A 7-month-old baby was killed by a stray dog, and the residents were dissatisfied: not the first case

A frightful stray dog has killed one child from India recently. A 7-month-old child was attacked by a stray animal until his stomach was torn and his intestines began to flow out. After being taken into the hospital to receive urgent treatment, he passed away from serious injuries. The incident led to massive protests across the neighborhood. Residents noted that this was this is not the second time similar events have occurred since a significant number of dogs that have been stray in the area, however repeatedly raised concerns were ignored by authorities. In the end, authorities had to come up with a solution. The authorities agreed to permit residents to surrender all the pets in the area to shelters for animals.

A 7-month-old infant in India was attacked by a stray animal until his stomach was torn apart and his intestines dripped out. The baby was taken to the hospital and died from severe injuries. (online picture)

According to extensive international media reports that the incident took place at around 4:30 pm at night on Monday (17th) at an apartment high-rise in Noida (Noida), Uttar Pradesh, India, a construction worker’s seven-month-old child Arvind was killed by a dog that had wandered into the area. He sustained serious injuries and was transported into the Intensive Care Unit at Yatharth Hospital to undergo surgery. The condition of the baby was very critical. After he was admitted to hospital the stomach was cut open and the intestines of his were exposed. The incident was not discovered until 3:00 am the next morning and he succumbed to the injuries and passed away within the hospital. “The child’s intestines were severely damaged and he died of postoperative complications, and the body has been returned to the family,” said the doctor Ajeet.

The parents of the baby are construction workers who are employed by the local community. In order to ensure the safety of their children, they brought the baby boy who was seven months old along. Unexpectedly, a dog entered the building site, and murdered the building. (online picture)

APC Rajneesh Verma announced the findings of the probe, stating that work on construction is being carried out in a part of the community of condominiums, and the parents of the baby, Rajesh Kumar and Sapna of Madhya Pradesh, are part of the community. Employed construction workers on a daily basis. In order to ensure the safety of their children, they brought 7-month-old Arvind along with them. “Both were working in construction in the community and kept the children with them. However, a stray dog broke in and bit him. child, he was seriously injured”.

As per Indian media reports Noida’s residents in the residential community expressed a strong sense of discontent when they heard about the tragic incident. They emphasized that this isn’t the first time that stray dogs been vicious towards residents of the community and there was no human being resulted. There are plenty of dogs roaming around in their community’s basement. They believe the possibility that “dog-loving residents feeding stray dogs” have led to them settling in the area. They also said that they’ve complained to authorities numerous times, hoping that authorities would address the issue with “stray dogs rampant”, however, they were not treated with seriousness. “Similar incidents happen every three or four months. We have complained to the authorities, but they No action was taken.” Residents who were angry gathered in a spontaneous demonstration to protest Lotus Boulevard, blocking traffic along the main road, which is located outside the nearby mall and provoking an official response.

In the course of this time during this time, an “dog-loving resident” invited a lawyer to meet with the residents who were protesting. The lawyer was of the opinion that an autopsy must be conducted to determine whether the person who died was actually killed by an attack from a dog. He also said that the presence of stray dogs may lower the chance of suffering from plague. The dogs are evicted and the rats grow in the region. There is a chance that people will die from (rat-borne) illnesses.” But the statement was strongly rejected by protesters, some declaring “let us all die of diseases however, for the moment we need to safeguard the children of our society first.”

A resident suggested that authorities should take dogs that are stray to shelters “We are not against stray dogs, but not at the expense of the safety of our children and residents. Dog lovers can feed stray dogs in designated shelters rather than in residential communities. “. Authorities later sent staff into the neighborhood to listen to residents about their concerns. After negotiations between the two parties, the authorities eventually accepted to take away the gathered animals and stated that compensation might be given to those whose loved ones died. Officials from the Authority Indu Prakash Singh stated that they will evaluate “the risk of stray dogs in the community”, noting that it has been cooperating with shelters for dogs. “The Noida authorities are working hard to establish four shelters for dogs. completed within a month.”