After Being Separated For Nearly 5 Years, The Owner and His Dog Finally Found Each Other

Five years ago, an owner of Black Mixes in Xindian District, New Taipei City, could not find the dog after many searches because the dog ran away. Contact the owner for chip information. Photo / Reprinted from the new store Animal House Facebook

The dog disappeared from the home of a Black Mixes owner in Xindian District, New Taipei City five years ago. The owner called the owner and provided the chip information. He rushed to the animal’s home from the mountain and saw the baby with a long hair, who was whitened at the temples and had skin conditions. Take care of your home. 

Xindian Animal Home reported on the 22nd that a very touching event occurred. During the morning delivery, a Meeks arrived. Although he was panicked, he was quite calm. He later discovered that the chip was from a breeder. He immediately called the owner to request that he come pick it up. Although I was sure it would be another two to three days before the owner came, in the afternoon the owner ran up the mountain and picked him up immediately.

The Meeks’ owner was emotional to see the fur baby. He explained to staff at the animal shelter that he knew the Meeks had been missing for four years and ten months. According to the owner, the family had been searching for the dog since it ran away. They had given up after so many years. However, they received a notice and were able to come to pick up the dog.

Xindian Animal Home showed Meeks to the owner a photo he had just taken. The owner looked at the photo with red eyes and said, “I don’t know how many dogs have suffered outside these decades, and they have skin conditions on their bodies and even their temples have white.” It’s safe to take home, and I will take care of it until it ages.

Xindian Animal Home stated, “I am so glad that the dog has been reunited with his family and that he is home.” Xindian Animal Home wishes all owners and fur babies safety and well-being. Don’t buy too many, but don’t let go. You will be responsible for your pet’s life if you don’t keep it.