Bull Terrier Abandoned In Front Of Shelter. Owner “Leave A Note to Tell The Truth”

Bull terrier Remy was found abandoned outside an animal protection group.

A South Carolina bull terrier was left abandoned by a local animal shelter a few days back. The note was from the family of the previous owner, which stated that the dog was suffering from serious illness and was unable to care for him. The dog’s owner hoped the organization would arrange for his euthanasia as soon as possible. This was very sad.


A post was posted by the Greenville Humane Society on Facebook. It stated that a bull terrier named Remy had a note attached to it saying “It’s Remy” and that it needed to be put down because of an incurable disease. Some skin conditions may also be caused by the disease. These can require immediate surgery or long-term medication.

The staff of the association stated that Remy had been abandoned and was found by local media. However, he believed Remy’s previous owner was innocent. “People who care for pets, I just don’t know what do.” The employee stated that Remi was taken care of by the organization and is currently receiving active treatment.

A large number of netizens immediately flooded in to the message, saying, “I hope Remy is safe and happy in his rest of life”, “What an awful story”, “The ex-owner may not have known bitterness, but I hope Remy doesn’t blame him”, “Come on Remy”, and “The owner must feel sad,” “What cute dogs, must be happy, and healthy.”

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