The Most Sought-After Pet Names For 2022 Revealed

There are many different tastes in terms of names, but there’s plenty of overlap between what we think to be a human’s title and that of an animal’s. The evidence is clear in top cats as well as canine names of 2022 and 2022, with Luna staying in the top spot for feline and canine friends for the third consecutive year.

There have been no changes in the second position as Bella is still the second most-loved name for puppies born today and Milo remains the runner-up name for new kittens. Nala has gone from sixth in 2021 to third in the current rankings for kitten names. Willow has taken Bailey off the tenth spot to be on the top list of names for puppies.

Top 10 dog names in 2022

  1. Luna – meaning moon in Latin
  2. Bella – meaning beautiful in Italian
  3. Teddy – meaning wealthy protector, brave people, or God’s gift
  4. Milo – of German origin meaning soldier or merciful
  5. Lola – a short form of the Spanish name Dolores, meaning sorrows
  6. Coco- a shorter version of the name, Soccoro
  7. Daisy – a flower symbolising innocence and purity
  8. Poppy – of Latin origin meaning red flower
  9. Buddy – a friend
  10. Willow – meaning willow tree and freedom

Top 10 cat names in 2022

  1. Luna – meaning moon in Latin
  2. Milo – of German origin meaning soldier or merciful
  3. Nala – of African origin, meaning successful
  4. Simba – of Swahili origin, meaning lion
  5. Bella – meaning beautiful in Italian
  6. Loki – primarily a male name of Scandinavian origin that means Trickster God
  7. Coco – a shorter version of the name, Soccoro
  8. Willow – meaning willow tree and freedom
  9. Oreo – after the popular American chocolate biscuit
  10. Leo – the Latin word for lion

Pet care expert, Pets at Home, has created the list using information taken from their VIP Puppy and Kitten Club which assists millions of pet owners who are new by offering guidance.

The study collates names of kittens and puppies recorded among those who are 7.6 million club members as of 2022.

Doctor Karlien Heyrman, head of pets at Home, said: “The humanization of pets is a trend that has become more and more popular in recent years because owners truly cherish their pets as if they were part of their own family members.

“That’s the reason it’s not a surprise that newly-wed pet owners are opting for similar names when they become caregivers for the beloved pet they love.

“Welcoming the new pet to the family is an exciting time and deciding on the name of the new member of your family could be a difficult choice.

“There aren’t any set rules however I’d suggest you stay clear of names that sound similar to the names of other members of your family or similar to the commands of others.

“Names that are short, sweet and easily recognizable will also help with getting your puppy or kitten to be responsive when called.”