Male Vs. Female Golden Retriever: What Is The Best For You?

Are you trying to decide whether you should get a male Golden Retriever or a female You’ve made the right choice by choosing a Golden Retriever. There are some differences between the genders, so you may want to take these into consideration before bringing them home. These are some general trends in male vs. Female Golden Retrievers.

Male Golden Retrievers grow larger, mature faster, are more playful, affectionate, and goofier than their female counterparts. Female Golden Retrievers tend to be smaller, more independent and smarter than their male counterparts.

You’ll also discover many other differences between them, which you will learn about in this article. You’ll also find the best way for you to get the perfect dog.

Male vs. Female Golden Retrievers

Remember that each dog is unique when deciding whether to get male Golden Retrievers.

There are differences between them that are often apparent, but they are not difficult to understand. It is possible to get a dog completely different from the ones described! These ten differences are what we will discuss between the two genders.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Size

This is the most subjective difference in this listing. Here are the average male Golden Retrievers:

  • Height: 22-24 Inches
  • Weight: 65-75 pounds

Here’s what size female Golden Retrievers are usually:

  • Height: 20-22 Inches
  • Weight: 55-65 pounds

As you can see, male Goldens tend to be larger than their female counterparts. This doesn’t mean that females cannot be larger than males but they are more likely to be smaller.

The parents will determine where each dog falls within this range. Weight is not just dependent on the dog’s parents but also hon ow much you feed them and how active they are.

Golden Retrievers can be obese. This will make it difficult for them to live happy and healthy lives.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Maturity

The American Golden has a slightly darker coat than the British Golden
The American Golden has a slightly darker coat than the British Golden

Like human females and male Golden Retrievers (Female Golden Retrievers) mature quicker than their male counterparts.

This makes it possible to potty-train young males, rather than males when they are young.

Because they mature later, male Goldens behave like puppies longer than their female counterparts.

They can have fun at this stage because they are playful and goofy, but they can also be tough because they are so energetic and can be mischievous.

Puppyhood typically lasts between 2 and 4 years. Females are on the shorter end, while males are on the longer end.

Oliver, my Golden Retriever, turned three years old recently. He still acts like a wild and goofy puppy.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Personalities

Male Golden Retrievers tend to be more playful and goofier than their female counterparts. Female Golden Retrievers are more independent, assertive, protective, and stubborn than their male counterparts. Males tend to be more sensitive and caring than females.

Their past can also have an impact on their personality.

For a month, we fostered a female Golden retriever 9 years old. She was more protective and dominant than our boy but was not independent.

She was a Velcro dog and required our constant attention. I believe that she was neglected in her previous home. She couldn’t stop giggling when she got attention and love. Oliver was not thrilled to be the center of attention any longer, as you can see.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Marking

Male Golden Retrievers are more prolific than female Golden Retrievers.

When you go for a walk, expect more stops, sniffs, and pees with a male than with a female.

However, your male Golden retriever will be neutered and this will slow down the process (more later).

They will squat more than lifting their legs and they will pee less often.

People are often afraid of getting a male Golden because they fear they will mark everything in their house. However, if they are potty trained correctly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Barking

The good news is that Golden Retrievers have moderate barking.

In the 1800s, they were originally bred to hunt birds. If they barked, it would scare them off.

They don’t bark as much because of this. There are some things you need to know about Goldens and Barking. Because of their larger size, males bark louder and deeper than females. Charlie, a male Golden Retriever, holds the world record for loudest bark. On the other hand, males bark more often than females.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Humping

Yes, males do hump.

Did you know that male Goldens also hump?

Males and females both hump due to sexual urges, dominance, play, and other reasons.

It can be reduced by spaying or neutering. However, you should expect to have to deal with humping regardless of your gender.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Intelligence

Golden dog – a great friend for young lotus
Golden dog – a great friend for young lotus

According to Dr. Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence Dogs, Gold Retrievers are fourth in intelligence among dog breeds.

The top three are Border and Poodles. Labradors rank seventh in intelligence.

Golden Retriever owners who have had both males or females report that the females are more intelligent.

They might be more mature or less mischievous. Or maybe they are smarter.

It all depends on the dog, just as with the other traits.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Protection

Golden is a very gentle and obedient dog breed
Golden is a very gentle and obedient dog breed

Although males tend to be larger than females, and they bark louder, females are more protective of their homes and families.

They are usually warier of strangers than men and are more likely bark at people or things they don’t understand.

Male vs. Female Golden Retriever Bonding & Affection

Here’s something people say often about Golden Retrievers. Many Golden owners claim that their male Goldens are more affectionate and cuddlier than their females.

You can see that Oliver, my foster Nala and I are not always together, but it’s something we often mention.

A second theory I have in this realm is that mama’s boys are the boys and daddy’s girls are the girls.

Oliver is definitely a mama’s boy. I’ve heard many people mention that their boys love their moms more than their dads.

If I had known this, I might have tried to get a girl. Is your Golden a daddy’s girl or a mama’s boy? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments

How to Get the Best Golden Retriever for You

First, determine the traits you desire in a dog. Next, talk to breeders to see if they can breed dogs that match your criteria.

Golden is a dog that is afraid of being alone
Golden is a dog that is afraid of being alone

If you are looking for a dog that can do agility, dock diving or even Golden Retrievers, you will need an energetic field Golden Retriever and not a sluggish show Golden Retriever.

However, if you are looking for a calm companion, or even a therapy canine, you won’t need that energetic field Golden.

Once you have found a breeder who breeds the dog you desire, they will help you choose a boy/girl based on your preferences and their puppies.

One final note about male vs female Golden Retrievers. Sometimes you may not have the option!

Goldens are extremely popular right now, and there are long waitlists. You might have to accept what you can get.

Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself in this situation. Both boy and girl Golden Retrievers can be amazing and you will be so happy to bring one home.