Coping with the Death of a Beloved Animal: Pets and the Afterlife

The death of a dog or other pet may leave its owner with many difficult questions and decisions to make. However, there are methods to mitigate the anguish of final decisions and unknowable outcomes when it comes to a pet’s passing. Dogs and their owners often seek the counsel of animal communicators and pet psychics at this trying time because of the crucial assistance and insight they can provide into the spiritual aspect of a pet’s awareness, both in this world and the next.

I had conversations with Brent Atwater, an Animal Medium and a specialist on the afterlives of pets, and famous Pet Psychic Laura Stinchfield. What they said is as follows:

So, should we get started now?

According to Brent Atwater, animals have a sixth sense about when they are ready to cross over from physical to spiritual energy, and this knowledge may be tapped into during the last 24 to 48 hours of life. And about two weeks to ten days ahead of time, they’ll provide their owner with a sign: a remembrance moment. Because the animal understands how difficult this time would be for its owner, it is usual for them to grow apart during this period. The two weeks leading up to a pet’s death are a good time to reflect on the pet’s quirks and personality traits, and you may recall something that was completely out of character at that time.

When a dog is near death, he or she may sit and look at its owner for the last time. During this time of transformation, they may also experience a chill in the hair of their paws and in the lining of their ears. When a dog gets ill, you may grasp its paws and ask it if it’s ready to leave, and it’ll usually tell you the answer in its heart.

If you’re on the fence about euthanizing your dog but don’t want it to suffer, as Laura Stinchfield points out, there are methods to tell when your pet is ready to go.

Laura recommends having a conversation with your pet, imparting as much of your own wisdom and beliefs as you are comfortable with. Animals have a strong connection to the spiritual world and may understand the truth of the hereafter. According to Laura, when the end of the world approaches, animals retreat from you to make things simpler for you. When they sense that their time has come, they may begin to have visions of departed loved ones and fixate on their owner in an effort to convey this message. To add, Laura claims that the animal will recognize your ancestors from the other side even if it never met them in life because of the shared relationship you have with them.

Worryingly, accidents often occur

Brent is certain that any unexpected death was premeditated. Pets may be guardian angels disguised as companion animals, or they may have lessons for their human owners.

It’s intriguing to hear about Laura’s experiences with border crossings. In other words, “sometimes a dog will rush into traffic that has never done that before – just out of the blue,” she said. Sometimes, it means they have work to perform on the other side, usually in the form of assisting another soul’s transition.


The backing of scientifically-trained doctors like Drs. Brian Weiss and Ian Stevenson, as well as the widespread acceptance of the concept, give the concept of reincarnation considerable credibility. Can you assume that, since it happens with people, your pet won’t reincarnate as well? In the opinion of animal psychics, that answer is “Yes.”

For non-human beings, reincarnation serves the same purpose as it does for humans: soul development. Brent also says that only around 30%-40% of animals are reincarnated as pets. She explains that animals that reincarnate may serve you in some way and that if they don’t return you can still connect with them in the afterlife. When they go over, they are still your pet in spirit, but they no longer occupy any physical space in your life. They keep coming back because they are essential to the development of your soul. If they return, it is because they want to be a part of your ongoing spiritual growth and development.

A non-physical, mind-only pet acts as a protector and spirit guide for the rest of your life

Pets may reincarnate, and they sometimes do it more than once in the same life. When Brent witnesses a pet passing on to the afterlife, the creature will give her detailed information about its reincarnation, including whether or not it will be reborn and when. You and your pet may reincarnate together since you have a soul pact.

After assisting several people in finding their reincarnated pets, Laura stresses the need of letting go of the past. For many who are still reeling over the loss of their canine companion, reincarnation might be a difficult concept to get one’s head around since it requires a complete break from the past. The process may go on for much longer if the person is desperate and insisting, “I need my animal,” as Laura puts it. Almost like the cosmos is telling you to “get over it” and “go on with your life.”

But there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Sometimes when Laura gets a call from a distraught client whose dog has just died away, she’ll make contact with the dog on the other side and ask for guidance. People rapidly identify their (reincarnated) animal after following these clues. That’s the way it is.

If a pet is reborn, it may or may not appear exactly the same. However, they will provide proof of some kind to back up their claims of “knowing.” They may show behavioral signs such as rapid adaptation, shared routines, or other patterns.

Upon the passing of beloved animals

Once an animal makes the change from its furry body to its spiritual energy, it no longer needs its physical form and is thus safe. When they pass on, they feel no suffering and are instantly there with you in spirit.

Messages from Beyond

All of us have either heard about or experienced what seem to be signals of contact from loved ones who have passed on. Many people who have lost pets report receiving comforting visits from their furry friends on the other side, along with unexplainable indications. You can still pick out the sounds they made, like barking, purring, the rattling of their dish, or the clicking of their collar. There are many different ways in which your pet’s spirit might make contact with you after they have passed away, including in your dreams, chance encounters with items of personal significance, the appearance of your pet’s name in unexpected contexts, and more. Otherwise, you’ll get a feeling of them being nearby or perhaps right next to you. The moment they leave the prehistoric era, they will be with you and ready to communicate with you via signs.

The Biggest Mystery

Concerned pet owners often have two primary concerns when their animal companion crosses over: To what extent did the animal suffer, and do they seem to be doing OK now? The responses are that (a) they are OK and (b) they are with you in spirit, but (a) they did not experience any suffering throughout the transition.

Can you explain the role that animal mediums and psychics play in helping people with pets?

Brent Atwater and Laura Snitchfield are just two examples of pet psychics, animal mediums, and afterlife specialists who can have meaningful conversations with your animal companion and shed light on the reasons behind your pet’s illness, its readiness to pass, and the circumstances surrounding its death.

When a beloved pet passes away, its owners may turn to a wealth of services designed to comfort them through every stage of mourning. Visit for Laura’s portfolio, articles, and books, and visit for Brent Atwater’s numerous resources, including books, podcasts, and a Facebook community for those grieving the loss of a pet.