National Dog Day Foundation – 2023

Every year, the National Dog Day falls on August 26. Some parts of the globe call it International Dog Day. This day is dedicated to all dogs and promotes love and kindness by encouraging ownership and adoption.

A dog is more than a simple pet. Many dogs need to be saved, and they need homes where they can love and be cared for. National Dog Day is a day to remind people that all dogs deserve a life of love and care.


Why was National Dog Day established?

Colleen Paige is an animal behaviorist, rescuer, and advocate. She’s also known as the “Animal Oracle”. She is a dog lover who has an incredible ability to communicate with them. On the 26th of August 2004, she was just 10 when her family bought her first dog at a local shelter.

She wants to encourage people to adopt dogs from rescue centers and to give them forever homes. The goal is to raise awareness about a large number of dogs in rescue centers and encourage adoption.

Colleen studied dog training at the National Institute of Dog Training, Los Angeles. She has taught dogs in Ireland, England and Belgium.

Since its creation and recognition in 2004 as National Dog Day, the 26th of August is celebrated worldwide as International Dog Day. This recognition has taken place due to its international recognition. Its international recognition has given it the title International Dog Day.

National Dog Day Foundation

National Dog Day Foundation is a vital part of promoting adoption, rescue and welfare for dogs. This foundation was created with the goal of rescuing 10,000 animals per year and aims to find loving homes for those dogs who are in need. They raise public awareness of the suffering of shelter and rescue dogs through their various initiatives.

To support these efforts, the foundation works with rescue groups, animal shelters and welfare organizations. The foundation organizes events, campaigns, and educational programs in order to promote responsible pet ownership, as well as the humane treatment for dogs. The National Dog Day Foundation, by spreading the word about adoption benefits and how important it is to provide a loving family for dogs, has been able to help countless animals find forever homes.

The foundation also works hard to stop dog neglect and abuse. The foundation works with the law enforcement to make sure that those who commit animal abuse face legal penalties. They aim to promote a culture where dogs are respected, protected and safe from harm.

National Dog Day Foundation’s accomplishments are not only measured by how many dogs it rescues, but by its positive impact on the community. They have increased adoptions rates and reduced the euthanasia rate in shelters.

Supporting the National Dog Day Foundation is a way to contribute meaningfully and improve lives for dogs around the world. As the foundation continues to make a difference, its work goes beyond National Dog Day.

This Day, Celebrate it in a Few Different Ways

Why not make this day extra special for your furry angels?

For so many things, we owe them a debt of gratitude. They are loyal, loving, committed, and unfailing. We can thank them in many ways and show them how much we appreciate them.

Make the day memorable and fun.

1. A playday with a treat– Spend the day playing and walking your dog. Bring along some of his/her favorite friends. Don’t forget their favorite treats. Maybe a “cappuccino?” The dogs love the whipped cream!

2. Create awareness– Take part in a campaign to promote the adoption of dogs and their treatment without abuse.

3. A Spa Day For Your Furry Loved One There are many pet grooming shops that run specials on this day. What a great idea to give your furry friend a day of pampering!

Don’t shop, Adopt!– Let history repeat itself by adopting a dog from an adoption shelter or home on this special day.

5. Volunteer some of your time. If you can’t adopt a pet, volunteering in an animal shelter is another great way to celebrate this special day.

6. Capture The Moment Shower them extra cuddles and hugs that day and capture that moment in a candid picture of your family doing that.

Working Dogs in Service

Dogs are not only playful, but they also have a strong sense of responsibility and duty in terms of protection and service. Dogs are innately capable of caring and protecting unconditionally. This makes them more loyal than people! Their work is impressive and they can be classified in several ways.

Emotional support dogs and Therapy Dogs

Many dogs are trained as comforters. These dogs are used in nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities to calm and soothe patients. These dogs are used in many pediatric oncology centers around the world as part of therapy and assisted healing.

Service Dogs

In many situations, service dogs are employed. Service dogs are ideal for mobility assistance, autism, psychiatric and hearing support. Dogs are known for their strong sense of smell. Some dogs can even detect peanut allergies in humans!

The diverse areas of services help to improve many lives and offer emotional and physical assistance where necessary.

Law Enforcement Dogs

Dogs are often trained as K9 officers, which is to say that they assist law enforcement or police personnel. It is interesting to know that every dog in the military is actually a noncommissioned officer.

Sled dogs

Dogs were also used in the North Pole and South Pole to help with difficult terrains. The sled dog has also played a key role in the delivery of medicine and food to remote Alaskan towns. This particular ability of the dog has been the basis for many movies.

The World of Dogs

Dogs are undoubtedly the most popular pets in the world, as the statistics show. :

  1. The World Animal Foundation estimates that there are 471 Million pet dogs worldwide. Comparatively, there are 373 million pet cats.

  2. The United States has the most dog owners, with 38.4%. America, Brazil, China and Russia are the next three countries.

  3. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs, Bulldogs, and Beagles are among the most popular breeds of dogs in the world.

Canines in service

The love of a dog is unconditional

No one would ever be able to deny it. The dog is the most loyal and trusted friend of man. In a flash, they would give their life for their owner because it is something that comes naturally to them. No matter what, protect and serve.

The love they spread in the home is endless. Working dogs will do anything to make sure the person that they’re meant to care and protect is safe. As pets, dogs are not just companions but also real heroes in the field.

Colleen’s mission of saving lives by creating this day will surely touch the hearts and minds of many. It also reinforces that Dogs are truly man’s best friends.

Dog lovers will enjoy these movies

In the cinematic realm, dogs are portrayed as creatures that you could love with all your heart and would return the love. Some are based on real-life stories, books, or classics. Others remind us that dogs can be a gift.

There are also many funny twists in the movie, as well as the dog. They are entertaining for everyone. Watching a film about these heroes is a great way to pass the time.

You can find many other movies that are equally entertaining and touching that you may not have seen. Here are 10 of the most popular movies for you to enjoy.

  1. Lassie in all its forms
  2. Marley & Me
  3. 101 Dalmations
  4. Eight Below
  5. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
  6. It is possible to race in the rain.
  7. Heart of a Dog
  8. Togo (The Alaskan Rescue Mission)
  9. Lady & the Tramp (A classic Animation)
  10. Air Bud (A sporting star on the rise)

After watching these films, you may want to tell your dog how amazing they are in your own words.