The right leg was stitched! Xi Jingchai had just been discharged from the hospital. “Stopped in seconds. Bent his left foot and shook vigorously.” The owner was stunned: You have hurt the wrong foot

A Shiba Inu was brought to the hospital for a physical examination. The veterinarian administered a shot in his right front leg and the Shiba Iu developed a shaking left leg the next day.
Is this the champion dog in the world? The Internet went wild after a hilarious video was posted. After a Shiba Inu visited the hospital to have an exam, the veterinarian administered an injection to his right front leg. The veterinarian gave Bai Chai an injection to his right front leg. He was shaking so much that he could not walk. Although it makes it seem like the injection is extremely painful, Bai Chai actually has the right front leg. The owner is astonished at the owner’s super-playful appearance.

Netizen keeps a white Shiba Inu called “Komatsu (Matsu).” Komatsu was taken to the veterinary hospital by Netizen for an examination. It had a small tumor. Komatsu was afraid of injections. However, with the assistance of nurses and veterinarians, he completed the treatment and returned home to rest.

Komatsu was initially worried about the injection. However, the owner found that Komatsu enjoyed the experience and even laughed at times. The owner felt good after Komatsu stopped walking and began to shake. I felt distressed and quickly stepped in to investigate. But, no matter what I thought, it seemed like something was wrong.

Komatsu’s left leg wasn’t hurt by the injection, according to his owner. He wondered if it was because Komatsu was still scared of the pain from yesterday’s injection, but he said that he had “shown the wrong foot the pain”. It should be the right side that hurts. The owner is both distressed and amused when Xiaomatsu feels the pain in his wrong foot. He exclaimed, “Xiaomatsu looked very pain after yesterday’s injection, but the injection was in your right leg, and the wrong heel hurt.” “.

The film attracted over 150,000 viewers after it was shown. Many netizens enjoyed Komatsu’s adorable appearance and left messages saying, “Actually this is a reflex hurt, the injection in right foot hurts in the left foot”, “Chai Chai’s leg trembled to the point that I would mistake it for injury.” “Today’s pain is in the left foot. Tomorrow it should be replaced with the pain in my right foot.”