How Many Types Of Golden Retrievers?

Golden retrievers are a popular breed that makes great pets and companions for families with children. Many potential owners are unaware that there are many types of golden retrievers available.

Golden is a very intelligent dog breed
Golden is a very intelligent dog breed
The variations in the color and coat of golden retrievers make things more complicated. All things considered, there are subtle differences and not-so-subtle differences between golden retriever dogs that every owner should be aware of.

You might be wondering if there are different breeds of golden retriever puppies and which one is best for you. There is only one breed of a golden retriever, but there are many other goldens that make great companions and pets.

This article will cover everything you need to know and how to handle all types of golden retrievers. You will be able to distinguish the type of golden retriever puppy you are looking for the next time you come across one.

History of Golden Retrievers

Goldens were first bred in Scotland to retrieve shot waterfowl and as gun dogs.

People could only hit games from a short distance for centuries. The hunting style also had to evolve as technology improved and hunting guns became more powerful. The hunters were able to shoot birds further away, so the game often ended up in rivers, streams, or ponds.

These new challenges were not addressed by the retriever dogs at that time. They could not find a downed game from the distance they could reach with the new guns, even though they could collect it. They could not also retrieve games from rivers or lakes.

Dudley Marjoribanks was the first Lord of Tweedmouth to take on the challenge. He crossed a yellow-colored retriever named Nous with a Tweed Water Spaniel male dog called Belle. Although the Tweed Water Spaniel is an extinct breed, it was once very popular in Scotland.

In order for Golden puppies to grow healthy, you need to pay attention to providing them with a rich source of nutrients. In which, give priority to meat, fish, and milk in your dog's daily diet. 7.1 Types of meat Meats are high in protein. In addition, there are minerals and fats. What role do they play in helping dogs to develop comprehensively the muscles and joints? So, if possible, add meat to your dog's diet every day. However, you should not give your dog too much fatty meat, but lean meat is better instead. 7.2 Fish Fish is rich in vitamins, fats, and proteins. And especially the omega 3 content is very good for the dog's eyes. At the same time, when eating fish regularly, the dog's coat is much smoother. 7.3. Milk Just like humans, Golden loves to drink milk. Milk contains many nutrients that are very good for the overall development of dogs. When your puppy is between 2 and 4 months old, give him milk every day. 7.4 Vegetables Besides meat, fish and milk, indispensable in Golden's daily meals are vegetables. This is an abundant and safe source of dietary fiber and vitamins. Moreover, vitamins and fiber are essential for the digestive system of every dog. 8. How to raise Golden Dog Raising Golden, in addition to feeding the dog full of nutrients, you need to take care of the dog's coat very carefully. At the same time, train Golden puppies from a young age. 8.1. Hair care for Golden The Golden Dog has a very long and thick coat. If you want your dog's coat to always be smooth, you need to pay attention to coat care. Golden is inherently very mischievous, so dogs often make their costumes contaminated with dirt and bacteria. If you don't pay attention, the dog's hair will be sticky. Every day, use a specialized comb to brush the dog's coat. You should bathe your dog 1 to 2 times a week. It is not necessary to shower with water, but you can use dry bath powder. If you take a shower, then after the bath, dry the dog's coat.

The result was four puppies. These four puppies were the foundation for a breeding program that also included an Irish setter and a bloodhound as well as a St. John’s water dog from Newfoundland. There were also two black retriever dogs with wavy coats.

Tweedmouth wanted to make a more powerful and agile breed of retrievers than the previous ones, but still, be easy to train and mellow. Tweedmouth’s retriever dogs loved the water, but they also had thick, fluffy double coats to keep them warm. Their soft mouths were perfect for retrieving game and they also resembled Tweedmouth’s ideal hunting dog.

The Kennel Club first registered the golden retriever breed in 1903. It was called Flat Coats and Golden. The American Kennel Club in the USA recognized the breed in 1925. In 1938, the Golden Retriever Club of America was established.

Golden retrievers are today one of the most popular breeds in America. If you take a stroll in your neighborhood, you’ll likely see at least one. President Gerald Ford made them very popular in the USA in the 1970s. His dog Liberty was loved by the public and became part of the American Dream.

What Are the Three Types of Golden Retrievers?

The American Golden has a slightly darker coat than the British Golden
The American Golden has a slightly darker coat than the British Golden

There are many questions about the availability of different types of golden retrievers. The short answer to this question is yes. The distinction is much more complex. There are two main ways that golden retrievers can be different from one another. The first is “type”.

There are three types of golden retrievers: Canadian golden retrievers, British, English, and American golden retrievers.

There are very few differences between the three types of golden retrievers. These differences are mostly physical, such as differences in the types of their coats. They have developed naturally through breeding. They do not have any effect on the temperament and health of the dogs.

Although it may seem like you have three golden retriever breeds to choose from, this is not the truth. It’s worth noting that they all are purebred dogs and members of the only purebred golden retriever breed.

