.

Intelligent dogs can become bored easily and be very headstrong. It’s important to keep them entertained and stimulated. You must also make them interested enough in learning tricks. Otherwise, they will ignore your training efforts.

What is the average intelligence of a dog?

How the brain of a dog works

Dogs have complex minds. Dogs can imagine, feel many emotions, understand body language, and even speak in a variety of tones. Studies by veterinarians have shown that dogs are smarter than we thought.

Although we still have a lot to learn about the brains of dogs, there are some fascinating facts.

  • Human brains and dogs are similar in structure, but dogs’ brains tend to be smaller.
  • Dogs are more dependent on smell than any other pet, and 40% of their brains is used to analyze various scents.
  • Science has proven that dogs are loyal and will do anything for their owners.
  • Dogs are able to count and understand 150 words. They are also thought to be as intelligent than 2-year-old children.

It does not just treat or belly rubs. Dogs have active minds. They can pick up on cues from us, verbally or non-verbally.

Every dog can be trained successfully if they are taught the correct techniques.

Is it possible to measure your dog’s intelligence?

Okay, okay, all dogs are intelligent. Is your dog smarter or less intelligent than the rest? Is there a test that dogs can take to determine their IQ? What is the dog’s IQ?

Scientists are certain that dogs have a measurable intelligence level when it comes to ranking their intelligence. As with humans, certain dogs are better at specific tasks like spatial orientation or problem-solving. Each dog has its own strengths and weaknesses.

A research team from the University of Edinburgh is currently developing reliable, accurate IQ tests for dogs. We might soon be able to measure the intelligence of our dogs!

However, you have some handy tricks to make sure your dog passes the test before it is made available to the public.

Find out how smart your dog is

You can measure your dog’s intelligence by using DIY dog intelligence tests. Although they aren’t very accurate, you will be able to tell if your dog is an intelligent four-legged friend or a normal Joe or Jane.


These are easy ways to test your dog’s intelligence at home. You can start with easy tasks and then increase the difficulty as your dog gets older.

Measure the time it takes for your dog to find treats.

To begin, place a treat under a towel. Next, introduce more choices and harder spots. It’s an indicator that your dog has a high intelligence.

Pay close attention to the emotional reactions of your dog

Smart dogs will be able to identify mood changes and receive cues from their owners. Intelligent dogs will snuggle with their owners when they feel down, or welcome their parents home as soon as they get home from work.

Keep track of how long it takes your dog to responds to simple commands

Do they respond immediately when you call? Or do they need to be reminded several times before they get on the floor? Their reaction time is a measure of their intelligence.

When you are not there, monitor their behavior.

Sometimes you need to be sneaky in order to see what your dog does. Pet treat cameras like Petcube Bites can be a great way for you to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away. It’s possible to be amazed at how intelligent they can be, even when they do something that is not allowed.

These fun online tests will help you determine your dog’s average intelligence.

  • Dog Intelligence Test
  • What is your dog’s type of intelligence?
  • Pet IQ Quizz
  • Dog IQ Test

These tests can be fun and rewarding for your dog, but they should not be considered final. Although your dog may be as smart as a whip and will come to you when you call, they won’t bother to go to the bathroom or search for treats. They’ll be the smartest furballs to their parents, regardless of their intelligence score.

Smartest Dog Breeds

People are always curious about the intelligence of the best dog breeds, as they believe the most intelligent dogs can be the easiest to train.

But the breed is not a reliable indicator of a dog’s intelligence or trainability. Do the smartest dog breeds necessarily mean the dumbest?

There are many opinions on this subject. Some breeds are bred to depend on intelligence. These dogs have instinctive abilities to hunt, retrieve, or herd. These breeds include:

And many other things. It’s not easy to determine a dog’s intelligence based solely on his breed.

Dogs of different breeds will have different intelligence levels so don’t be surprised that your Lab doesn’t seem as smart as you thought. The diversity of mutts is another important fact to remember when discussing the smartest breeds. Because they are so diverse, there is no way to know how intelligent mutts are.

This means that a breed does not guarantee intelligence. Your terrier-collie mix may be smarter than your collie. It all comes down to their individual qualities and encouraging them to engage their minds.

Can You Improve Your Dog’s Intelligence?

So what do you do when your four-legged friend isn’t the most skilled tool in the house? Is there any way to get your four-legged friend to solve problems?

You must first determine if your dog is having difficulty following a hint or if it is a different problem. Even the most intelligent small dogs can sometimes ignore you or prefer to take a nap instead of solving dog puzzles.

If your dog isn’t stubborn like mine, and you want to help them rely more on their brains, there are some ways to encourage it.

Introduce them to games that stimulate their brain activity, such as puzzles and intelligence dog toys.

Use treats To encourage your dog to learn tricks and commands, Reward them with treats

Play can be mentally stimulating. Help them solve problems.

Remember that in 99.9% of cases it is all about how well you interact with your dog and how socialized you are. You won’t find many dogs who can learn tricks and run into burning buildings to rescue their owners. As with all things concerning pets, intelligence improvement takes patience and effort.

Tips On Training Intelligent Dogs

To train an intelligent dog, you don’t need to create a ball-throwing robot. To be fair, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Smart dogs need to be challenged every day, and smart dog owners know this. They can get bored easily which can lead to destructive behavior. However, smart dogs have curious minds and are active.

This can mean that the smartest dogs are also the easiest to train. However, in my case, it means that my smart dog judges me when I try to teach him anything. If there aren’t a lot of treats, she simply ignores my efforts.

Training your dog will be easy if they are smart and eager to learn. The best methods for intelligent dogs are those that use positive reinforcement, particularly when they’re paired with the right training tools.

You can use smart toys and puzzles to stimulate and entertain your dog. They will be entertained for hours and kept away from trouble with challenging toys

Clicker games or clicker training is another fun activity for your dog’s smarty pants. This can be combined with agility training and your dog will enjoy it. A clicker combined with tasty rewards is a great way to teach your dog tricks.

Last Thoughts

Pet parents love to believe that their dog is the smartest, prettiest, and most charming in the world. If we’re honest, most parents believe that way.

If your dog is truly a furry genius, you will need to work closely with them to ensure that they are mentally stimulated and engaged. Intelligent dogs are excited to discover new things and love to use their canine brains.

If your dog makes you wonder if cats can be smarter than dogs then it may be time to get some dog puzzles and start working. You can teach your dog a few tricks, even though some dogs are more motivated and lazy than others.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent your dog is. It doesn’t matter how smart your dog is. What matters is that they love you unconditionally.