Some Interesting Things About English Cream Golden Retrievers That You Most Likely Did Not Know

English Cream Golden Retrievers can be described as a type of Golden Retriever. Although all Golden Retrievers are one breed, this type has cream-colored fur, blocky heads and stocky bodies. They are calmer and more healthy than other Goldens.

#1: English Cream Golden Retrievers are Not From England

The majority of American English Cream goldens that you will find aren’t from England are, however. Like French fries, which aren’t from France.

The origins of all golden retrievers are from Scotland, where Lord Tweedmouth created a Tweed water spaniel with a yellow wavy-coated retriever and a Tweed water spaniel.

The majority of American breeders are either American or import dogs from other countries.

  • Denmark
  • France
  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • The Netherlands

How did English Cream Goldens get their misleading names?

Bev brown says that the Kennel Club (UK’s equivalent of the AKC), and the Golden Retriever Club were the first to create the breed standard.

In the early 1900s, all British dog shows were held in England.

In America, the champions of these dog shows were called “English Champions”.

The English seem to have stuck with goldens that look just like English champions back in those days. So 100 years later, we call them “English Cream Golden Retrievers”.

#2: Only One Golden Retriever Breed

Only one breed of golden retriever is recognized. There are many variations within the breed.

Although there is some variation in appearance, energy, and health (see #4), they all look the same and are more alike than different.

#3: English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Not White

English Cream goldens are available in many colors. However, most of them are lighter.

They are usually cream-colored or a light gold shade, but they’re not white like a samoyed.

Another interesting fact is that puppies from the same litter may have different shades of gold or cream. Some puppies are lighter than others.

#4: European Golden Retrievers Are Less Likely To Die From Cancer Than American Golden Retrievers

This study from Cambridge shows that 38.8% of European golden retrievers will die of cancer. However, the Morris Animal Foundation says that only 60% of American golden retrievers will be affected by cancer.

This is why Vet Street says so:

“The genes of the U.K. and American Goldens were significantly different when studied in a laboratory. This suggests that the risk for hemangiosarcoma may be related to a recent genetic alteration.”

#5 – English Cream Golden Retrievers Live 10-12 years

Many believe that English Cream goldens are more durable than other varieties of goldens.

A golden retriever’s life expectancy does not have to be determined by the color of their coat or “type” of golden retriever.

If you want a golden retriever that will live a happy, long life, it is important to find a breeder who breeds healthy dogs.

You may find English Cream golden retrievers breeders who produce healthy dogs. However, there are other breeders that can produce healthy golden retriever pups.

#6 – English Cream Golden Retrievers Display A Wonderful Temperament

Many believe that English Cream gold retrievers have a better temperament than their American peers.

It all depends on the dog and their pedigree as well as how they were raised.

You want a well-mannered, sweet dog.

There is only one type of golden retriever. Goldens are friendly and kind. Talk to your breeder about the dogs they have, their goals, and their temperaments.

A breeder who consistently produces sweet-tempered puppies is likely to produce sweet-tempered puppies.

#7: English Cream Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot

Although English Creams are often claimed to shed less than other goldens like the Golden Retrievers, all goldens (and almost all dogs) do shed quite a bit.

A golden retriever might not be the best choice if you have a lot of shedding.

There are two things that you can do to help.

  1. You might consider a golden retriever with more field build (more athletic bodies and shorter coats) rather than a show build (more stocky bodies with longer coats).
  2. Brush your teeth regularly.

#8: English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Not “Rare”

English Cream goldens are quite common around the globe and are increasing in popularity in America.

Do not let fancy names such as “Rare White European Golden Retrievers” or “Exquisite Platinum Imported Golden Retrievers”, make you believe they are rarer or more valuable than they actually are. All golden retrievers are worth their weight in gold.

Run away from breeders who try to sell you rare dogs.

You’re most likely on the right track if they talk about how their dogs are good-tempered, healthy family dogs.

We did a study to find out how popular each color was among golden retriever owners. 600 of them were asked what their favorite color was.

Here are their words:

  • Gold: 51.6%
  • Light gold (or cream: 31.5%
  • Red: 16.8%

As you can see, light-colored golden retrievers, also known as cream-colored golden retrievers, are second most common after gold.

#9 – The AKC DOES Recognize Cream Colored Golden Retrievers

Image source: The Golden Retriever Breed Standard Illustrated , by Wendy Andrews

Many believe that the AKC doesn’t recognize English Cream golden retrievers.

English Cream goldens can still be considered golden retrievers. They are just given a fancy name, and have light coloring.

The AKC Breed Standard says this about light golden retrievers. “Predominant body colour that is either extremely pale, or extremely dark is unacceptable.”

Golden retrievers can be registered with AKC even though they are not desirable.

It is interesting to note that this light color, while not considered undesirable by American Breed Standards (ABS), is acceptable in other countries.

The UK Breed Standard has this to say about color: “Any shade that is not red or mahogany, but gold or cream.”

The Canadian Breed Standard has this to say about color: “Lustrous gold of different shades”

Here’s what the National Golden Retriever Council Australia has to say about color: “Any shade that is not red or mahogany, but cream or gold.”

The American Breed Standard doesn’t like cream, but other countries are more open to it.

#10 – English Golden Retriever Breed Standards are Different Than American Breed Standards

We’ve already discussed how a golden retriever is a golden retriever and how they got the “English Cream” name. But here’s another part of that story.

