500 people in UP mourn death of rooster who saved a lamb from a stray dog

If you thought you’d read the headline wrong, you are most likely not alone. Yes, you did read it right. The incident did happen, in Uttar Pradesh.

According to a TOI report, a family in Pratapgarh district’s Behdaul Kala village organized post-death rituals or ‘terahvin’ ceremony for their pet rooster that had died while trying to save his master’s lamb from a stray dog.

That day, on July 7, the rooster named Lalji was kept in the backyard of the house, while the family were seated in the front yard.

“My family members were in the front s ..

The family buried Lalji near the house and performed all rituals which are usually performed after the death of a family member. “While performing the rituals, my father proposed to perform terahvin’ also, to which everyone in the family agreed,” Abhishek, son of Saligram Saroj, said.

Over 500 guests were invited to the ‘terahvin’ ceremony on Thursday and the guests were treated to the customary feast. A photograph of the rooster was also placed on a table at the ceremony.