American Terrier Adorable “Pregnant Woman” Photo. This Picture Shocked Netizens

There are many moments that are worth recording throughout the long journey of our lives. People are increasingly taking “pregnant woman’s portraits” in pregnancy to document this life-changing event. However, it shouldn’t be common to do this with hairy children. Bar!
A Virginia animal shelter helped Coco, a beagle to take pictures of pregnant women. Netizens exclaimed that the final product was not too beautiful when it came out.

Coco was actually pregnant when she arrived at the shelter, but she still loves to play with her large belly. Coco was conceived by staff to take a maternity picture. The photo features a well-dressed woman with a perfect pose that looks just like a human being. He couldn’t help but compliment him: “It’s beautiful!” It enjoys taking photos.”

Coco gave birth to nine babies just weeks after the photo was taken. The hardworking Coco survived the pain of childbirth, and slowly returned to her health. According to the shelter, the cubs will be able to start looking for foster parents once Coco is fully recovered.