A Labrador Dog Likes To Go To School So Much

Labrador dogs raised in netizen homes love to go to school. It will wait at the door every morning until the special dog training school car arrives.

Studious children don’t want to leave their homes. A Labrador who was raised in a netizen’s home loves to go to school. It will wait at the door every morning until the special car from the training school arrives. The owner was angry that he had not even looked at it and found it funny.

Netizen “santoandbenito” raises a Labrador named Santo in their home. Santo is often taken to dog school for training so that he can make more dog friends and improve social interaction. ability. Santo began going to school after he was introduced to it. He would sit at the door waiting for the bus, every morning until he got to his dog school.

However, the owner is baffled by the fact that Santo is impatient to get to school every day. His long tail shakes wildly and he rushes in the car as soon as it opens. The female owner is unable to stop him from running.

Santo wasn’t going to school because he wanted to be happy. The car pulled up at the front door and opened it after the dog school had ended. Santo got out of the car as well and ran straight to the door. Santo returns home happy and ignores his mother. He also ignores the teacher at his dog’s school behind him.

The video attracted over 10,000 netizens after it was posted. All netizens were attracted to Santo’s adorable reaction. They left messages saying, “Maybe the school had a girlfriend it likes”, and “The tail is waving like a fan”. Santo looks forward to going to school every day. “A dog who doesn’t care if he is going to school or not, but he loves to run free.”