If I Crate My Dog For 12 Hours? Is It Cruel?

Have you decided to crate-train your puppy or dog? A crate is a great way for your dog to travel in your car, and it can help make potty training more enjoyable.

What is the best time to leave your dog in a cage? Is it okay to keep him in a crate for 12 hours?

A dog should not be crated more than 12 hours a day. This is a way to spend too much time in isolation. Dogs are social animals and need to interact with their owners (and other dogs) to thrive.

Let’s take a look at how long your dog can spend in a crate and the alternatives to cramming for extended periods.

Can my dog be crated for 12 hours overnight?

You may be able to crate your dog for between 10-12 hours over the night in some cases. Senior dogs and adult dogs will sleep longer at night, and they’ll be able to hold their bladder for as long as that. Pugs and Saint Bernards, which are more laid-back breeds, might not want to get up.

Your adult dog will likely be comfortable sleeping in a crate if he has done so in the past. If your dog is wailing or being restless, it’s a good idea to take him outside to see if he has to empty his bladder.

However, most puppies won’t be able to stay in a cage for more than a few hours without having to go to the bathroom. Even puppies as young as 2 months old can have accidents if they are kept in a crate for more than 12 hours. To ensure your puppy doesn’t get into the habit to pee in his kennel, you should take him out at night.

Can a dog keep his bladder open for 12 hours?

Adult dogs can keep their bladders open for up to 12 hours at night. Dogs are not required to pee at night as they do during the day, just like humans.

While it would be difficult for many humans to avoid going to the bathroom for more than 10 hours per day, it is not a problem at night. Dogs can often hold their bladders for up to 12 hours, even if they’re asleep.

Your dog will have to use the bathroom every couple of hours during the day. Dogs should not be allowed to go outside for too long, even though some dogs may try to keep their bladders in exciting or new places.

It is dangerous for your dog to hold his bladder for more than 12 hours during the day.

Is it cruel for a dog to be crated while working?

It will depend on the time you are away from your dog and their temperament.

It is okay to crate your dog if you work part-time and stay at work for more than four hours. Even if you took your dog for a walk and trained him, he is likely to just sleep until you return.

However, you shouldn’t crate your dog while you are away if you have a full-time job and commute. He shouldn’t be kept in a small area for this long. You will find him bored. Try to get out of it and have some fun with his behavior.

Dogs are social animals and require daily enrichment to be happy and well-behaved.

Dogs must:

  • Get some exercise by going for walks, playing fetch, or doing dog agility.
  • Mental stimulation can be achieved through coursework, food puzzles, learning tricks and other activities.
  • Social interaction with owners and other dogs (if they’re not reactive)
  • They can interact with the world around them by exploring, sniffing, walking on different surfaces, and using different body parts in different ways.
  • To be trained by their owners, such as sitting or leash-walking, and to come when called upon,

Dogs who spend 12 hours in a crate every day can’t experience any of these. It is unfair for a dog to be kept in a crate so long during the day.

 Dogs with different temperaments will need crates

When deciding how long your dog should be kept in a crate, you need to take into account his age, breed and personality. Senior Greyhounds will likely be happy to spend a long time in a comfortable cage. A Newfoundland senior will likely enjoy sleeping in a cool crate indoors during summer heat.

A Husky adolescent could become bored if he is not allowed to have a 6-hour nap in his crate during the day. If he is left in the crate for seven hours, a hyper-strung young Doodle could become upset and develop bad manners.

Don’t buy a dog that requires too much exercise or training. It’s unfair to purchase a dog that is high-energy and then put him in a kennel for long hours each day.

Alternatives to putting your dog in a kennel

Many dog owners are unable to find other options than putting their dog in a crate. An indestructible dog cage is the best option for dogs who love to chew and scratch.

These are some other options for keeping your dog in a cage during the day.

Daycare for dogs

Doggy daycare can be a great alternative for your dog to being in a crate at the house. Daycare allows your dog to socialize with other dogs and meet new people. He can also return home tired after a long day. Daycares often offer training for your dog during the day, which can be a great option for busy owners.

Dog walkers

Dog walkers can be a great option if your dog isn’t friendly with other dogs or doggy daycare is not possible. They can take your dog out of the kennel during the day to give him exercise and get him moving.

A trusted dog walker is not just useful for work, but also invaluable for vacations or weekend getaways. Even if you don’t have the budget to pay for a dog walker every day, it will make a huge difference in your dog’s overall happiness and well-being.

Rooms that are dog-proof

Dogs are often found in crates throughout the day, as they can be very destructive. You don’t want your dog to have free reign of the house for 8-12hrs and then come home to a nightmare.

You can create a dog-proof space as an alternative to kenneling. This is possible with mud or laundry rooms. You can use laminate for easy cleaning and then add durable rubber toys. It will make your dog feel better to be able to move around the room and stretch his legs, as well as play with his toys, rather than being in a crate all day.

Dog yards

You can make your backyard a safe, enriching place for your dog. Make sure your dog is not evicted by a fence.

You can make your dog’s yard more fun by adding just a few things. What about:

  • He can dig in a sandpit.
  • Rubber tires or wooden structures for climbing on
  • To play with a flirt pole
  • Toys to enjoy

Dogs will behave better if they are allowed to explore the yard and play during the day, rather than being locked in a cage for long periods of time.

How long can you crate your dog?

Teach your dog to go to the toilet in a cage
Teach your dog to go to the toilet in a cage

You don’t have to crate your dog for a certain time. You can remove him from the crate if he has an injury.

It is important to know the difference between kenneling your dog endlessly for hours and having him confined in a crate occasionally.

You can leave your dog in a cage for up to 12 hours if you have an emergency. This is not the right time to be doing this for general management purposes every week as you work.

Car rides are the same. A crate is safer for your dog when he rides in a car. It will not be an issue if your dog is driving for a few days across the country. If you don’t want to leave your dog at home for 10 hours a day, this will not work.

In conclusion

There are many factors to consider when deciding how long you can keep a dog in a crate. Consider the following factors when making a decision:

  • The breed and age of your dog
  • The energy and disposition of your dog
  • It is up to you whether he will be created only for a short time or on a regular basis.

There are many great options for dog care that can be used to keep your dog company during the day. Doggy daycares and dog yards, as well as dog walkers and dog-proof rooms, can provide the stimulation and enrichment your dog needs.

It is not easy to keep your dog awake for longer periods of time at night. Even older dogs and more laid-back breeds can sleep for up to 10 hours without having to get up. If your dog has lots of activities during the day, it is perfectly fine to keep him in a crate for so long at night.

However, puppies that are young won’t be capable of sleeping for long periods of time right away. To prevent accidents, you should take your puppy to the toilet halfway through the night.