The Best Way to Take Care of Newly Separated Puppies from Mother

Have you just been given a puppy that has just been separated from its mother? Don’t know how to take care of them properly? Puppies are like babies, they need to be cared for carefully to be healthy and grow up quickly. In the following article, we will share some experiences in raising a new puppy that is separated from its mother properly.

The right time to separate the puppy from the mother

Taking care of pets by hand from a young age to adulthood is definitely a meaningful experience for lotuses. However, it is not always the right time to separate the puppy and raise it separately. You should start with puppies that are at least 2 months old. According to research, puppies that are kept with their mothers for at least 60 days will grow up healthy, and less fearful than puppies that are separated from their mothers early.

How to take care of puppies that have just separated from their mothers

The most difficult stage when taking care of a puppy is when the baby has just separated from its mother. At this time, except for the psychological problem of separation, the dog’s health is also affected. Healthy babies not only need your love but also need to be provided with adequate nutrients and strengthen their immune systems. Sen can refer to some tips for taking care of a newly separated puppy below.

The dog should be weaned before separating from the mother

You probably know that breast milk is a dog’s main food from birth. However, after separating the mother dog will not be able to receive this source of nutrition anymore. So you need to prepare mentally and habitually not to breastfeed your baby in advance. According to calculations, puppies can be weaned from 1 month old. Sen can prepare new food for dogs with dilute foods to suit their stomachs.

The dog should be weaned before separating from the mother
The dog should be weaned before separating from the mother

Note to prepare a clean, airy “new home” for puppies

If you are a longtime lotus, you must have memorized this rule: sudden changes in temperature and living space both affect the health of your pet. The same goes for taking care of newly separated puppies. In the early days of being “orphaned”, dogs are more sensitive to space than ever. The best thing you can do for your dog is to prepare a clean and well-ventilated new home for your dog to live in. To make it easier for your dog to acclimate, you can light a heat bulb or use a warm water mattress. These items will help replace the heat source that the dog receives from the mother, and at the same time maintain a stable temperature for the puppy to develop healthily.

Prepare food suitable for dogs

What to feed a puppy when it is first separated from its mother is a very important thing. Sen noted that dog food at this stage needs to ensure two factors: enough nutrition and easy to eat. Diluted porridge and milk are safe options for puppies to eat when they are just separated from their mothers. If the lotus is afraid that the food will not have a variety of flavors, you can grind dry food with milk and give it to the dog to use while it is still warm. The dog’s digestive system is not yet complete, the food needs to be absolutely hygienic to avoid diarrhea or intestinal inflammation.

Support for proper hygiene when the dog is newly separated from its mother

According to the behavior of the species, puppies are often stimulated by their mothers to go to the toilet by licking their bodies. Because the dog is too young, it is still not able to perform this ability on its own. So the lotus needs to support the babies with this ability when they have just separated from their mother. To stimulate the dog to go to the toilet, you just need to prepare a soft damp towel and gently massage the dog in the anus and genitals. The dog won’t get hurt, so don’t worry.

Vaccinate your dog for the best protection against disease

Dogs are like babies, extremely immature and weak. Vaccinating dogs to prevent common diseases is a common choice of lotuses to protect their baby’s health. Especially when you take care of puppies that have just been separated from their mothers, they need to be even more careful when taking care of them. Babies who don’t get enough breast milk have a weaker immune system than usual.

The new puppy stage is extremely sensitive and difficult to take care of. Above are some of our experiences in taking care of puppies at this stage. Hope you can refer to it to raise your pet to be mature and healthy.