Which Gender Is The Best For a Dog?

The choice of sex for the future owner is usually the second question, after the decision on the breed of pet. It is crucial to choose the right sex for your future dog, as it will affect the personality and emotional state of your pet.

It is a personal decision that must be made when choosing the sex of your future dog. Worst, the owner may take the puppy “on the residual principle”, which is the puppy that was left behind by the breeder. This is a high-risk situation.

Before you make a decision, it is important to understand the differences between the genders.

Males are more masculine than females, and they appear larger. Males tend to be more curious and active than females, but they are also more emotionally restrained. Be prepared to take your male dog for long walks if you choose to get one. To be a good male dog, he must first sniff the streets and mark his territory. Males are attracted to females and will often flee from their owners if they feel unsafe.

The appearance of females is less striking than that of males. They are also smaller than their male counterparts. They are more emotional and attached to their owners, making them easier to teach. It is possible for bitches to mate up to twice a year, depending on their breed. Estrus usually lasts 3 weeks. The dog may become naughty and picky during this period. It is an interesting activity for males.

It is often more difficult to train a dog in practice. However, the primary task of an owner is to resolve the problem of leadership. Adult males who are properly educated will be more accommodating and submissive.

It’s the opposite with bitches. A male puppy can learn much more quickly than a female puppy. She is very loyal and will obey commands. After her first heat, however, she began to try to alter her social status. She tries to make changes throughout her life, unlike males. The bitch’s owner must be flexible and knowledgeable about the psychology of dogs. This means that bitches are often bred by people who have some experience with dogs.

You must also consider sexual desire. This is a more prevalent and constant aspect in males. It is up to you to decide what you can bear – constant attraction from a male or regular, two-year-long estrus bites.

Consider your personality traits, lifestyle, and preferences when choosing a puppy’s breed. You can answer the question, “Why do you want to get a dog?” Knowing your purpose and how it will fit into your family will help you make the right decision. It will be a family pet, a companion dog, or a show winner. One cannot also be guided by the standard formulas: stubborn males, obeying females. However, this is not true. It all depends on the breed, temperament, and hereditary characteristics of the dog. And, most importantly, how well you can educate it.