Let’s learn more about the different types of golden retrievers starting with the Canadian.

Canadian Golden Retriever

The Canadian golden retriever is a little different from the other two types. Their coat is generally longer, darker and thinner than that of American or British golden retrievers. They also have less feathering in the tail, neck and back than the other types.

The Canadian breed standard permits all colors of gold. This is a major difference between the two types of golden retrievers. The American breeding standard does not specifically allow for lighter cream shades. These are less desirable.

Canadian golden retrievers are well-shaped, broad-headed dogs with dark, tapered eyes and ears that sit further back than the head. These dogs can stand up to two inches taller than other breeds. This is the most significant difference between the two types.

The average male Canadian golden retriever stands between 23 and 24 inches high, while females can reach 21.5 and 22.5 . Males weigh 65 to 77.5 pounds , while 60-70 pounds can be found in the females.


Archie Majoribanks, the Honorable Archie Majoribanks, is believed to have brought golden retrievers from Great Britain to his brother-in-law’s ranch in British Columbia. This was in 1881. Archie was Dudley Marjoribank’s son. Canadian goldens do not come from Canada, but they are a hybrid of Scottish golden retrievers.

Canada registered all retrievers in Canada as one breed, unlike America and England. According to the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC studbook), this continued until 1927, when a reference was made to golden retrievers. Since then, Canadian goldens have been bred to develop the distinctive traits they are today.

The Canadian Golden Retriever’s Main Characteristics

  • Golden coats are shorter and thinner.
  • All shades of gold are available in coats
  • The ears are set further back from the head
  • Broader head
  • Lightly tapered eyes

British Golden Retrievers

The characteristic of the breed is a long, fluffy cream coat. These can be either British or English golden retrievers. They can have flat, wavy or curly coats with lots of feathering. The English breed standard, unlike American and Canadian breeding standards allows for the cream to be used in their coats.

The British golden retriever breed is more sturdy and heavier than the American and Canadian varieties. They have wider features and larger, rounder, darker eyes than their ears. Their muzzle is also wider.

They are slightly smaller than the Canadian varieties, but not much.

The coat color is the most significant difference between American and British golden retrievers. All other aspects, including their behavior and temperament, are similar.

English goldens are smaller than other varieties. Males can stand between 22 and 24 inches high and females between 20 and 22 inches. Males typically weigh between 65 and 75 pounds while females average 50 to 70.


English-cream golden retrievers also descend from Lord Tweedmouth’s gun dogs. Some people chose to breed them for shows and dog shows, as they were well-known in Great Britain at the time.

Americans would refer to the winners of the competitions as “English Champions”, and this name has remained with them until today. Due to their differences in breeding, the AKC does not recognize them.

Main Characteristics English (British), Golden Retriever

  • Feathery and long coats
  • Pale cream to deep golden-colored coats
  • More athletic and muscular
  • Blockier forehead
  • Large round dark eyes
  • Muzzles that are wider and shorter

American Golden Retrievers

American golden retrievers are smaller and more muscular than other breeds, but they are still impressive. Its distinctive coat is easy to recognize because it comes in a variety of rich colors of gold. Breed standard states that too light or too dark coats are not desirable.

Although they are darker than their British counterparts, American goldens have a thick, dense, and wavy, water-repellent coat. The tail is also heavily feathered around the neck, chest and thighs.

The eyes of the American golden are usually lighter than their coats. They have almond-shaped eyes and almost triangular appearances when viewed from the side.

Although American golden retrievers are smaller than British varieties, they are still larger. The average male is 23 to 24 inches and most females are 21.5 to 22.5 inches at their shoulders. Male American golden retrievers average 65-75 pounds, while females range from 55 to 65 pounds.


After the golden retriever gained popularity in England, many other countries began to take an interest in them. Breeders brought goldens to North America in the early 20th Century as companion dogs and hunting dogs. Since then, a lot has been done to breed American goldens. Each one is unique.

The American Golden Retriever

  • You can choose from a range of rich, golden hues for your coat
  • More lanky, feathery and agile
  • Stocky items are less common
  • Eyes in almond shape
  • Larger than English retrievers

What to Expect from All Varieties?

All golden retrievers share similar temperaments, regardless of which variety you choose. This breed is great for novice owners, because it is easy to housetrain and eager to please.

You can generally expect a dog to be:

  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Attention-seeking
  • Athletic

However, the American or British golden retriever is likely what you envision when you think about a golden retriever. The breed’s characteristic long, wavy hair is why.

While goldens are wonderful companions and loveable pets for people of all ages , they are also working dogs. Your golden will love hunting and water activities. It will also require daily vigorous exercise .

Regular exercise and play is the best way to keep your golden retriever happy. You can keep your golden healthy by keeping them active with activities such as running, biking, swimming, hiking, swimming and going for brisk walks.

Keep your dog mentally stimulated by puzzle toys. Make sure you have a variety of toys for your golden.

