A Pet Dog Was Shot By Hunter Who Believed It Was a Coyote

A family has been grieving after their pet was killed by a hunting deer hunter who mistakenly believed it was coyotes.

Chris Heller, from Pennsylvania, US, had taken his Malamute dog mix Hunter and took him for a stroll in the woods along with the German shepherd, Freya, near his home on the 7th of January.

Hunter who weighed in the vicinity of 90 pounds, was killed by a deer hunter following the animal was thought to be a coyote according to their wife, Jennifer Heller.

Chris was quick to give the injured pup immediate treatment and was headed to the closest urgent vet when Hunter tragically died on the way.

Jennifer is the person who set up an online fundraising page to assist with their legal costs in the case against the deer hunter. She said: “Hunter was an incredibly charming and intelligent dog.

“Gentle with the Hellers’ young grandchildren, immediate best buddies with the other animals in the home, and a loving companion who would do anything for a good piece of cheese.”

The family is angry following learning that the Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed the hunter would not face charges or discipline – because the hunter mistakenly believed Hunter was an animal called a coyote.

The coyotes have a height of 1.5ft in comparison to Hunter who was 3ft tall.

The family is demanding that the deer hunter’s permit be suspended and has urged the commission to apologize or make him take an instructor-led safety course.

Jennifer posted: “One of the most important rules of hunting is to know what you’re shooting, and when this man shot despite that he snuffed out the life of a wonderful pet who had a lot more life and love to share.”

She told how her husband was walking Hunter whom she adopted from a New Jersey shelter, with Freya in a straight trail through the woods when the hunters from the deer hunt were seen.

Hunter was fatally shot in the head, despite both the dogs wearing harnesses and collars.

Additionally, Hunter was nearly three times larger than a coyote as per Jennifer.

She said the hunter was never sorry and has not come forward because he is afraid of negative social media backlash.

The family has been prompted to initiate legal proceedings against the hunter who killed the deer, and they have launched a GoFundMe website to pay for their expenses.

Jennifer told Jennifer that Hunter was “deeply missed” following his tragic loss.

Her words were “Hunter will be so greatly missed and was loved by our entire family. RIP our beautiful friend.”