15 Pros and Cons of Golden Retrievers (Plus some Bonus Facts)

It is a huge commitment to get a golden retriever. We have compiled this list of pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

We love golden retrievers (this blog is about golden retrievers), but they are not for everyone. You don’t want to get a golden retriever and then find out it isn’t a good match.

Golden Retriever Pros

You’ll soon discover that there are many things to love about golden retrievers. There’s always a con to every pro. So make sure you read both lists.

Golden retrievers make great family dogs and can be good with children.

Goldens are devoted to their families. They are social animals and they feel at their best when they are around people. They are also great with children of all ages.

The personalities of golden retrievers are amazing

The golden retriever smile is the best. They are loving, gentle, and affectionate dogs who love to please. They are loyal, playful, and goofy.

Smart golden retrievers are intelligent

According to Dr. Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence Of Dogs book, Golden Retrievers are the fourth-smartest dog breed.

This is due to their ability learn new commands and execute commands they already know.

They can learn 165 words , and they are as intelligent as a 2 or 2.5-year old human.

Golden retrievers can be trained relatively easily

Because they are smart and like to please others, golden retrievers can be very easy to train.

At eight weeks old, you can begin training them. Many good breeders even start training their puppies a bit earlier than that.

This is a great way for you to build a relationship with them and it also helps prevent bad habits from developing. they are also easy to train and they love to train. They love to be challenged and to be rewarded with praises and food.

Beautiful golden retrievers

Although it may sound like an opinion at first, this is actually a fact.

They are one of the most beautiful dogs due to their long, golden hair, joyful tail, and sweet smile. They’re adorable puppies.

Golden retrievers have moderate barking ability

A golden holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark but they don’t bark that often. However, that doesn’t make them ineffective. Goldens are emotional and show their emotions. You can see their body language to tell what they’re thinking.

Golden retrievers get along well with other dogs and pets

Golden retrievers love dogs as well as people.

They are always up for a game and get along well with other dogs.

Because of their gentle personality, they are usually comfortable with other animals if given proper supervision and introduction.

Therapy dogs: Golden retrievers are great for therapy

Therapy dogs are most commonly golden. Even if they’re not an official therapy dog, it is possible to make your dog your therapy dog.

They are great to hug and super soft.

Golden Retriever Cons

In order for Golden puppies to grow healthy, you need to pay attention to providing them with a rich source of nutrients. In which, give priority to meat, fish, and milk in your dog's daily diet. 7.1 Types of meat Meats are high in protein. In addition, there are minerals and fats. What role do they play in helping dogs to develop comprehensively the muscles and joints? So, if possible, add meat to your dog's diet every day. However, you should not give your dog too much fatty meat, but lean meat is better instead. 7.2 Fish Fish is rich in vitamins, fats, and proteins. And especially the omega 3 content is very good for the dog's eyes. At the same time, when eating fish regularly, the dog's coat is much smoother. 7.3. Milk Just like humans, Golden loves to drink milk. Milk contains many nutrients that are very good for the overall development of dogs. When your puppy is between 2 and 4 months old, give him milk every day. 7.4 Vegetables Besides meat, fish and milk, indispensable in Golden's daily meals are vegetables. This is an abundant and safe source of dietary fiber and vitamins. Moreover, vitamins and fiber are essential for the digestive system of every dog. 8. How to raise Golden Dog Raising Golden, in addition to feeding the dog full of nutrients, you need to take care of the dog's coat very carefully. At the same time, train Golden puppies from a young age. 8.1. Hair care for Golden The Golden Dog has a very long and thick coat. If you want your dog's coat to always be smooth, you need to pay attention to coat care. Golden is inherently very mischievous, so dogs often make their costumes contaminated with dirt and bacteria. If you don't pay attention, the dog's hair will be sticky. Every day, use a specialized comb to brush the dog's coat. You should bathe your dog 1 to 2 times a week. It is not necessary to shower with water, but you can use dry bath powder. If you take a shower, then after the bath, dry the dog's coat.

Goldens can be wonderful dogs but they are not perfect.

Here are some cons to owning them. However, keep in mind that there will always be pros to owning any breed of dog, such as having to pay for vet visits and feeding.

The golden retrievers lose a lot

You will need to adjust to the hair everywhere if you adopt a golden retriever.

Yes, your hair will be on the usual places like furniture, floors and clothes. But I often find my golden’s hair in my food, and sometimes on my toothbrush. It seems to be part of our home’s atmosphere.

Grooming golden retrievers is a tedious job.

These gorgeous dogs do not come with low-maintenance packages.

Regular grooming tasks are required, including brushing their teeth, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears and taking a shower.

These tasks can be done by you or a professional groomer.

There are many health problems that golden retrievers face

Due to things like inbreeding and backyard breeding, golden retrievers are susceptible to health problems.

60% of golden retrievers have been diagnosed with cancer. However, there are studies such as the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study that can help you find answers.

Golden retrievers can be expensive

These are some costs for golden retrievers numbers:

  • Purebred golden retrievers available from a breeder range starting at $500-3,000
  • The cost of adopting a golden retriever is between $200 and 500
  • In the first year, expect to spend approximately $2,077.53 – $2,947.53
  • Adults can expect to spend between $1,506 and $2,464 on their adult years.

Golden retrievers don’t live forever

The average golden retriever life expectancy is between 10-12 years.

It would be nice if it were longer. However, larger dogs tend to live shorter lives than smaller ones.

Golden retrievers don’t make great guard dogs

According to them, if burglars broke into your house, your golden would likely show them where all the valuable items are. In exchange for a head scratch.

The good news is that golden retrievers make excellent alarm systems. They bark loudly when they see someone approaching, as mentioned previously.

Exercise is important for golden retrievers

Goldens were originally bred to hunt, so they needed to be able to retrieve the birds from the field.

These energy levels aren’t lower because they don’t work as hard in the fields. One to two hours of exercise daily is necessary for goldens. A fenced-in yard is a good place to get golden.

If you don’t, plan to take your golden on many trips to parks and fields so they can run and get their energy flowing.

Golden retrievers are mischievous

Goldens love to play and can get into trouble with their intelligence and energy. Oliver likes to be chased, but not as much as Archie. If he steals something like a rag I’ll ask him to so that I can get it back. As he attempts to decide whether to make us obey him or force us to play his favorite games, you can see the wheels turning.

Golden retrievers don’t like being alone

They are so social and love people that they don’t want to be left alone. They would rather be with their families every day.

Golden Retriever Facts

This section will cover some facts that may be either a pro or a con depending on your preference.

Golden retrievers can be medium-sized to large dogs.

Goldens are not small dogs. They are between 21-24 inches high and 55-75 lbs. Although they take up a lot of space in the car and the bed it also means that there are more dogs to cuddle and love.

Golden retrievers mature slowly

Golden retrievers are usually not calm until they are around two to four years of age. Even then, most people believe that golden retrievers are dogs for life. Although they can be as difficult as wild dogs, their playful nature and fun-loving spirit are endearing.


This list of pros and cons will help you make a decision about whether or not to get a golden retriever.

Because they are high-energy and mischievous, they can be difficult to train. They will bring you more joy and love than you can imagine.