Because golden retrievers were originally bred to retrieve downed food, their natural mouthiness makes them hungry. Make sure your dog has fun toys that he can chew, so he doesn’t take a liking for your shoes.


Although they are athletic and well-built, English goldens are among the smallest members of this family. The height of the American and Canadian varieties is the same, but the Canadian variety is shorter and more muscular. Weights vary between the three, depending on gender.

Golden Retriever Fur Types

These golden retrievers all have a double fur coat that has two different types of fur. While the fur on the undercoat is the same for all three types, it is shorter. There are slight differences in the outer coat.

Canadian goldens have shorter and thinner coats than their American counterparts. Both the outer coats of American and English golden retrievers are long and dense. However, the feathering is quite different. While English creams are feathery, American goldens are heavier in feathering around the tail, neck, and thighs.

The Golden Color and Shades

A golden retriever’s color can also make them different. The golden retriever is known for its luscious locks, which come in a variety of shades of luminous gold color.

Very few colors can be found between goldens. Goldens are more like the Labrador retriever who comes in three distinct colors. They tend to stick within a narrow color range.

The AKC breed standard for the American golden retriever states that very dark and extremely pale colors are unacceptable . While some goldens come in different shades of gold, there are only three distinct shades that can be recognized.

These include:

  • Light golden, including cream-colored
  • Golden
  • Dark golden (but certainly not red)

This is especially important for show dogs. A dog that falls outside the desired color range cannot be registered or compete with the American Kennel Club. The British and Canadian Kennel Clubs also accept cream coats.

Some dogs are not suited for the gold color, despite their desire to be that color. There are many colors for golden retriever dogs, including pure white and mahogany as well as red and black. Although they aren’t as common as the others, they are still easily found.

Keep in mind that the Kennel Club does not allow red to be used as a coloring, so golden retrievers with red coats cannot compete in show rings. They can’t compete at shows but they make great pets just like other golden retrievers.

These colors are hereditary, which is what makes them so special. Goldens are the only breed that will have identical or similar colors to their coats, unlike other dog breeds which can have different colored puppies from the same litter.

You can usually guess the color of golden retriever puppies by looking at their parents’ coats. You can also check the fur behind the ears of your golden retriever puppy to confirm their true color.

If you’re looking for a pure-white or redhead golden retriever, it is important to find a reliable breeder who can give you that exact color. If you don’t want to show or breed your golden retrievers, you can still take home any puppy that you like, regardless of their coat color.

More on Dark Brown Retrievers(Chocolate)

While light golden and yellow shades are easy to spot, dark brown golden retrievers may be confused with red. Red in this instance can be described as deep mahogany. The dark brown Golden Retriever has a mix of specific colors of yellow and orange.

The Irish setter’s original coat color was red, which is how red goldens are derived their origins. Red goldens are not only distinguished by their color, but also because of other subtle differences in appearance.

These differences are why AKC did not register this breed. It is significantly different than the American golden retriever. It is very specific in its color range.


No matter what their bloodline, golden retrievers are intelligent and friendly and eager to please their owners. According to the Kennel Club of the UK, goldens are “kindly, friendly, and confident”, while the American Kennel Club calls them “friendly, reliable and trustworthy”.

The opinions of owners about their purebred goldens are often different. Americans believe that their goldens have more energy and confidence than English creams. However, there aren’t any studies or reports that support this claim.

FAQs About Golden Retriever Types

What are the Three Types of Golden Retrievers?

There are three types of golden retrievers: the American golden retriever (or Canadian golden retriever), and the British or English gold retriever. Although there are subtle differences between them, they all have the same personality and behave in similar ways. These are just a few variations of a single breed of golden retriever.

What Type of Golden Retriever is Best?

Because they are all the same breed, there is no one best golden retriever. They are all energetic, easy to train, have the ability to act in a similar way, and can also be used as guide dogs. You should ultimately decide on your personal preferences and find a dog that fits into your family.

You will find a loyal, affectionate, friendly, and fun-loving companion no matter what type of golden you choose. You should decide if you prefer a golden with longer hair and full ruff, or one with a shorter, thinner coat.

What is a Canadian Golden Retriever?

One of three types of golden retrievers dogs, the Canadian golden retriever, is one of them. Canadian golden retrievers are taller and leaner than American and British golden retrievers. They can accept all colors of gold. Canadian goldens have a darker coat than their American and British counterparts.

What is the Difference Between an English Golden Retriever and an American Golden Retriever?

American golden retrievers tend to be shorter and more muscular than English golden retrievers. They are also generally taller and slimmer than American golden retrievers. The main difference between the two breeds is the acceptance of cream colors in the British standard. American standards consider extremely dark or pale colors unacceptable.


There are three types of Golden Retrievers. The differences are mostly cosmetic. There are many color options and varieties. Although they might differ in size and shape they will always be the same in their caring demeanors and open-heartedness.

A golden retriever is the best choice for any family, regardless of its color. They are intelligent, playful, and easy to train. They will soon become your best friend and be your companion for many years.