Do I Need An Adult Dog?

Buying a puppy does not mean you are buying a dog. Although your pet may come to you as an adult, it’s important to establish good communication with him.

These are the things you should know if you choose an adult dog.

  • The animal’s character is already established, but that does not mean you can’t be a good friend.
  • If the dog was owned, it is likely that she has learned how to behave with people.
  • Dogs can learn at any age.

What should you first pay attention to?

You should observe your dog before you bring it home. These are some of the most important questions you need to answer:

  1. What is the age of your dog?
  2. Was her life before this? Was she married?
  3. What is her behavior? What are her fears? What are her typical behaviors?
  4. How does the dog communicate with other dogs and how does it react to children or adults?
  5. Is she able to live alone? Is she able to live at home by herself or do she need company all the time?

These questions should be answered satisfactorily. If not, you can spend time with your animal before making a final decision. You can watch your dog several times and take him on walks or drive him in a car to observe how he behaves in different situations.

How do you build trust?

German Shepherd Dog being taken off leash by its owner in the park.

Make mistakes

People make the most common mistake when adopting an adult pet. They are too compassionate with them. This is a common mistake that pet owners make when adopting an adult dog. They show concern and try to help their pet adjust to the new environment. This behavior can cause her to lose her personality and teach her bad habits that may not go away.

Dogs need to be taught the rules. You should explain to your dog what is expected from him when he moves into a new environment.

First steps

Do not disturb your dog for the first three days. Ask family and friends to help you. Allow her to settle down, look around and get used to the environment. She will eventually be able to approach you. However, don’t let her get too excited in the first couple. This behavior could be misinterpreted and cause fear. You can send your dog home if you feel the need to be left alone.

You should not leave your dog unattended, especially if you have access to the street or personal property. You never know when your dog will be afraid or run away from something. You should not leave your dog alone with children until you are certain of her.

You should not take your dog with you if you’re going away for a prolonged period of time. This will relieve your dog of any unnecessary stress.

Can an adult dog be taught something new?

Can! You can! It is crucial that your dog learns to recognize you as the owner and obey your commands.

It is important to repeat the basics every day. Dogs will learn to remember and be more balanced if they are regularly reminded of the basic actions.

It is the same time each day that she walks. It should be a rule to put on a collar before you go outside. Also, wait for your dog to finish eating while you sit quietly next the bowl. Dogs need stability. Do not change an established order. Your dog will be able to trust you.

If your dog starts to act impatiently (e.g. barking at you if you don’t give him food), take some time to establish a rule of silence, and sit next to the bowl. Do not ignore it. You must correct any unwanted behavior from the beginning with your new dog. Both you and your dog will benefit from this.