What Are Some Facts About Maltipoos?

Maltipoos are the ideal companion for children or empty nesters and anyone else. They are extremely loyal to their owners They are a joy to take with their owners on long strolls (and on the sofa, naturally). Additionally, they’re not shedders and are great for living in apartments.

It is a breed that has been praised for its intelligence. Maltipoo can be described as a successful blend of two breeds: a Maltese and a Poodle. A playful, gentle, and extremely clever hybrid inherited all the positive qualities of the breed’s parents and making them a clever active, affectionate, and lively crossbreed.

Maltipoos are loving, gentle pets for all ages, old and young. They’ll be a perfect fit in almost every home, be it the circus of the family or a table for just one. A Maltipoo isn’t going to exceed 20 pounds. It’s due to this adorable appearance and ” hypoallergenic” coat that Maltipoos are gaining popularity. They are easy to train and simple to love, Maltipoos are a great option for the new pet owner or an animal enthusiast.


Maltipoos don’t get over 14 inches tall. This puts them into the small dog category. They range between 5-20 pounds. The soft coat is usually long and medium in length, which is wavy or curly. Due to their many breed parents, the Maltipoo can come in almost any shade, but they’re typically creamy and white. Being a breed that is designed It can be difficult to know their look specific. They may be bicolor or tricolor or have marbled coats.

There’s no way to define a hypoallergenic pet because all dogs produce saliva and dander that can trigger allergies. But, since they shed small amounts of saliva, do not drool as much, and are very small they can not be as likely to cause allergies in some people.

A few potential owners are looking for a less compact version of Maltipoo which is known as”teacup” Maltipoo “teacup Maltipoo,” but those who purchase them should be aware that the breeding process used to breed these tiny puppies could be illegal. It is important to know that the AKC does not recognize breeds that are teacup-based, since there is a myriad of health issues that affect the tiny puppies. Maltipoos are tiny enough and squishy, so make sure to check with a vet prior to looking for a “teacup Maltipoo.”

Adam Christman, DVM, is a vet located in Brick, N.J., with a focus on the small animal medical field. He says that when dogs are bred to become “teacup”-sized breeders are focused on appearance, rather than what’s doing to the dog’s body.

“The pocket dogs you keep in your purse are cute, but they could have some issues,” Christman says. “They could have severe dental problems, they may be suffering from a luxating patella and also several coronary problems. When they’re young they’re more prone, particularly infants, to pneumonia and upper respiratory problems. I’m always looking to inform and establish expectations that pet parents are aware of what they could be entering into.”

Here are some indicators to help you determine whether a breeder of puppies may be operating illegally:

  • A website lists specific waiting times for puppies.
  • A breeder can offer a variety of mixed breeds available for sale.
  • It is not permitted in the facility to meet the breeder or get complete answers to any questions you have regarding their breeds of dogs.
  • A breeder can deliver puppies.
  • The breeder’s website is a bit ambiguous in its contact information such as no contact number, and no email address, and doesn’t provide video or even in-person glimpses of your pet and his surroundings, etc.


It is said that the Maltipoo temperament is difficult to beat. They are lovers by and large, loving, gently playful, happy, and loving. Maltipoos are incredibly content watching the world go in the comfort of their human and are equally ready to play games of fetch just as eager for cuddling.

Marlene Kingston a trainer and breeder at My Doodle Maltipoos is a great admirer of each breed’s parent which makes this hybrid distinctive. “Each Maltipoo has an enormous personality and lots of energy that is a result of the dog’s parent. However, they are also eager to love and be cherished by their owner and the Maltese parents,” Kingston says.

Maltipoos are alert and will bark at anything suspicious (or not-so-suspicious) but don’t expect them to show any aggression. They’re able to be friends with anyone, so long as they’re trained in puppyhood.

Living Needs

The Maltipoo recognizes that they are part of the family, and they should be treated as like. They must be in the house with their owners and could even reserve a place on the sofa as their own. Because they’re not huge fans of outdoor activities so there’s no need for an enormous backyard for this dog. They actually prefer small apartments and smaller areas. However, they do require regular exercise to release the (sometimes high) energy levels. Maltipoos can also be loud and may alert their family whenever they notice or hear unusual sounds. If they live close to their neighbors They’ll require consistent instruction to understand what constitutes a bark in addition to what’s not.

A lot of patience is needed. Maltipoos can be smart However, they’re also sensitive. Afflicted aggression can cause them to become agitated (as with any dog). Positive reinforcement and plenty of treats and play can help speed up the process of training and make it more enjoyable for both the dog and the trainer.

With such gentle personalities, They get along with all kinds of people, whether animals or humans. They’re great when living in multi-dog and cat homes regardless of whether or not they’ve been raised with their furry companions. Maltipoos are a great pet for families they are great with youngsters, Christman says, however they might require some guidance to determine what toys they can have fun with and which ones are not.

Children with smaller-sized bodies require supervision. “It is not advised to let small children go on their own with a Maltipoo since they are tiny and fragile dogs that are susceptible to being seriously injured in the event that a child should simply fall upon the dogs,” Kingston says.

As the child and puppy grow older they’ll have the chance to spend hours together playing ball and snuggling on their couch.


Though they’re known for their low-shedding coat Maltipoos are high-maintenance pets when it comes down to grooming. Their long wooly coat will require regular brushing to stay well-maintained and clean. If they aren’t regularly brushed it can cause painful matting or skin sores. They’ll require a bath every month and clippings every couple of weeks days, with the exception of the area that surrounds their eyes and face that require monthly trimming. Smaller breeds of dogs spend more time inside than outside so their nails don’t get the chance to grow naturally. Check and clean your pet’s nails every month to make sure they’re healthy. Be sure to clean your Maltipoo’s teeth at least once each week, but also.

Maltipoos are known to be energetic They require only some moderate exercise. A quick walk of 15 minutes as well as a friendly game of catch indoors will keep them content and healthy. They’re eager to have fun, and incorporating the fun element into your training will bring the best outcomes.

“Maltipoos require a lot of time to become potty trained whether using their wee pads inside or outside to get their work done,” Christman says.


The Maltipoo lifespan can range between 10 and 13 years. Although health problems aren’t particularly common in Maltipoos there are some conditions to be aware of as a responsible dog parent.

” White shaker syndrome is something you should talk about with your vet,” Christman says. “Not all Maltipoos suffer from it however it is something that you should know about. Be sure both parents of the Maltipoo are cleared by OFA. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for patellas. It is not uncommon to see luxating patellas in this breed.” Christman states that dental diseases, allergies as well as advanced retinal atrophy are all possible issues for this tiny hybrid, as well. The majority of small breeds are susceptible to dental health issues, and an appropriate diet and dental treats, and regular brushing can aid in avoiding future vet visits. Talk to your vet to find out what kind of foods are most suitable to feed your Maltipoo.


As a relatively new crossbreed that is relatively new, the Maltipoo hasn’t any history whatsoever. They were the first breed that was deliberately bred in the U.S. in the past 20-30 years. Their mild nature and “hypoallergenic” reputation led their popularity to explode and they are Maltipoo is now among the most sought-after designer breeds of dogs.

Fun Facts

  • Even famous people including Ashley Tisdale love their Maltipoos. There are two dogs called Ziggy as well as Sushi.
  • Maltipoo is the most well-known name for the crossbreed but there are different spellings and variations including Maltepoo and Mal-t-poo.
  • The next big New York City model could become Mochi Maltipoo. The star’s Instagram profile boasts that she enjoys fashion and wine as well as travel.