There are differences in breed standards between the United Kingdom and America.

The American breed standard for males stands at 23-24 inches at the withers, and 21.5-22.5 for women.

The breed standard in the UK is 22-24 inches for males, and 20-22 inches for females.

The UK is more open to shorter goldens. This is one of the most common characteristics of English-type goldens.

#11 – English Cream Golden Retrievers are More Expensive

Your chances of your local breeder breeding English Cream goldens is less than that they are breeding golden retrievers.

It’s safe to say that English Creams will cost more than the dogs from the local breeders, as quality breeders tend to charge lower prices.

#12 – English Cream Golden Retrievers Need Plenty Of Exercises

Golden retrievers were originally bred to hunt, so they have a lot of energy.

They are also extremely intelligent dogs and need to be stimulated mentally as well as physically.

Here are some options:

  • Play fetch (or exert yourself physically)
  • Train them. (mental exertion).
  • You can feed them with puzzle toys and frozen kongs (mental effort).
  • Let them go on long walks.

#13: English Cream Golden Retrievers have Blocky Heads

Yes, many English Creams have bloated heads.

They are also more likely to have longer muzzles and wavy hair.

These physical characteristics can also be found in other golden retrievers. However, they may have a shorter, more athletic body, a wider range of colors and coat lengths, as well as a narrower or wider muzzle.

#14 – English Cream Golden Retrievers Make Great Family Dogs

Yes, yes, and no.

Golden retrievers make wonderful family pets and are gentle, affectionate dogs.

They are usually great with children, and they love nothing more than spending time with their families.

They are energetic and can work well with active families because of their energy.

#15 – English Cream Golden Retrievers Make Good Therapy Dogs

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds for service and therapy dog because they have such a good temperament and are so intelligent.

They are patient, loving, and friendly. Plus, they’re strong enough to handle many of the service dog tasks.

Goldens are great therapy and service dogs. They also make great hunting and rescue dogs.

#16: English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Popular

According to the AKC, golden retrievers rank 4th in America’s most popular breeds. They are behind Labradors and French Bulldogs and German shepherds.

They are great dogs, and everyone should have one.

It’s not common to see golden retrievers in a pound, as they are usually adopted immediately.

It’s also unfortunate because irresponsible breeders tried to get on the bandwagon, and make some money from breeding them, without considering their health or temperament history.

Do your research before buying a golden retriever puppy from a breeder.

For more information on irresponsible breeders, you can view this YouTube video.

#17: Mature Takes A Long Time For English Cream Golden Retrievers

The average age of golden retrievers and other larger breeds is slower than that of smaller breeds.

Golden retrievers can look like adult one year-old but they will still behave like stubborn, crazy puppies until they are about two or three years old.

Dog owners can find these “teenage years” to be difficult, but they should know that it is normal and will pass soon.

However, many people believe that golden retrievers can be playful dogs for life. So expect your golden to have lots of fun throughout their lives.

Are you looking for a golden retriever puppy to adopt? The Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook is available!

#18: English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Medium-Large Dogs

The average male is between 22-24 inches tall at their withers (top of their shoulders), and 65-75 pounds. Females typically measure between 20-22 inches and 55-70 pounds. They are not lapping dogs, but they can be picked up as toddlers if necessary.

#19: English Cream Golden Retrievers Need Lots Of Grooming

English Cream goldens are beautiful but need care. Brush them at least once per week, and bathe them at least once per month depending on how often they swim or go outside. You will need to brush their hair, trim their nails and clean their ears.

#20: English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Smart

Dr. Stanley Coren is a canine psychologist and his book the Intelligence of Dogs states that golden retrievers are the fourth-smartest breed after Border Collies (#1), Poodles (#2) and German Shepherds (#3).

They are intuitive and easy to train, which is a great thing. They can also be very mischievous because they are so smart, especially if not mentally stimulated.

#21: English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Easy To Train

Because they are so intelligent and love people, golden retrievers can be easy to train.

They are sensitive and love to be loved, so positive reinforcement is the best way to teach them. This could include rewarding them with a treatment or toy, praising them for doing good things, and playing with them.

He is aware that he will be working alongside me, being challenged, and being rewarded with many treats and praise.

#22: English Cream Golden Retrievers Eat A Lot

They are not small dogs and certainly do not have small appetites.

Oliver consumes approximately 5 cups of food daily and eats a 30 lb bag every 24 hours of dog food.

Golden retrievers love food (especially as puppies), but it is important to watch how much they eat.

They are more susceptible to obesity which can lead to joint and heart problems.

Oliver Royal Canin Adult Golden Retriever Food was fed to us. This food was recommended by several vets to me. But, whatever you choose to feed your golden, this article will help you understand the differences between grain-free diets and BEG diets.

This article will explain what it costs to feed golden retrievers.

#23: Good Breeders Value Health & Temperament Over Color

For any breeder, the most important thing is not how their coats look. It will strive to improve the breed and raise healthy puppies.

Most golden retriever breeders have this goal: to raise puppies with a positive temperament and make them good family pets.

While some people may be more drawn to one look or color than another, that is not their primary focus.


It doesn’t matter if you have English Cream Golden Retrievers (or “regular”) goldens, it is important to have healthy dogs and happy temperament.

You can’t find the right English Cream Golden Retriever puppy by searching for the right breeder.

You will maximize your chances of getting a golden retriever from a breeder that takes care of their dogs and is selective about the dogs they breed.